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  1. same thing happened to me, i turned the other one on and it reported the same thing! I am sure it was a bios issue, but nothing I did would fix it. I flashed, wiped, left battery out for a day, went back to old bios, F_tested, and KIlled Cmos over and over, and nadda. Also re-installed windows about 10 times, I finally sent the board back.
  2. I have the DFI crossfire board and with the latest bios, i have no problems.. I'm currently (or at least, the last time i checked) the highest X1800 3dmark06 holder hehe.. 7800ish Just takes some twiddling and fiddling to get stuff working correctly.
  3. try putting catalyst AI mode to off, or high. Just try one of the two other settings that what you had it set at.
  4. Spires

    I need help

    the latest dfi bios for the RDX200 board fixes that 16 color boot screen.
  5. Spires

    X1800 mastercard

    I ordered the motherboard right after it came out. If I remember right, it's A02 on that pci slot. Once you get the system, I'll try to help you get it together smoothly. Only issues I have had are the memory settings.. Man AMD64's are a pain! I am using OCZ memory, so using the OCZ tech support helped me A LOT. They had me change voltage, timings and slots. Initially I had 4 sticks of 512 OCZ mem from my older Intel days, they swaped them out for free with some 2x1 gig sticks. After that things smoothed right out.
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    X1800 mastercard

    I cannot believe that guy posted about the X1800s in crossfire on this board. I HAVE two X1800s on my RDX200 board, they run fantastic. BONE stock I score over 15k in 3dmark05 and 3150ish in 3dmark03. Games run rediculously smooth. You should see Fear, CSS, EQ2 and especially call of duty2! I am right in the middle of COD2 and all I can say is WOW! What would you like to know about the crossfire setup? This machine runs awesome. I do have a lot of processor power giving me high scores, but in 05 the processor power really doesnt scoot your score up like it does in 03 or 01.
  7. I have my slots set to 16/12 with twin X1800s and I score over 15k bone stock cards. I think the board will run with either, but why not shoot for the board might be capable of. Anyways, try uninstalling the drivers then re-installing them. So when you click the enable crossfire button you dont get a pause and a screen shake (just sinc'ing cards I'm sure)? I do when I enable or disable. Also make sure the master is in the first slot. Cable has to be plugged in like it shows in the manual too.
  8. Hey, not bad so far R-gone, the double raid controller text is gone on boot, the initial screen colors are fixed, and so far... I have no boot/reboot issue! :eek2:
  9. Crossfired X1800XT's work just fine, don't listen to anyone else, no matter what you read... I have it, it runs smooth as silk and as reliable as a single card. Here are some of the good ol' 3dmark crap to comparo if thats your thing... 3dmark03 with a simple 20mhz overclock on both cores and both card's mem's at 800mhz 3dmark05 with same slightly overclocked XT's now that we got that out of the way.... Power Supplies... I had a PC power and cooling 510 watt standard power supply, only 20 pin main plug, only 4 pin cpu power plug and no 6pin PCI-Xpress plugs. I ran my board with the 20pin plug in the 24pin connector (slightly offset to fit in). The 4pin plug in the 8pin connector (again, slightly offset to fit in), and an adaptor on a molex to fit onto the video card's 6pin plug. The machine ran just fine heavily overclocked and loaded with my system specs for over a month. I recently sent my PS off to PCP&C to have it reworked to the ALR specs with all the new connectors though. Seems they just send you out a replacement and they work over the old one and sell it off. I received the 510 ALR complete with all the proper plugs and the machine ran exactly the same. So if you have a good powerfull PS, dont worry too much about the plug types, you can get by untill you are able to replace it with the proper setup. At least I was able to. Next... Reboot and cold boot issues.. Mmm can spend a lot of time on this ongoing issue. I have the last beta bios that came out in December, and I still have, to some degree, a "reboot and hang" or "coldboot press reset button to startup" issue. Once your done playing with your bios and your machine processor and memory are rock stable, you will more than likely be able to boot and reboot just fine. One thing I have noticed is that with my setup, I reboot and boot pretty much 100% of the time with the memory divider at 183mhz instead of 166. Booting up cold I probably power up 90% of the time without issue, everyone once in a while I have to hit the reset button to boot though. I'll power up and hear the fans spin up, hard drives wind up and soon as the CD rom is done blinking (where it would normally display on screen and boot up), it will just hang there and do nothing. I just reach down and hit the reset and it always kicks the motherboard out of it's hang and off I go without any problems gaming or whatnot. So the machine is 100% reliable, but has some unidentified quirk that prevents 100% reboot/boot. So bottom line, try to just hit the reset button after cold booting and see if that kicks the machine off. Rebooting/resetting or saving from bios and rebooting. This almost never works for me when I am using the 166divider, the 183 divider works almost 100% of the time. I usually end up having to flip the power strip switch off and then booting cold (sometimes with a follow up reset button kick off). I have tried raising voltages with my pots on the power supply and cooling the mobo chipset better to solve this, and none of it helped. The only thing that seems to help is memory settings. Every once in a while I set something and poof machine boots all the time. So perhaps a type of memory or some of the settings will fix it for good. But with so many settings, it will be a long time before I figure it out heheh. Anyways, hope some of this helps. So if you have troubles like I describe, settle on some reliable bios settings and don't fool with with the bios anymore. This is was my biggest problem. Also, if you cold boot and hang, hit the reset button, usually I boot up no prob, but once in a while I have to hit the reset button. If you save from bios and hang, just turn off the machine via a powerstrip and boot normal (followed by a reset button hit if needed). Any questions? Outside the reboot issue and some weird IRQ sharing that I didn't care for, I like the board and the dual X1800XT's. I have been playing COD2 maxed out and man, it's pretty! Also, I played thru the lost coast Source lvl with 14x AA and everything maxed and whoa, is that pretty! I play counterstrike source without AA, but everything else maxed and im anywhere from 160fps to pegged at 300fps! I'm gonna install BF2 tonite and check it out, I have been hearing a lot about it.
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    Boot Problems :(

    I have played with this board for over a month now. What I have found about the reboot/boot issue is that the more your memory is tweaked too far, the more likely you will have to coax the board to boot up. If you power on the machine with the RDX and it just sits there with your HD light on, hit the reset button and stand by, it should boot then. Most of the time it boots no problem for me, but if I have been tweaking a bit, then I usually have to hit the reset botton shortly after I power on. Also, saving from bios and rebooting, I usually hang and have to turn off. The settings are saved just fine, but I usually have to hit the power strip switch and then power on (sometimes with a reset button hit). When your setup is done and set in stone and your not planning on playing with the bios, the machine will run fine and reliable. I will admit though, getting the machine setup can be a pain with the boot/reboot thingy. We should start a thread with everyones experiences on the boot/reboot issue to see if there can be a solution. Perhaps we all have something in common that causes it.
  11. No X1800's in crossfire on this board? Thats just simply bunk, I am running twin X1800s in Xfire and it runs smooth as silk. With no video card overclocking I score an easy 15k in 3dmark05 and nearly 32k in 3dmark03. This board is made to run anything in crossfire.
  12. thats not true, I have a PC power and cooling 510watt PS and It only had a standard 20 pin and 4 pin plug, the board worked and overclocked just fine. I did end up sending in my power supply to PCP&C for the harness upgrad so I can use the 6pin plugs/24pinplug/8pinplug for the video cards and motherboard, but before that I ran a month with the standard plugs no sweat.