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  1. is it possible to get a quick pic of the cooler ?
  2. its same shape, but some different characteristics....argh....
  3. not unless it looks like the 7800gt heatsink/fan....does it ? any chance u could take a pic ?
  4. If anyone has a stock eVGA 7800gt heatsink/fan I would appreciate if you could contact me
  5. ***I am still selling this motherboard *Still in need of that 7800gt eVGA heatsink/fan *responded to PM's - bump !
  6. *Daily bump, how hard is it to sell a motherboard out here ? LOL
  7. I am still in a need of a stock eVGA 7800gt heatsink/fan - motherboard still for sale as well :angel:
  8. I have this right here: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=73246 PM me if interested
  9. My daily bump ahhhhhh...........this is going nowhere lol
  10. :confused: Does no one really have interest in this motherboard ? Does no one really have a heatsink im looking for ? :confused: LOL!?
  11. Daily bump...........motherboard priced at $100 and I am still in a need of a stock evga 7800gt video card heatsink/cooler
  12. ***Responded to PMs I reduced the price of the motherboard again (now $100)...lets get this motherboard sold ***I still need the stock evga 7800gt heatsink/fan
  13. ***BUMP BUMP BUMP = This motherboard is still for sale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I still need a heatsink/fan for the 7800gt evga video card
  14. Board is still for sale, Im still wanting that heatsink/fan for the 7800gt
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