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  1. Maybe this need a sticky or watever.... As few already knows, I had a problem booting my SLI Infinity using Enermax 495PE PSU which is ATX2.01V approved. Both hardware works fine, and not faulty. After clearing out alot of possibilities (boy I mean alot lol), I came to the conclusion that my Enermax 495P has +18A on each of the dual-rail +12V, BUT according to Intel ATX2.01, they put an OverCurrent Protection, which shuts down at 20A. Noww... I saw DavidHammock's PSU guide and it is recommended that on single rail, the +12 should be 34A, and on dual-rail ive seen alot of people recommend 20A or more.... say, can you see somethin strange? lol Afterall, when a motherboard boots up, many of the integrated features and BIOS and looking for drive procedures, require alot of power, thus come the power spike when it boots up..... so I thought.... Maybe whenever my board tries to boot up, it request more than 20A on the +12V rail for a SPLIT second only.... but the PSU thought "uh oh, somethin wrong", and the OCP kicks in and it shuts itself down....... Here's what Enermax officials have to say........ There you have it.... hope this helps anyone......
  2. wah ada orang indo jg disini hahaha, apakabar mas! well no... the x1800 and 7800 series will NOT go into AGP. Confirmed by Nvidia and ATI. theyre focusing on DirectX10 VGA now to support Vista... regarding ur *crossroad*, id get a socket939 for sure... for that money, u can grab a Venice core with a DFI nf4 board, plug 1gig of RAM, and got some left for the best bang for the buck VGA: 6800 GS! i dont see any reason why u should wait for M2 coz the only difference would be DDR2 memory. well ya in assumption it would probably be a better overclocker since RAM wont be an issue anymore, but performance wise, if u really cant wait to get ur hands on F.E.A.R., SplinterCell CT, Battlefield 2, then ur just blowing it, buddy.... by the time ur upgrading to M2, theres gonna be Black, SplinterCell4, and other stuff that need a bigger, badder, VGA card... and ur gonna spend all the money on M2? bad idea, bro.... might as well get the s939 CPU now, save some money for some brandspanking new VGA later this year...... also, Infinity are good boards...i have the SLI infinity and it can clock my Venice 3200 @2.6Ghz+ just fine, on STOCK COOLING! so... u dont see why u need Lanparty unless ur aiming somethin like Emil there btw, gj on the 3Ghz!! ..... $1500US? damn, orang kaya ya? kerja dimana? hahaha
  3. i like Thermaltake Big Typhoon cools like crazy even cools the mosfets etc... too bad its freakin huge... so i guess thats why its not on the list, eh?
  4. ZM-NB47J Northbridge Heatsink - Zalman http://www.bigfootcomputers.com/Merchant2/...ategory_Code=40 Vantec Iceberq Copper Chipset Cooling Kit http://www.bigfootcomputers.com/Merchant2/...ategory_Code=40 Which one is more effective WITHOUT FAN!!! I kno the Vantec one got a fan, but if I end up choosing the Zalman one, i'll put a small 60x60 fan too so i just wanna kno which one is better.... Also consider this: with the Vantec, i wont have to do any mod if i add another card to the SLI setup, with the Zalman, if i add another card to the 2nd PCI16 slot, i'll have to cut a few fins to clear the capacitors on the 2nd VGA card. Either way, i dont think i'll need to worry about this for at least 6 month or so before i can afford another 7800GT incase u dont notice, i have Infinity SLI, so the NB is alittle bit below the 2nd PCI16 slot's clearing ..... Once i decided (with ur help), i'll post the review to compare to the older stock heatsink.... So far nothing is overclock.... all stock.... Also i will be ordering a Thermaltake Big Typhoon with this heatsink...
  5. i have the same board and it does come with a speaker, the bottom right, little black round thing.... if somethin messed up, ud know it by now.... it will beep. Since it didnt beep but the board runs, im assuming its ur VGA...why dont u try wit another VGA?
  6. cool...liberty it is... 22A of goodness for each the +12 rails... i'll post some more when i got itall setup .... in the meantime.... PARTY!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!
