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  1. one last thing........my core clock shows as 299 instead of the 500mhz it shows in the driver control panel.... any idea why?
  2. Here's one with the liquid dripping out. It looks cool, but also implies that there's a leak. ........http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/attachment...tachmentid=3472 OMG Can I please have this for a wallpaper........... I even fixed a leak on the go the other day cause I didn't want to stop running prime here's pics o' my pc http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/Taz.../Picture001.jpg http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/Taz.../Picture003.jpg http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/Taz.../Picture004.jpg sorry to go off topic but that image you made blew me away..keep up the awesome work everyone!
  3. Based on your SPD timings it looks like Samsung TCCX IC's on your RAM....you prolly want to verify that, if they are try the timings on this page posted by RyderOCZ, I realize your RAM is not OCZ but TCCx should behave/react in a similar mannor and OCZ seems to be the only company sending reps over to the stree. They have helped me getting my own TCCD sticks running in dual channel mode give em a try...these guys rock! (BTW TCCD doesn't like too much voltage, and prefers weak drive strength) http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...CZ+TCCD+Timings If your RAM is not TCCx then you can find out what IC it is and look for postings for that IC type (eg. hynix or BH5) Don't know how good Corsair Customer support is personaly but you may want to see if they can help you out good luck m8
  4. Thought I'd toss this up as a bit of a joke (Need something to do while priming :drool: ) I heard Angry's got a thing for overclocked appliances :nod:
  5. ===========[RESOLVED]======================= Thanks for the tip...but close and start MBM not enought.... good old school reboot fixed it thanks for the imput
  6. oop......my bad thanks Madu I put it in the data folder with the NF4 config files and not the plug in folder .......... K have the rivatuner one (supposed to show temps & clocks) they show up - can start plug in...readings are all 0? have set 21&22 for Clocks (custom for board sensor setting) and 25&26 for temps (custom for board sensor settings) they show up in the dashboard but readout is at 0? Have MBM5 3.7.0.... Installed the MBM5rivatuner.rar plugin to the plug in folder config the above mentiond sensors to show in dashboard......using forceware 81.98 here is a dump from my plugin log file: PlugInFound : C:Program FilesMotherboard Monitor 5PluginMBM5Rivatuner.dll PlugInLoaded : C:Program FilesMotherboard Monitor 5PluginMBM5Rivatuner.dll PlugInType : 2 PlugInName : Rivatuner temperature monitoring v1.0 CPlugInInit : Found CPlugInInit : Executed PlugInStart : Found PlugInStart : Executed PlugInStop : Found PlugInPulse : Found PlugInPause : Found PlugInClose : Found PlugInMenuName : Found PlugInOptions : Found [About] PlugIn accepted Also as per the post made sure my Sensors are labled: Sensor XXX etc. any Idea as to why the readouts are 0? both the clocks and temps show in my driver settings......ideas?
  7. Hey all, Followed the Guide in the sticky on MBM 5 and put in the Nvida Pluggins etc. problem is when I right click on the tray icon the option to start pluggins is not there. I am using the version 7 2 non sli (even tried the v. 7 sli to no avail) am using Sensor 25,26 - Both set board sensor to custom and it is enabled to show it in the dashboard. Both items show up in the dashboard but no temp is displayed..... NOTE: Driver Properties DO SHOW THE TEMPS!! so I am at a loss, obviously the prob. is the plugins are not started but i don't seem to be able to start them........oh ya....this is wierd as well my plug in file in the MBM 5 directory is blank! any ideas?
  8. I had the same problem ..... one stick at a time stable, It took alot of messing with timings and dram voltage to get both working so even though I can't tell you which settings it is it does sound like it is a "tuning" issue your dealing with not bad components
  9. Some advice.... don't get another Ultra brand..... Ultra is one of those crap brands disguised as good gear most ultra PSU i've seen r dead ones
  10. Kingston RAM is not recomended for this board...just so ya know when you get it running for more then 5 seconds your problem is probably somthin else a few questions is this a new build or was working up untill now? if it's a new build take the board out of the case and try it with only cpu, 1 ram, and vid card If it's existing swap yer psu as it's the first suspect from the sounds of it
  11. First off about the power button...it's an ATX switch so make sure your holding in for 4 sec or so to turn the board off not just "poking" it like a reset switch... since you fired your board up without the power to the video card first you may have damaged the card... or it is possible that it was D.O.A. shouldn't be but that is becomming more and more common now-a-days....get another PCI-E or try a PCI card for video to troubleshoot that one. you say you followed the guide so Im assuming you have board outside the case, and only the cpu, ram, video plugged in and nothing else (do it on a box & make sure there is no metal bits or a screw lying around underneith doh!) make sure you have ALL 4 power connectors in and double check they are seated properly ((24 pin ATX, 4 PIN 12 Volt, Floppy type, and HDD molex type) & make sure your VID card is pushed in evenly and all the way wouldn't hurt to take the battery out and dissconect the power cord for a half hour or so (overkill) just to be sure. If none of that works don't RMA the board right away...bite the bullet...take it to a RESPECTALE computer shop and have em test it... Good luck m8
  12. Thanks guys tried the above sites but they don't have things listed by OCZ PN and none of the descriptions EXACTLY match the description for this ram.. Started a thread on OCZ forums requesting a verifed list by skew so hopefully they will put something up.... seems to be a common question thanks again
  13. I'll go first as I need info on these OCZ PC3200 EL Series 2X512MB Kit PN- OCZ4001024ELDC-K http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...00_dual_channel don't know why that like doesn't work pasted direct from IE address bar! These work out well with a Venice on Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra D?
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