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  1. Being overclocked and stable doesn't always mean that a system will perform all functions faster. There is a fine line between a good overclock and an excellent performing system. Have you tried lowering your overclock just a little to see if it corrects the issue. Also you might changing the browser that you use from say IE to Firefox or Opera.
  2. I guess being old school I am a bit different. If it fails it fails and that is not stable. But that may just be me, I want prime to run until I shut it off, end of story.
  3. I use mplayer and have the divx codec but still a nogo. I will spend some time tonight and see if there is a way to make it work, if all else fails I will try it on one of the windows machines but I usually don't download any media to them.
  4. I thought I could play any movie on my Linux box but that one gives me errors.
  5. I have a pair of single core opterons that I have been playing with and thought I would add mine to this list. The first is my 148 which is the CAB2E 0545 FPMW which after a lot of burn in and testing seems to be running stable at 2.8 using 1.425v. It will run SuperPI and most things at stock voltage running 2.8 but will fail prime about 2 hours into it when using the default voltage. It will run Prime95 and all other test for over 20 hours at default voltage and 2.75 ghz http://www.v-rodforums.com/member/bench/28...me-pi-3d-sa.jpg The second is my 146 which is one of the CABYE 0540 FPMW, this chip is pretty sweet but seems to hit the same limits on default voltage as the 148 does. The difference is that the 148 peaks about 2.95 with any amount of voltage as far as running Prime or SuperPI while the 146 will go as high as 3.05gh and still run prime but requires 1.6v and I simply won't run a chip at that voltage for more then 15 or 20 minutes on air so I can't say how stable it really is. Screen shot was taken while I was seeing how high my memory would run stable. http://www.v-rodforums.com/member/bench/2925x9-superpi1.jpg I had to alter the text, I had no idea html would be disabled.
  6. I really didn't care about the image size at all. Even when you allow large files they simply don't eat up that much room, I do understand if they get no support that bandwidth might be an issue, I am on a 1,000gb a month contract and usually run about 500gb a month but then I get good support. The only reason I mentioned it at all is after you get used to threads being tracked properly it seems odd to go back to a forum that does not track threads really at all. The later version tracks each user in the db itself so the cookie size stays the same but it knows which threads you have viewed and which you have not and does a good job of tracking that. As far as the image bucket and other sites they simply try to load so much spam and I am anti spam that I avoid them.
  7. It's not the bit size limit bug in 3.0 it is the pixel size that is all messed up. I allow images upto 2mb and sizes upto 4000x4000 in both the forum and gallery and movies upto 100mb in the gallery. However with 3.0.x if you try to set your size anything over 3000x3000 it will give an error even if the size bit is correct. No issue if you only allow 100k images but like I say to a motorcycle forum quality is more of an issue. I also see that your not dedicated but have four sites running on this server so bandwidth and room might be more of an issue for you.
  8. I guess I'm not exactly sure what you mean by catagories. If your talking about a different header and footer in each section that is possible with 3.5. It also corrects several bugs that the 3.0.x version had in relation to attachments and size. You might only notice this if you allow very large attachments but for me it was a pain since quality is everything. The semi built in spell checker is nice but it still needs a good common sense checker.
  9. Every single drive I have run in with this board is either a 9 or 10. Got 4 100gb 10's in it right now running raid 0.
  10. I must be lucky, I have already loaded and run this board about 8 times with 6 different Maxtor drives so far and not a single hitch. I also plugged in some of my file drives to copy information and programs I keep on some old ide drives and they worked flawless as well. What kind of issues have you guys seen with Maxtors? The reason I ask is I have used nothing but Maxtors these days, even in my servers I use the 320 atlas 10k rpm drives and have never had a proglem with any machine. I wish I could say as much for the WD drives I have had, every single WD drive I have ever had has died. This is just the stack that I keep in my desk drawer for reference and playing. The smallest in the pile are a couple of older 36gb atlas 320's but most are 100gb and larger. Some place I have a box full of old 20, 40 and 60gb drives.
  11. As the title says have you guys thought about updating to the latest version of VBulletin? It really is that much better, for the first time ever vbulletin in the 3.5.x version can track viewed threads correctly. Out of the two forums I run on it the only real downside is for AOL members that use the AOL browser, they have to select the remember me box or the new security in 3.5.x sees them as a new user every time they click a new page but with the new hook system it is so much easier to make changes and add features. Max
  12. Over the years I can't count the number of times I have corrupted an OS and had to reload. I never keep critical data on a machine that I play with. I use a remote storage system for all important files and keep most everything backed up to either tape or dvd.
  13. You better have one really good 170 if you plan to hit 2900mhz with it. I have seen several that struggle to hit 2700 with 1.6 volts and good cooling. I have only tried three but two seemed to have a sweet spot around 2500 and one wouldn't do 2300 without hitting the voltage. Some of the early weeks seem to be the best, the worst I have seen was an 0541 week chip. Oh and I am partial to the Patriot XBLK myself if you plan to run 1:1.
