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  1. i don't have time to read back a few months worth of posts, did crucial or anyone ever find out why these kits were dying? and have the new revisions been better? thanks in advance for any info.....
  2. ram shouldn't require active cooling. if it does, then it's not any good to begin with. the bad memory was the 1gb sticks of ballistix ddr500, not ddr400.
  3. the new batch must be good since nobody else has posted here in a while. any feedback on the new stuff?
  4. kenrippy

    FS: RAM, RAM and More RAM

    up ttt
  5. kenrippy

    FS: RAM, RAM and More RAM

    up ttt
  6. sold my replacements, no more worries of early death.
  7. kenrippy

    FS: RAM, RAM and More RAM

  8. kenrippy

    FS: RAM, RAM and More RAM

    added some DDR500
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    FS: RAM, RAM and More RAM

    Clearing out a few things. Prices include shipping to the lower 48 states and paypal is preferred. heat & ebay feedback are in my sig. Thanks for looking and please bump if you don't mind. 1x512mb A-Data Vitesta DDR500 $50 shipped ‧184 Pin Unbuffered-DIMM non-ECC ‧ Data bandwidth: 4GB/Sec (PC4000) ‧ CAS Latency: 3-4-4-8 ‧ Working voltage: 2.7V±0.1V ‧ Supports AMD K8 platform 1T Command Rate operation ‧ Warranty: Lifetime warranty 1x256mb pc2100 Kingston Value Ram CAS2 model# KVR266X64C2/256 $20 shipped same as this stuff but in Cas2 1x512 SDRAM pc133 w/ Infineon chips $45 shipped 2x256mb SDRAM pc133 (1) Micron (1) Hyundai $40 shipped for both I also have some 128mb SDRAM modules, PM if interested in those.
  10. ***SOLD*** Just got these back from RMA about a week ago. I'm looking to re-coop some of the money I spent on these. They have supposedly fixed the issues that the older ballistix 1gb sticks had. As usual, LIFETIME WARRANTY from Crucial. This is some of the very best overclocking DDR1 you can get. BRAND NEW UNOPENED $200 shipped to the lower 48 states. paypal is preferred. BATCH: CL1116T.YH BL12864Z503.16TF1Y here's a review
  11. someone's got a set of these replacements on ebay right now. i'm curious as to how they'll do. if they don't get $200 usd then i'll hang on to them and just use them in a future build.
  12. i got my ram today, finally...after about 2 full months in their posession. i don't know if i can resist not playing with them. i know if i do, i'll regret not selling them un-opened.
  13. well, i have a tracking number for my replacements. FINALLY!
  14. yeah, i wonder why the old tracers don't have this problem? is it because they're just not as popular as the standard ballistix? sure would be nice to hear from the curiously silent CRUCIAL REP GUY right about now......