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  1. What version of the Nvidia Drivers are you running? 7x.xx, 8x.xx, or 91/92? Actually I'll make it simple if your not running 91 or 92 series drivers, thats what your problem is...everything before 91/92 series drivers had issues with X2 CPUs.
  2. I couldn't sleep last night, so the issue at hand became a well as long as I can't sleep I might as well...
  3. I found the instructions for doing the Bios mod elsewhere in the forum. I made the change to the new Sil 3114 Bios. Worked perfect, didn't solve my problem but the update and flash worked just fine. If anyone wants a copy let me know and I will upload it someplace.
  4. I think I said it all in the title, but again, I'd appreciate having a BIOS with the Updated 3114 Bios included, I am having a problem with my raid 5 array and having the updated BIOS is supposed to enable additional functionality in the Array management tools that might help.
  5. I noticed that Silicon Image has released a new BIOS for the Onboard 3114 controller. Has anyone heard if DFI is planning to put this in the next BIOS update?
  6. I recently decided to leverage the Silicon Logic SATA Raid Ports on my Expert board. I bought and installed 4 WD 400GB drives, the RE Model ones that are designed for Raid use. All that went well, the Raid built and formatted no issues. Files coping to and from without issue. However I have noticed that the read/write performance isn't exactly stellar. I expect a certain level of degraded performance over a single drive (I am familiar with RAID, I work with RAID setups daily in my job). I realize that the onboard RAID probably isn't the most optimal. However the performance isn't even mediorce. Seriously I have Drives mounted in USB portable carriers that read and write files faster than this RAID array. Has anyone else built a RAID5 on this board/controller? How is your performance? I expected a little more out of SATA 150 Controllers and drives....
  7. http://www.epithna.com/index.php?action=view_article&ID=14 You shouldn't have to do everything in it...but it should hopefully give you some idea of where to look for issues, and potentially isolate problems.
  8. I believe it thats why I posted the thread in the first place so others getting sudden blue screens can avoid thr hassle.
  9. I actually documented the Build/Testing and Burn in process... http://www.epithna.com/index.php?action=view_article&ID=14
  10. This system was throughly tested for sability, the Fan Bus was a recent addition. The System had a One week Burn in process...and was stable, and is again stable since I disconnected the Fan bus.
  11. Mine in this case IS off the MOBO, it was connected to a an bus, which was connected to the PSU! But Yeah the only fans that run off the MOBO are the chipset and CPU...
  12. So I was having some random or not so random, depending on how you see the end result, crashes of the system. It turned out to be the Fan Bus controller and/or one of the fans connected to it. Plug the thing in and let it run machine crashes within an hour....unplug the Fan Bus...the thing runs for weeks...! Near as I can tell this board is EXTREMELY sensitive to the state of the electrical signals in and around the board. We had a power flicker the other night and this also appears to have blue screened the machine (it was the first blue screen or even reboot since I uplugged the Fan Bus three weeks ago)... Before you ask the machine is pludd into a APC RS 1400 UPS.
  13. You might want to try the 84.x(Still technically beta but shipping with many cards now) or even 91.x(Newer Beta) drivers. My stability and performance has been much higher with these drivers.
  14. I recently had a Dimm go bad, Ok no big deal the Ram was only a couple months old, I had a total of 4GB so pull out 2 GB, send back the bad 1GB Dimm. I got the New Dimm pulled All the Ram back in, and Opps thats not good just long beeps on boot up...More Bad Ram? (I tested all the Ram one Dimm at a time to detiremine the bad one before I sent it back)...Now I'm pretty certain that the New stick wasn't bad when it arrived that would be very odd (I suppose I should have tested it first, and will when the NEW New ram comes in). Both times the "bad" stick came out of the same Dimm slot, so is it possibe that this dimm slot has had something go wrong with it electrically and its now frying Dimms?
  15. My Expert board had some very scary errors about the hard drives in the event viewer until I installed the IDE driver (I recommend 6.70 or 6.85).
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