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  1. The fix did not work for me with the x1800 and x1900 cards as well.
  2. LOL try the readme in prime, the password is 9876.
  3. I have had three dual cores and on all three now core 0 seems to be the weak link and fails prime first. So I thought maybe a poll would help to find out if this is normal. Could it be something to do with the OS itself and using core 0 by default on many other applications?
  4. I like rivatuner because of the fan control and temp monitor. I hope they update rivatuner soon for the x1900 though.
  5. I have one of the x1800xl and an x1900xt and have been very happy with the performance and image quality on both. The 1800 is sitting on my desk right now since I just installed the 1900. I also just gave my daughter one of my 7800gt cards after doing some playing with it. While the 7800 was almost the same speed as the x1800xl in a couple of games that I tried the difference was image quality. ATI has always had some of the buggiest drivers and terrible support but they have always had good image quality.
  6. Killer price on the 0540, I'm sure it will move fast for that price.
  7. I have four sticks total of Patriot PC4800 TCCD and using a socket 939 processor some will hit 300htt at 2.5 and some won't. It has more to do with the memory controller in your cpu then it does the ram. In other words if I use my opty 146 CABYE 0540 FPMW I can hit 325htt at 2.5 without a problem but if I use one of my opty 175's with the same memory it won't even boot into windows at 300htt with the ram set 1:1. I suggest to try the ram with another processor before you blame the ram.
  8. FX-60 ACB2E 0536 SPMW DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D (bios 11/14/2005) FX-60 2.8 14x200 @ 1.40v 2x512 1GB Patriot PC4800 ATI X1900XT 4x100GB SATA Maxtor 8mb cache raid 0 Antec Neo HE 550w Genie BIOS Settings: FSB Bus Frequency - 200 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio - AUTO CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - 14 PCI eXpress Frequency - 100Mhz CPU VID StartUp Value - StartUp CPU VID Control - 1.400v CPU VID Special Control - Auto LDT Voltage Control - 1.20v Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.50v DRAM Voltage Control - 2.60v DRAM Configuration Settings: DRAM Frequency Set - 200=RAM/FSB:01/01 Command Per Clock (CPC) - Enable CAS Latency Control (Tcl) - 2 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd) - 02 Bus Clocks Min RAS# active time (Tras) - 05 Bus Clocks Row precharge time (Trp) - 02 Bus Clocks Row Cycle time (Trc) - 12 Bus Clocks Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) - 16 Bus Clocks Row to Row delay (Trrd) - 02 Bus Clocks Write recovery time (Twr) - 02 Bus Clocks Write to Read delay (Twtr) - 02 Bus Clocks Read to Write delay (Trwt) - 03 Bus Clocks Refresh Period (Tref) - Auto Write CAS Latency (Twcl) - Auto DRAM Bank Interleave - Enabled DQS Skew Control - Auto DQS Skew Value - 0 DRAM Drive Strength - Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength - Auto Max Async Latency - Auto DRAM Response Time - Fast Read Preamble Time - Auto IdleCycle Limit - 256 Cycles Dynamic Counter - Disable R/W Queue Bypass - 16 x Bypass Max - 04 x 32 Byte Granularity - Disable(4 Bursts) ========== Prime95 + 3dMark2001SE + CPU-Z 1.31 + Everest 2.20: 3dMark2003: 3dMark2005: ========== short description: I know nothing special for an FX-60 and has a lot of head room but it runs on air and is cool, quiet and powerful. Picked it up used for just over the cost of a 4800+. 200x14 @ 2800Mhz, 1.400v 2-2-5-2 @ 2.60v vdimm
  9. Wow some great numbers being posted. I have had three dual core opterons and two of them found the sweet spot at 2.5 running around 1.375-1.4 volts. They would both run at 2.6 but required more than 1.450 volts to prime and I didn't see the point in pushing them for 100mhz. The third one is the only chip I have ever RMA'ed, it required extra voltage to run prime at 2.3 being an opteron 175 built in week 0541. All of the above mentioned chips are 175's. All of the chips seem to hit a wall on air cooling 200mhz after you start upping the voltage similar to the three single core opterons I have had. All three single cores I have had would run on default voltage at 10x275 but started requiring voltage to run at 2.8 but only 1.4-1.425 so I still have one running 24/7 at 10x280 in one of my machines. I purchased an fx-60 just because I wanted to run dual core at 2.8 without a problem which my fx-60 will do. Keep in mind that I won't go over 1.5 volts on one of these chips and from what I have seen usually on air cooling going over that point does very little.
  10. I have a 175 with the same stepping and run it at 10x250 with default voltage. Requires 1.4 to run 2.6 and 1.55 to run @ 2.7. It would be rare to get a chip with both cores that would fail at default settings. I find that super PI has more to do with my ram than my cpu while prime seems to test both. Have you tried to pass memtest with your default settings?
  11. I have three different Ultra D boards, they all read different temps in both the bios and with software. However when I check the temps with a raytek laser and swap processors they all read exactly the same. I have one board that does read idle at 35c and full load of 50c using a single core opteron and when I put the same processor in another one of my ultra d's with the same heat sink it will idle at 23 and run full load at 35c but the raytek laser reads the exact same at 95F under load on both boards. I suggest that you check your temps with something other then the software. It might be the actual location of the sensor on the boards that makes the difference.
