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  1. he's on the Application screen, not the Process one i always do this on my Task Manager on the networking tab, it looks cleaner... yes, just double click on it
  2. yes. x64 still seems to be a big issue even with Vista sorry about the lack of updates, but for the next few ones will have updates on: - Windows DVD Maker (unbe-f**in-lievably great!!) - Supreme Commander (Dx10 game on Dx10 OS running on Dx9 - SLI - Hardware. this must be interesting. Shipped on Feb. 20th). - Firewall/Networking/Sharing with XP and Mac machines
  3. open any folder. Go to Tools, Folder Options. Go to View tab, scroll all the way down. Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended), make sure its un-tick / clear click OK. Now go to the folder you want to delete. Right click on it, go to Properties. Go to Security, click on Advanced near the bottom. Click on Owner Tab. Click on your name on the list below. Put a tick mark on Replace owner on subcontainers. click OK. It might ask for confirmation, click OK. once its done, you can delete it no problem
  4. Redbeaver


    hahaha im stuck on that one too. nightmare difficulty. pop my head for 2 second and im dead lol
  5. ur on WinXP Home? what kinda error u get when u try to delete it?
  6. i dont think its needed. go to safe mode, u should be fine.
  7. totally.... out of the 15 or so items in my job description, only 1 has anything to do with Networking... yet more than 50% i do is networking.... ...and the other 50% depends on it!
  8. ah yes, totally forgot bout that... i guess im not used to it since its a new feature... ill hang around too
  9. odd... which version of Vista are u using? Ultimate? home basic? premium? business? my buddy got Home Premium x64 and it works fine with Audigy SE. Dont use the Software AutoUpdate from Creative.com, just use the regular driver search, and make sure u got Audigy SE selected, not just Audigy...
  10. HOLY F***K thats the nicest backyard rink ive ever seen, much nicer than most public rink here lol nice. very nice.
  11. ok, i tried ur method. i updated the SATA controller first, both of them coz i got 2, rebooted. then its automatically installs the RAID controller. then reboot again. the SATA controller moved from storage controllers to IDE controllers. i can also now see my drives under advanced, reporting that the 2 non-RAID drives are on SATA gen.2 3G under the speed test, and the 2 RAID drives exist but i cant test the speed. the button is disabled. now unto HDtach and the actual speed test, its still the same. it sucks lol. my RAID gives less than 100mb burst and 70ish average. the 2 non-RAIDs are now slightly higher at around 120-130Mb/s burst, but their theoritical speed is 300... under XP each can score at least 170 to show that theyre not on SATA 1.5g.... oh well, its pretty speedy anyway... benchmarks r just numbers edit: oh and theyre all WHQL too!
  12. yes. how come u forgot 1 important feature: Mandriva (btw, howd u know the last linux i tried was mandrake?)(edit: ah yes i mention that in my previous post. goddamn jackdaniels, i think is hould stop. tomorrow needs work.) installs much easier. with a mouse and a few clicks. lol. also, mandriva has a free version too. hmm... and, if i really want tangible performance, i think ill go with Micro$oft stuff for now coz thats where all the games that needs the horsepower are... like u said, a *nix box can run on a Piii machine. play BF2142, it cannot. interesting, thank u for the reply i might actually try this out... i touched Fedoracore 6 the other day and i got a feeling theyre like taking a step backward from 5.... :confused:
  13. hmm i'll give it a shot if it really helps with the performance at all...
  14. i have audigy 1 as well. mine works great!
  15. hey, im wondering if we can extract just the RAID driver from this package, and load that driver during fresh Vista install... then we dont need to use some tweaked driver to install to RAID....
  16. make sure u got the tweaked RAID driver for x64 from my thread. it *should* work. unfortunately i cant really help if it doesnt coz i dont use x64. just follow the exact instruction. unplug all other harddrives. load Vista dvd. load driver, get from floppy. refresh. it should be there.
  17. define "a killer OS" and u might persuade me i had past my *nix time when the fbi came knocking on my door few years back:tooth:
  18. jeezus thats scary lol gj likewhoa on getting it up n running n writing the review out of it.... ill stick with mandrake for my *nix build lol
  19. then maybe its time to learn nothing's free in this world. u gonna ask forum members some question, u are at least expected to know how to browse the pages. unfortunately, i didnt try x64, but on my thread as centy provided above (thx, man!) i have a link that points to a custom driver that u can use to install RAID on x64.
  20. 1. create a sig. 2. read the rules. 3. my thread on Vista review is not very far from this thread. it has the guide on installing on RAID. 4. welcome
  21. heh, i got a seagate 7200.9 80Gb too, wit SATA2... burst in XP reached about 320+, average 65ish... now in Vista it burst less than 100, but average around 77+, so i know RAID is working, but burst speed kinda suck with HDTACH....... oh well, it feels pretty fast so far anyway...
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