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  1. yo. im back. that is all. no, jk... really how r u guys life's been tough on me (in a good/bad sorta way) and mix that with huge project in the office... (oh and throw in some LOTRO hours in there:D), i barely have any more hours to clock the . out of my rig. excuse the french. ok, maybe there's quite abit of LOTRO (this is Lord of The Rings Online, btw) hours thrown in there more than i would admit, but still.... anyhow, things settled down (abit) in the office, and i got a little gift from the office... a little voucher from the nearest computer shop and so... ... i have a Q6600, DFI Blood-iron, and 2Gb OCZ Platinum XTC DDR800 in the mail and the first thing that crossed my mind is you guys (awwww) anyhow... thats it for me. ill be stuffing around probably in the intel forum, (those C2D is a whole different beast than my X2 s939....) and a little on the VideoCards since the new GT is out and its serving my GTS640MB's butt in a silver platter... with a $100-less price tag edit: oops, sig needs to be changed my SLI is sitting quietly in the corner now while my GTS is doing all the work at 675/1450/975
  2. dont get upgrade. period. its hell.
  3. my Vista updated automatically,.... woke up Sunday moRning n it jumped ahead already........ bastard. lol
  4. *sigh* Supreme Commander still sux tho lol and no overclocking coolbit support (if ever)
  5. jeezus, look at that lineup lol im so waiting (if the story is true) for the 8900GT... looks wicked at $399...
  6. SLI Driver for Vista for Geforce6/7 series is available: 32bit - http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvista_x86_101.41.html 64bit - http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvista_x64_101.41.html
  7. helo! long time no update...sorry lol 2 big news: 1. SLI support for Nvidia Geforce6/7 series driver is available!: 32bit - http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvista_x86_101.41.html 64bit - http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvista_x64_101.41.html 2. Windows DVD maker altho super simple and great menu builder doesnt work anymore... crashed every now n then plus any video longer than 120min will get encoded but wont get burned.just an error at the end of the x hour decoding... plus theres no quality control to adjust the video length to fit the DVD. it defaulted to 150min, while most DVDs are 120min.. so that sux...
  8. a tv sales rep goes on and on for a full 2-3 minutes on selling a beautiful picture of a horse, until he paused for abit, and say "ok, my producer just said this is not a horse, its a butterfly", and then he goes on and on about how beautiful the picture of the butterfly is..... and its actually is a picture of a butterfly by the way.... maybe u can still find the video somewhere on the net.
  9. well, not every single one of them... there are reports out there that shows application runs are faster in Vista that translates to programs opens up faster so in a nutshell, it feels *snappier* i mean, u dont encode dvd or play games or render 3d, 24/7 do u? just my 2c... sorry off topic.
  10. cant help u on the dualboot... but i think it should work if u install XP then Vista. i had similar problem on my XP installation when it wont boot unless the cd is in the drive, and the only way to fix it is either reformat, reinstall, but this time take out ANY unused harddrives. second is to go to recovery console and run the bootloader and set it to boot on the partition u want... forgot the 2 commands are, maybe others can help. plus i dont know about Vista.. im just wondering if u can load XP's console and set the bootloader to vista from there... steal ur vga ram? whadaya mean? nvidia's onboard lan doesnt have driver for the gigabit yet, thats correct. but my Marvel seems to be detected fine.... but not like i have a gigabit router anyway...
  11. maybe i need to get an electric shaver.... the waterproof one... then i can do it while taking a shower.... yeah.... yea its gettin annoying too...
  12. sure, its all cool and slick until u wake up all hairy and realized u just shaved it 3 days ago........ god i need a new blade....
  13. WTF nobody gonna comment on a 6"+ tall computer case??????
  14. http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/2007/02/16/wi...case_mod/1.html enter the contest, and win a 6' tall mod.................... im waiting for the worklog... it'll b WICKED :drool:
  15. id use a dremel and an etching bit...........
  16. lots of difference between the 2. but if ur friend doing mostly gaming, ill stick with Home Premium ultimate got a few more bells n whistles on the administration end... a few on security features, a few server applications like IIS and FTP, and Media Center n stuff... RDP... lots... gaming n doing home stuff? Home Premium is it.
  17. i would still buy DFI.... just becoz im a biased s.o.b..... yes, reaching 300fsb is a personal satisfaction. i dont care if other board perform better at lower speed and stuff. like most things in life, its the journey thats valuable, not the destination.
  18. okay, i finished up the first campaign... and on the last mission on the UEF campaign my computer just slow down to a crawl lol 500 units each side, constant attacks, constant defend, constant fireworks. its... crazy. first time i really reached my 500units cap and kept it there... the enemies got their whole naval fleet bombarding my base, and another enemy got hundreds of air units plus a FEW of those monstrous spider-like thingie... crazy!!! need a break before starting the Aeon campaign...
  19. way different. way way way different. but its nice to learn the windows one first then once ur comfortable with it, u can either branch out to windows assembly compiler or UNIX terminal scripting. or both.
  20. ah, i thought ur talking about the onboard Promise controller cable for CDrom? u mean the flat IDE cable? i didnt kno the kind of harddrive ur plugging in there, but yeah, plugging it straight to the board works.
  21. exactly why i still got Dx9 VGA working on Vista just fine... well...almost... say, whats with the codec that Vista deems"unsafe"? i never heard of that... i install the klitecodec from codecguide.com and everything works great... games, music, video... as for games, Dxsound has an issue on EAX, but OpenAL doesnt, and both works in Vista...
  22. jeezus 253mph.......... if i ever gotten enough money to burn on that car, id be in the tracks every single day..... pushing 400km/h while my balls shriveled to the size of a peanut....
  23. keep it up, formatting isnt the only thing u can do.... network stuff is good to know as well... ipconfig, netstat, tracert, y'know...the works... messaging in a domain... then remote scripting... then formatting.... then... ah u know where im going with this
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