  7. *bump... so any comment on these 3? - http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=22551 - http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=22550 - http://www.enermax.com/english/product_Display1.asp?PrID=4 ??
  8. Thx Dave much needed... Well, i DO want to get the OCZ PowerStream520 but theyre not available anywhere in any of the local store here in Toronto (this is boxing week, monday was boxing day), and shipping is a pain comin from outside of Canada Ncix.com has it but for a price plus the shipping its almost $200 Now it boils down to the 2 Antec i posted earlier, or the Enermax Liberty 500... looks like im takin the Enermax coz they got 22A on each rail compared to Antec If i have anything to say about my Noisetaker495 (i lost the receipt,along with the warranty that comes with it so i rip that sucker inside out), everything inside looks good, no burned cap or anything, and it works fine with others. I might have to guess that its Enermax's extra protection features; the overcurrent, overload,overvolt, overtemp protection and stuff... The board might be asking for too much current from the PSU or some sort, and the PSU just shut itself down to protect its' selfish self lol. I did check the mobo's pin layout for the 24 pinand the 18th is reserved, so that wasnt the problem. Also, the Overcurrent protection for the +12V1 and +12V2 is 20 AMP!!!! (which is stupid) Maybe the board ask for more and it shut itself down.... i look over pcb now to see if i can shortcut that feature but i still havent found it. Then again, im not 100% if that IS the culprit. Its probably a good idea to post in your PSU's recommendation list (ive gone over all the link in ur sig since 2 days ago lol) that people should take alook in Enermax PSU's for the OverCurrent protection, coz most DFI board WILL utilize over 20A at peak every now and then, and maybe while it boots up too which might explain why my board wont boot. Becoz as far as my knowledge goes (i am a comp engineer grad ), this PSU is 100% fine... of course i cant do the same with mobo, specially DFI mobos lol. On another note, the manual said both +12V1 and +12V2 has 18A each, in total of 32A, but still, that stupid 19A limit is a pain. Its probably just for the Noisetaker series... However, seriously, im in no mean to talk down about Enermax products, and the Noisetaker495P is a great performer and literally DEAD silent. So i dunno.... hopefully the Liberty 500 will fix all that okay, enough mumbling.......
  9. ok then, here's the 3rd option: Enermax Liberty 500... duh lol Any comments or preference?? I hate getting an Enermax again and the DFI Infinity SLI wont boot again... f**k Enermax, man.......... but the Liberty has 22A for each rails compared to the Noisetake495 which has 18A and 15A... wonder if the 15 is the one causing the DFI boot problem...? :confused:
  10. I cant find any OCZ Powerstream520 anywhere at my local town I need input please for these 2 PSU: http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=22551 http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=22550 Basically the 1st one has EPS12V 2.2Standard and I have no idea what its for.... First one $146, the 2nd is $119, so watever it is, that EPS12V seems pretty important...... Anybody has any problem on DFI Infinity SLI boards with these guys? Thank you
  11. Helo... I'm getting an OCZ Powerstream520 this weekend, BUT i'll be getting an eVGA7800 CO too... with the Venice3200+ and DFI Inf. SLI, will it work??? Any comments??? U think its enough watt?
