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  1. good to know...I was getting worried so I opened my case up and im back down to 32. I will close it back up with the reassuring knowledge that it will be ok. Nice set up by the way...almost the same as mine
  2. Hey as you can see in my sig are my components. I am currently in the middle of finding the max for my CPU uMPF. My Sensor from MBM5.3 (new one) reads 35 degrees Celcius. When should I start worrying because I already am. EDIT** keep in mind I'm literally testing the CPU now, so that accounts for some of the heat.
  3. uMMM, IMO>>BEARSHARE free downloads are the best. Don't care about the quality that much, as long as I turn up my Klipsh bass all is well. Legal music>>yeah...don't know too much about that but my brother over here in the peanut gallery yelled out Napster. So there goes another vote for them.
  4. very informative and easy to follow, thanks man. I'll keep you informed and when this gets up and running I would like to take pics..
  5. Nice 400 series Dremmel with the Lithion Battery!! Just got the lower version for $59 at Home Depot. Keep postin Picks, seems pretty bad a$$ so far..
  6. THanks guys, I was thinking about that soap concept as well NEOAethyr. I mean I picked it up and it absorbed my finger oil very fast. This made me suspicious that sanding it down with a harsh viscosity liquid would mess it all up. I just bought a Dremmel Rotary tool with the option to sand and buffer things at will. Dont think I will sand it with the Dremmel but the buffer is bad A$$. Well thanks guys, any other comments will be appreciated.
  7. http://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/hea...appingguide.php I want to lap my SI-120. Is this a reliable guide?
  8. Lol pickles your avatar is the Greatest..... @juice: I would agree with you too. The P180 has excellent air flow and air circulation. I say this with little experience though because I have been trying to build my system for about three months now. (note sig) I have been fooling around with fans, and took some advice from Pickles. He said to take off that top fan, take out the top Drive bay, to give more room and doing so gave me more space to work with. After doing this I took the fan that used to be up top and moved it to the front, where the top drive bay used to be. Recently I noticed that the Case's metal Finger guard is restricting a lot of air, so I think the next plan is to go to Fry's and take someone else's advice and cut that out and just use a mesh filter. I turned that fan on high and left the back on low. ExRoadie suggested that the best air flow involves LOTS and LOTS of Intake and I believe he is right on the dot as well. As soon as I get this thing up and running I will take pics cuz I want to show off my case as well. Update: Ordered THESE today - $146 :nod: Already on Step 5 NEW EGG U ROCK Still waiting for my Graphics card from Monarch. Side note - Any one heard or used THESE yet? TCCD no? already @ 2.85v? Geesh
  9. WOw, so I decided to work more on this setup and made a discovery. The Delta Fan is quiter than the Antec TriCool. THe only reason being because I removed the Fan Guard on the Delta fan and the metal cage is doing exactly what you said on the Antec Fan; its created so much resistance on the Antec fan that its making tremendous sound. hMm, maybe if I do the dishes and clean the room, my girlfriend will take me to Fry's and I could get one of those Dremmel things and take it out. Thanks man.
  10. Nice, I will try to look for one of these, the only problem is that this fan is sitting on my SI-120. A dremmel cut out wouldnt work too well here. You were right though, I took off the guard last night and it was significantly quiter than it usually is. I will be looking for a regular finger guard and that mesh one so I could see what infact is better. Thanks for the info man. I would love to use a fan controller but this fan has too much power running through it. The only controller that actually works with it is sold at Sidewinder as a Rheostat. Eventually I will have to purchase one, unless this mesh or fingerguard keep it at the current decibels. Unless I end up purchasing that Akasa PaxMate stuff it might just work... THanks man for the response
  11. I took something like THIS and took off the Air filter so the guard was all that was left. This results in extreme amounts of noise. Do you think if I were to just get a regular ole FINGER GUARD it decrease the amount of noise>?
  12. ROTFLOL>>WTF Were you refering to THIS>?? if you were, ur a funny guy....
  13. You're right, you know I have notice a dramatic increase in sound with this fan guard I placed on it from Fry's. Its generic, however, its safe. If you were to see how fast this thing is spinning, its kinda scary to think what would happen if I were to lose a wire, or VGA card, or even worse my hand. Okay definitely looking into taking that off tonight and then researching about dremels. You know any good ones off the top?
  14. The rubber o-rings are something to consider, but the fan is clean, I have yet to even get the computer up and running. (note in signature) Definitely will consider those, I was thinking now about purchasing both because it is extremely loud but I love its performance. When you stick your hand under it, its like sticking it out the car window. Any more suggestions?
  15. Used Monarch's Paypal method on the 10th when my video card was in stock. Appearantly, it has been lost or something. Sent a letter of concern, never got a response back. Talked to a monarch rep. here on the forums and he says they will be back in stock on the 27th. So my question is, why hasnt monarch notified me of this? Had to use this forum which has nothing to do with Monarch, its a sepereate entity. Very frustrated with their customer service. Have bought from many places, yet this purchase from Monarch has to be the worst case scenario to date. I do not mean this as a flame, just expressing my experience.
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