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  1. megsy usually if it is not prime stable than you usually don't have a good setup or your pushing it a little over the edge. Most of the machines that I have ever played with I use prime as the final decision and then relax my settings by a couple of mhz to account for warm days or severe loads. Your free to run what ever you want but to me the couple of extra mhz to run at the very edge doesn't make up for the times they crash.
  2. The answer should be in the readme file with prime but here is the answer from the mersenne site. Since we are using floating point numbers we must change the "equals sign" above to "approximately equals". If the two values differ by a substantial amount, then you get a SUMINP != SUMOUT error as described in the readme.txt file. If the sum of the input FFT values is an illegal floating point value such as infinity, then you get an ILLEGAL SUMOUT error. Unfortunately, these error checks cannot catch all errors, which brings us to our next section.
  3. waitandbleed no boot up screen at all sounds more like memory or a power connection. I found out that the default for the bios is T1 for the ram rather then T2 as most boards run, so try a single stick of ram in the very top slot and see if it boots up that way. You can probably re-use your drive but you do know you will have to reload it with a new copy of windows and all new drivers.
  4. 220 on the ram is in reality 440 and while your running pc3200 it is OCZ and I have a couple of sticks of gold in the drawer right now that will run perfect at 2,2,2,5 @200mhz all day long but will fail at 220mhz on a boot up. Try setting your divider to 180 or 166 and see if you can't boot up but my guess is that you have a ram issue.
  5. The neopower supply has a dedicated fan circuit that if you plug anything but a fan into it you will not be able to power up. Make sure you did not hook that plug up to something besides a fan.
  6. Thanks for the input and you are correct that a failure from any of the four drives means all the data would be gone. This is just a toy machine for the most part. I have a desk full of machines and was looking at what kind of speed I could get on a raid without going with WD drives (raptors). Every WD drive I have ever owned has failed while all the maxtor drives I have ever owned are still running or in the drawer and still work, probably just bad luck but still makes it hard to go with them. I have several cpu's that I plug into this machine for playing and thought I would see how it did video with a 175 opteron I have. Max
  7. Thanks for the responses. I only want to run four SATA drives but wanted to make sure it would work before I purchased another set of drives.
  8. How many drives can be set up in a single raid array (using SATA drives)? What I mean is can I use four drives in a single raid 0 array or would I have to split the 4 drives as two. I did a search but was unable to find the answer. Thanks in advance. Max
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