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  1. I say get this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814150140. Right in your price range and it kills the GS.
  2. http://jab-tech.com/Evercool-VC-RE-Twinkli...er-pr-2291.html $12 after shipping and fits with no mods, basically a direct replacement. I just did it and it helped alot with some AS5. Now the chipset temps don't even get up to 50C, they don't go over about 46C so for $12 it was a good upgrade.
  3. Me too, just removed the waxy thermal crap and slapped on some AS5. Dropped at least 5-6C under load.
  4. I put AS5 on the chipset and switched cases and no temps are hitting 50C now. Thnx for all the advice guys, I really appreciate it.
  5. Actually, the GPU fan blows in so its pushing in warmer air, the GPU temps are fine, the chipset temps are the bad ones.
  6. See, thats kind of the problem. I just put everything in an Aerocool Masstige and since the mobo mounts upside down, the GPU and chipset are at the top of the case (much warmer) which is why my temps are hitting that high. I think I may try to first rig a fan over the chipset and may try moving the GPU. Thnx for all the replies, I had heard mixed things on whether it helps or not so you answered my questions.
  7. My chipset temps have been running at 55C under load and I don't really like that high of a temp. Does replacing the chipset fan offer good decreases in temps? Would just applying AS5 to the stock fan improve it greatly? Also, I heard that due to the placement there was only one fan that would fit, is this one it: http://jab-tech.com/Evercool-VC-RF-pr-3229.html or is this the wrong one? I would appreciate any help.
  8. Look at the Thermaltake Big Typhoon or Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro, both of those are great coolers.
  9. I personally just use the ATX and 4 pin. I know I should use the others too but I have had no instability or power issues while OCing. If I did I would plug them in but it kind of clutters everything.
  10. USA and Canada PC PROCESSORS & EMBEDDED PRODUCTS ONLY Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST Friday: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. PST Tel: (408) 749-3060 Right off their webpage.
  11. 99 GMC Sierra single cab standard. Has a nice dent in the side from a damn deer that adds to its character.
  12. Mine seems to read maybe a few degrees off but pretty accurate. Nothing detrimental.
  13. I don't either. You will eventually reach the point where the components just can't go any higher, no matter what mobo you use. I think you may have found that point.
  14. I would update the BIOS to the 704-2BTA, install the OS, install all drivers (SP2 included), install some programs like OCCT, SuperPi, Prime95, other stability testing programs, run OCCT and Prime95 for a while to give an idea of the temps you have to work with, then start OCing.
  15. The Freezer 64 Pro performs about the same as the XP-90C, Big Typhoon, and Zalman 9500 and is quite a bit cheaper and much lighter. It is a great cooler from the reviews I have read.
  16. Set the RAM on a 188 divider and up the HT and see if it will go higher. Are you still running the stock Vcore? That may need a small bump to get higher and be stable.
  17. He's right, it won't work. # 1 x Main Power (20 + 4 pin) # 1 x AUX Power # 1 x 12V (P4) # 2 x SATA # 8 x Peripheral # 2 x Floppy Get you an OCZ Powerstream or something, just make sure it has a PCIe connector because that Aspire doesn't have one.
  18. Top notch stuff, the only thing I would do different is get the G Skill Extreme 2G kit, but thats just my opinion. Everything else is excellent.
  19. Wow, so the evercool fan makes a big difference? I have had people say it only made a couple degrees difference and wasn't worth the hassle. Anyone else replace it and get a major drop in chipset temps?
  20. I have my 146 at 2.8ghz @ 1.44 Vcore and the Ballistix on a 188 divider running DDR 508. What stepping is your 146? Have you tried any other RAM or RAM memtest when OC'd?
  21. I personally would go for the 146 or a 165. I like the 10X multi on mine but a dual core 165/170 would be best if its in your budget. EDIT: BTW, mine is Prime stable, I made sure of that.
  22. Thnx for the input guys. Does anyone know anything about the Wavemaster's? I think I saw one on sale at Fry's for $80 so I'm going back tommorrow to check it out. It is yellow but the looks aren't whats important to me, I just want good cooling.
  23. I'm looking for a new case because the Super LanBoy is not giving me the best airflow for the chipset and PWMIC. I would like it to be under $100 if at all possible and I have a Big Typhoon to account for. I would appreciate any suggestions on what cases offer good airflow that aren't extremly expensive. EDIT: I thought I should add that I prefer if they are somewhat quiet and that I don't care what they look like.
  24. It does look Nvidia weighted. Shoot, my EVGA 7800GT 256M beat the X1800XL and my card is bone stock speeds.
  25. 4413. GPU is stock 445/1070. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=13959.
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