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  1. I would pay 1000 for my cars paint job 1985 VW Golf (older than my self!) Jet black with bright red racing stripes! (j/k) what a rip off on the case!
  2. in the read me it says to ebable "gaming" mode using the icon, im wondering that to lol
  3. lmfao yea well you pay me 300 bucks in advance and ill send it to ya free shipping to! , so far mines at 2.7 Ghz stable 300 fsb, thats all im going to push tonight seems nice though
  4. mine has the exact same stepping i cannot find it any where
  5. i would recommend the E1705 thats my lappy i bought it over the E1505 because i can replace the graphics and most other parts withe the 1700 series of the XPS laptops everything that is theirs will fit on mine , and super fast to My lappy C2D 1.6GHz T5200 (64 bit support) 2 gig ram 160 gig sata hdd X1400 graphics (can upgrade to 7950 if want to) Draft-N wireless card vista home premium 17'' wide screen main specs the E1505 is a great one to, you can get the same performance from that laptop fully decked as mine is right now, and im surprised at the speed! (my first C2D)
  6. mines on route now should be here Friday (opty 165 that is ) cannot wait! been waiting for dual core for a while now!
  7. well it hasn't crashed in 2 days now and i did nothing to it, i do not know what was wrong but it seems to fixed it self thanks guys
  8. ok i just got my other 7900gt in the mail yesterday! (thanks evga your the best!) now when i installed it it ran great in sli no probs at all i had made sure my psu can handel it and put each card to dedicated rails. i reinstalled drivers just to make sure. made all the profiles and installed them. all my games run great!! but every now and then i get the BSOD saying somthing about "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" heres the full error code *** STOP: 0X0000000a (0x80FFFFF4,0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8051D8E5) ^ thats the "techincal info" on the error! can some one tell me whats going on it randomly crashes not understress or when understress just random iv found nothing to make it happned! iv made sure my graphics card on different irq (which they are!) and i cannot figure out this problem thanks! jacob mervine
  9. my cpu never gets over 42 C on 80-90 deg days so you've got problems and also i cannot move mine around at all, you must of not installed it correctly. because every one i have seen who has it loves theirs and im one of them
  10. pantera! listen to them now and thats the way i built my computer over time i got parts in and installed them. have fun man hope it all works for ya and you do not get some DOA stuff!
  11. zalmans fit i have your excat board and excate cpu cooler great cooler and like said before its super light!
  12. may be my server fan that sucks 1.08 amp should not be on the header? it works great i love mine hits 3k rpm and pushes like 150 cfm noise but i do not care. mine has worked great and never have had a prob for the pasth umm 5 months so whats wrong with it? i have 4 other fans hooked to the headers to no probs
  13. NVM about all this me being stupid i had to move the graphics card to the bottom pcie slot and not leave it in the top (im getting rdy for SLI jsut wanted to pop the card in there and run) thanks guys even though you didnt help but at least i know you would have helped me
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