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  1. I recently reinstalled Windows XP on my 250GB hard drive and did not put anything on my 2 raptors (they are connected within my Rig) Is it possible to install XP on them in RAID 0 then when i turn my rig on go into the BIOS and change the boot order to the raptors when i want to do some benching or play games and then when I'm done go back in the BIOS change the boot order and run my 250GB hard drive for all normal use? i am assuming this is possible so I have disconnected my main hard drive and am putting widows on my 2 raptors but when i get to the F6 screen i press F6 and it does nothing any ideas?
  2. I installed the drivers and now i can see both cards
  3. No i have 256MB i think i have to load the chip set drivers i can't find 6.07 on the web site so i am trying to load 6.66 i will post if it works
  4. still can't see both my GTX cards in the BIOS if i enable 8-4-NC-8 it goes to the windows load screen and then the screen turns itself off but the PC is still running? Can i have damaged my cards by enabling that 6600GT stetting?
  5. I finally got my Rig up and running but i can only see 1 GTX card i think i have enabled SLI in the BIOS it says dual 6600GT enabled? Also i have put the Nvidia driver on as per the previous thread? also i have some driver issues see pic
  6. Hi all i am new to your forum, i have just swapped from an Asus A8N SLI Premium motherboard to a DFI LanpartyUT nF4 SLI-DR EXPERT and i am having some real problems getting things going!!!!! First off i only put 1 stick of RAM in the Orange slot farthest away from the CPU (DIMM2) This gets me to the BIOS where i enabled RAID, then when i reboot i can get as far as the Windows XP load screen wit the blue load line going across and about half way through this process it restarts itself never getting any further than this? Has anybody got any ideas?
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