  12. Then whats wrong with mine :sad: :sad: :sad: the PSU works fine, and the DFI board got the newest BIOS and works with other PSU (too bad theyre 300watts, only got into BIOS), then wtf is wrong... why wont it boot??? maybe its just Infinity that hates Enermax :confused:
  13. ooh ic.... nice find Roadie... but then, whats wrong with my PSU????? i saw a few in other threads that people having problem with Liberty... so is it DFI hates Enermax?? :confused:
  14. I hope theyre not cheating im a big Enermax fan... I did email them but no reply... I told them my intention to get a Liberty500 to replace, but if they dont say anything until this weekend, I'll change to another brand coz I wont make the same mistake twice........ ps: btw, Macelius, good job on the 2.5Ghz Venice from 3200+! Hopefully if i can get my DFI working, i'll catch up I have also OCZ's BH5 but i never try it that high coz my older board wont supply that much voltage lol. But i have 6800GS so i'll get better FPS on games hehe
  15. Thread continued on..... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36178 Please post there instead Thank you
  16. Here's my story so far......... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36085 basically, i bought a DFI-Infinity SLI with Venice3200+ and eVGA 6800GS... turns out, it wont boot... it will *blink* but thats it..... after much swapping and frustration, turns out its all becoz of my PSU. It is an Enermax Noisetaker495P-VE with 485Watt of juice under its hood... I had it for less than a year running on my Nf2-Ultra 400 + Barton2500+CPU + BFG6600GT and its been running PERFECTLY FINE... it supplies more watt than i needed..... but when i plug in the new system,it wont boot! I swap a 330Watt noname brand and it would post to BIOS, and my old 365PE Enermax it would post to BIOS, altho' both doesnt have enough power to boot windows lol. But it would post!!! Both those 300+ PSU has 20pins so i had to use the adapter, but the Enermax got 24 (with detachable 4pin) so thats not the problem.... So after careful observation i found that the 18th pin (of the Main power cable) on the Enermax495 is supposed to be COM (according to the manual) but there's no cable in there!!! Its just an empty jack!! Whereas the two 330/300PSU has a white cable that connects to a -5V line. Now I wonder is that blank pin the reason that the DFI wont boot or is it on ATX2.x PSU its supposed to be empty but its just my Enermax495 is screwed up or its actually it should work but i got a broken DFI board??? Any comment on other ATX2.0 PSU user or DFI Infinity users? what PSU do u use? anybody heard of this kind of problem? Any recommendation of PSU? Any trick to connect the blank pin? (since its COM i thought of just shorting the 17th pin (which is COM also) into the 18th but i dont wanna blow up the board if i screw up:P) ANYTHING ????? If nobody answers by the end of the week I guess i'll grab the Enermax Liberty500 and hopes thta it would work... but it'll be a pain if it doesnt change anything THANK YOU!!!
  17. bah... found the problem.... it is my f***in PSU......... excuse the language....... It works with my current NF2 system, it works perfectly fine, got 24pin ATX2.0, 485Watt, NO DAMAGE watsoever, but it just wont boot...... i ste...eer...borrow the office's powersupply which is 300 f***kin watts (again,excuse the langeuage), and it works!!! i mean, it boot to BIOS and stuff.... it doesnt ahve enough juice to pump my 6800gs to windows lol any idea WHY?????
  18. Well, the BIOS dated back in August does have "better support" for Venice thats all I know. I dont know about anything newer than that... About the powersupply, I had it for less than a year, its an Enermax Noisetaker495PE which has 485Watt... My friend has a similar system and he has a 365Watt PSU... My noisetaker runs just fine with my older (well...current ) system, and it has no problem watsoever...................... ....hmmmm i did try to swap ALL components of the board and all works fine except for the board, BUT i havent actually try swapping the PSU coz I dont have a spare one laying around..................... I dunno..........
  19. blah....didnt work.... :( looks like I need to replace the board next weekend if i cant do anything else until then... any other ideas? Oh, and the RAM LED did blink as well, but according to the manual, its supposed to do so... Thx tho', RGone.......
  20. Helo all! This is my 1st post and im excited to be here. I emailed DFI and Rgone emailed me back. He did some suggestions which I'm trying right now, will post in a few hours (i need some sleep, gotta work tomorrow), and see how it goes... The details is in the email, as I quote: ...or, in other words: It simply wont boot at all it wont even go to BIOS... It just *whizz* for a split second, then it shuts itself down again.......... any ideas? Thx, and glad to be here EDITED Dec28th,2005: Its the PSU I have a fully functional Enermax Noisetaker495 that runs 485Watt and runs perfectly fine in my older system, but it wont in the DFI board.... I use my office's 300Watt powersupply, no-name, pieceofcrap and it works...it got enough juice to boot into BIOS, but it doesnt have what it takes to take my 6800GS to Windows lol, but it works fine to BIOS...I updated it and stuff... but when i plug back the Enermax495, it just.... *BLINK*, then died............... F**K....... excuse the language....... Any idea how to fix this? or at least know whats wrong wit the Enermax PSU??????
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