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  1. try using just one stick of ram in various slots try the orange slots first if u cant get one to work test the 2nd stick
  2. Ok this was from a 80gb IDE HDD that i use for back up . Everything runs sweet now that its not hooked up.
  3. Crashing to where i got to hit the power and power back up no bule seen or anything i didnt have any of this going on with the last mobo i think i'm geting ready to rma this board
  4. use the sillcon image i got from sillcon image and works good
  5. I'm sure it could be done. But i would not do it to a new card that came with it who know's u might need to take back one day
  6. The card is sweet it oc's well but i got my card on water 505 1.4 BTW u can water cool this card and have room card ran hot on air most 7800gtx do
  7. A BFG GeForce 7800 GTX OC might have just the room u need to get by. It will be right over them but still will be a tight fix with just about any 7800gtx .
  8. Yes my x2 is ok I did a reformat just to make sure. Still geting the same thing. I run widows xp sp2 Direct X9.0c all my graphics drivers are uptodate the games i cant run are cod2,css and nfs-mw. I cant figure it out. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
  9. version 6.00pg date 6/23/2005 any one know if thats up to date
  10. thx for the help version 6.00pg date 6/23/2005 any one know if thats up to date
  11. Help I just got my 2nd mobo thx to my water cooling takeing out my last board . Anyway i got my mobo all set up and i cant game without crashing. I didnt flash this mobo but it seem's to have the update for the x2. Is there any way i can tell what bios i'm runing ? I can run prime 95 or mem test all day. I have tested out a 6600gt and get the same thing and a 2nd psu
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