  14. Well thanks again for the information. I did dig out and try 4 Maxtor 100gb drives running raid 0 and did not get near as good of results as you did but the drives are still very fast and do what I want them to do. I guess I will have to spring for a couple more 250gb like I usually run now. http://www.v-rodforums.com/member/bench/drivetest.JPG
  15. I have been using premiere for years, I started with 5.0 and now use 1.5. It does take a little getting used to but can be very powerful if you have the time to sit down and build anything. We build a lot of small clips for the motorcycle forums. I also have some pretty good film builders that have bikes and make them for the forum. Here are a couple of examples from Project V team http://www.v-rodforums.com/gallery/misc.ph...loadfile&i=9765 http://www.v-rodforums.com/gallery/misc.ph...loadfile&i=9769 http://www.v-rodforums.com/gallery/misc.ph...oadfile&i=11110 Here is one I put together after our 04 Rally in KC, the movie for 05 was almost an hour, we have about 10 hours of original movies on the forum including about two hours shot at WPB last summer when one of our members rented the morosopark speedway for a day and had several penthouse pets at the event for pictures and all day races. http://www.v-rodforums.com/gallery/misc.ph...oadfile&i=11518
  16. Wow this is simple, as you get older you find yourself using a name you can remember. V-Rodforums.com is one of the forums that I own and takes a good deal of my time and motorcycles and work take up pretty much the rest of it. I've been around the net since the early days and overclocking since the first celeron 300 would go 500mhz with an abit bh2 board if my memory serves me. As mentioned in the first post about license plates, well I keep that simple as well.
  17. Thanks Blooz. I had found that thread but it seemed to get a little off track from time to time and I really didn't see anyone push the limits just to see what it would boot and do basic test at. Owning several forums I look at it a little different, sometimes I want to see a new thread when another gets a little off topic and stale. New post seem to get lost in them. Max
  18. I picked up 4 sticks of PC 4800 Patriot TCCD memory a couple of months back and have been doing some playing with it. My question is has anyone pushed the limits of this brand memory? I was very surprised to find it would boot into windows at 650 (325x2) with fair settings and wondered how high anyone else has seen this memory go. I did try both sets to make sure that each would boot at this speed but did not go any higher.
  19. yeehaw I suggest you find an old drive some place before you make changes. 1 out of 10 people that I have seen try linux like it. The problem is that the first thing you need to do is forget everything you do in windows since nothing works the same in linux or to be more exact you have to build everything from scratch and there is no such thing as exe files. After you use it for a while you find it so easy to work with and so much more powerful on the net that you will find yourself using it more and more. It also has huge advantages as far as running your own remote proxy if you sit behind a websense or any other form of filter at work or school.
  20. That is a problem with some of the dvd running OS's is that they do not support your hardware correct. Find an old drive and load one up, I prefer Redhat or fedora but then I have been using Linux for about 7 years now and I just prefer those. Suse is probably one of the easier and more friendly versions to start with.
  21. I ran my Patriot pc4800 which is tccd just to see what it would do. I had it pretty loose but got tired of playing around 315, it didn't even bat an eye and I probably could tighten it down a lot but I just wanted to see if it would boot. http://www.v-rodforums.com/member/bench/315.JPG
  22. I don't know about the latency, I think the opteron that I play with was made to handle memory bandwidth. Seems a shame to me to keep the speed of the memory so slow. I can tell you that if I run a divider and run the memory at say 225mhz and 2,2,2,5 or 280mhz and 2.5,4,4,8 that the 280 responds much better in every application I try. I know on bench marks it is a substantial improvement. But either way you can't beat good memory no matter what speed you run it at. http://www.v-rodforums.com/member/bench/280.JPG
  23. I agree with lowboy, I have a couple of sticks of it in the drawer right now. It is good to about 219 and then won't boot any higher at all. Great if you run at 200mhz with 2,2,2,5 settings on your ram. I purchased the OCZ thinking it would do what I wanted but was wrong. I know use some Patriot memory that I have to do all my playing. I still haven't found the point that this stuff won't boot at. You do have to get the timing a little loose at 315 though. And no it wasn't stable at that speed but not because of the memory. I was just surprised it even loaded windows at that speed. http://www.v-rodforums.com/member/bench/315.JPG
  24. I had a similar issue with four sticks of Patriot pc4800. It seems the default for this boards ram timing is T1, while T1 offers the best performance from ram it also makes it very difficult to run with four sticks. In order to get my machine to boot I had to use two sticks in dual and alter the bios from auto to disable on the ram timing which puts it in T2 and then shut down and install all four sticks. It did give the machine a large hit in ram performance however. I changed back as the extra gig of ram did not make up for the loose of performance. I have noticed this same issue with a gigabyte board I have as far as running four sticks of memory. I suggest you simply run the two 1gb chips of corsair, that should be enough ram for any game or app to function good.
  25. To run a scsi drive like that it would require that you add a scsi controller. I run several servers and do a lot of playing with scsi and tried some in desktop setups but unless your ready to run four or five drives and ready to spend 500 - 600 for a good scsi controller you won't see much improvement if any over a raid 0 setup using SATA. Also to run scsi on my servers and get any speed I had to go with 64 bit controllers and they require 64 bit pci slots which this board does not have.
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