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  1. Front Audio Use I think I may have found the answer to my problem
  2. Using Front Audio Jacks I found this post looking through this board.
  3. There was nothing hooked up to the front audio when I tried the the audio on the board. Did you mean when the front audio is hooked up on the board the rear jacks won't work???? That's a good idea I haven't thought of trying. If so, that still brings me back to why have hookups for front audio if it will disable the rear audio jacks?
  4. Christian and Goober thanks for the help. Last night just for the hell of it I tried plugging the speaker jack into the front audio and it works. I guess it's just a problem with the jacks installed on the board.
  5. Well I didn't try this earlier but last night I tried plugging the speakers into the front audio jacks and the speakers are working now. Still nothing from the jacks on the board. I wonder if it's an easy fix or do i need new jacks installed on the board?
  6. Sandblast some art on the sides..........or your logo. Will the hardware hangers be acrylic as well?
  7. Thanks Goober, as I suspected new BIOS doeasn't fix sound problem. Looks like I might be in the market for a sound card. That sucks when I should have one that works.
  8. Original Thread Here's the short story, I just built this computer and it works awesome (my first build) but I can't get the audio to work. The BIOS is from 10/2004 but we're talking about the onboard audio it should still work. I tried the Winflash solution to update the BIOS and always get "Flash Block Erase Failure" notice. I don't have a floppy installed so it would suck if I went through all the trouble to install one load the BIOS from floppy and still have the same problem. Is it just my mobo or audio or this normal for this board and a lot of you never notice it because you use your own audio card? I would almost rather try the audio card route to avoid messing anything up with the BIOS and have it still not work. any help is appreciated.
  9. Ok, I keep getting "FLash Bios Erase Failure" notice and it never completes the load. If I try it again it asks if I want to reload the bios file I just ried loading. I'm still confused why even the original BIOS doesn't work with the on-board audio that came with the mobo. Does everyone install their own audio and just bypass the onboard audio?
  10. OK I must be missing something on loading the new BIOS. The directions from the DFI site are pretty slim, they must assume I've done this before. I HAVE NO FLOPPY! Does anyone have some ideas or better instructions for installing a new BIOS without the floppy of course.
  11. I'll try it later when I get home. It seems odd that the audio the board came with needs an updated bios, shouldn't it work with the older BIOS also since it was an on-board device? Going home later with fingers crossed :confused:
  12. Christian My bios shows 10/1/04 , and in Integrated Peripherals the AC97 audio is set to auto with the only other option being disable.
  13. Same problem here! I've gone through everything I can think of and fail to get sound. I took the drivers from the CD the web site both DFI and Realtek's. Audio in the BIOS is set for auto and it shows the chip. Device Manager shows nothing missing and everthing OK. Please help can't live without sound
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