  12. I have a CAB2E 0545 FPMW that should be pretty close but no two are exactly alike. It runs 2.8 at 1.376 volts. It will run prime at 2.9 using 1.475 volts and requires 1.60 to run prime at 3.0 using no divider and Patriot memory on an Ultra D. I only ran prime at 3.0 for a couple of hours, it runs pretty warm at that voltage and since I had no plan to leave it at that point I didn't want to fry it. It runs 24/7 at 2.8 using the 280x10 and ram at 1:1 without a problem. I also have a cabye 0540 FPMW 146 and swith the two out all the time and the 148 performs almost identical.
  13. What you should be asking yourself is what is the real temperature. I have three DFI boards and all three give different reports by as much as 15C using the same processor and heat sink. But all three show the exact same 12C degree swing from idle to load. And all three read identical when I check the center bottom of the heat sink with a Raytek Laser thermometer. I know the actual temp of my 175 running at just 2500 with 1.4v averages around 50C while running dual prime using a XP-90C cooler and a 92mm sunon fan that moves about 30cfm. However it reads from 38C to 54C depending on which board it is in using either Smart Guardian or MBM or the nvidia software. I did confirm the 1.4v with a fluke 88 which is a very fast and accurate meter. I also did some min-max captures on the volts and found that it was not as stable as I had hoped it would be but the results were similar to what I had seen with some abit and asus boards so probably nothing to worry about.
  14. Running it down to 100mhz would be taking it to extremes but it should rule out memory. I just have a hard time seeing an opteron that won't run 240 or 250 on default voltage. All the 146 and 148's I have played with will do 2.6ghz at default voltage and start needing a little boost usually around 2.75 or higher. I suggest you reset your cmos and set your divider to 166 5/06 and leave the voltage at default on the cpu and start over. Reseting the cmos should clear up any problem switches you may have thrown.
  15. Have you tried using a divider to rule out your memory as being the holdup. Or I better say holding you back before the word police correct me. Wow thanks for the education. But maybe thats the way you say it in NY.
  16. First of all on that opty you shouldn't even consider extra voltage until you find out what the chip is capable of stock. I doubt it needs any extra voltage to run at 250x11 little own 215x11. If your unstable at those speeds try a divider on your ram and drop your cpu voltage back to default.
  17. Redbeaver I have never read anything about a Maxtor and a BSOD, I also have three DFI boards and each one is now setup with 4 Maxtor SATA drives running in Raid 0 and all of them are Diamondmax 10's and I use some 250gb IDE Maxtor Diamondmax 9's for backup data. Never have I had a problem with any of them and I do video capture and program work with them. I have been overclocking and playing with PC's longer then I care to admit and never have I had a Maxtor drive die. I even used a regular IDE 100 in one of my servers for a year and hate to think how many millions of files it served out in a 12 month time and that drive still works fine. I will say that in the years I have had several WD drives and every single one of them Died at some point. It must just be luck but even today all I run is Maxtor drives. Even my servers all host Maxtor SCSI atlas 10k rpm drives. Never have I had even an IO error out of one of them and they spin 24/7 365.
  18. Well it appears that your on dreamhost now and that 4tb is a great package at $150 a month but the machine looks very limited. Debian Linux is good but I have always preferred RedHat but just because I have so much experience with it. Tell me this, how much actual bandwidth are you using every month? Feel free to PM me that information if you like. My cohost is very good and twenty miles from my house but I only get 1tb a month but never have I used it and have movies and gallery sections on my larger forum and my smaller forum sits on a much smaller package server. 1tb a network cable and a power cord run $189 a month here but I have the option to run anything I want. Nothing like being able to login should you have a problem and hitting reboot -h now for a quick clearing of the cob webs, . Vbulletin is so demanding that you really need to have access to the control files for tweaking and the mysql data base controls for updates and custom configurations.
  19. AG have you looked into a co host and your own machines. When you use a service it leaves you waiting for someone that usually knows less than you do to repair server issues. Running a Linux server is not rocket science and gives you so much more flexibility. It looked as though you were suffering some sql errors yesterday.
  20. I just got my third DFI board in the other day (yes I own 3 I did not RMA any). The temps listed in the bios and windows on all three boards are different even with the same cooler and processor. However when I check the temp of the inside of the heatsink (XP-90C and temp checked with a Raytek laser) it runs exactly the same on all three boards. So take the temp with a grain of salt. Using the bios or windows I have one board that will run from 22C at idle to 33C underload while the high one is 38C at idle and 51C under load. So as long as you are seeing a 10-12C swing I say don't worry about the temps. All 146 chips are not alike and just because you can get 2.8 on air doesn't mean the chip will run stable at 3.0. I have one chip that will Prime and Run PI at 1.4 volts all day long but still requires more voltage then I care to run 24/7 to prime at 3.0 while I have another that runs at 2.8 at 1.4 but struggles at any voltage to get to 2.95 and refuses to run 3.0 at any voltage with air. The trick is to find the sweet spot of the chip and be happy with it.
  21. Just a guess but the ocz ram really likes voltage. Try either setting a divider to slow the ram timing down or increase the voltage to the ram to say 2.9 or 3.0v.
  22. I have my fourth 175 right now, see my sig for the number. Three have had a sweet spot around 2500 at almost default cpu voltage and only a single 0541 week chip fell well below that, needing voltage even to run 2.3 and would fail prime after numerous hours at default voltage and 2.2 (default) settings. The current 0550 that I have runs at default voltage at 2.5 and seems to peak around 2.7 but seems to have a weak memory controller and likes to have a divider set to get higher clock speeds out of it.
  23. Update your drivers. The set that came on the disc with the card has a problem and causes the card to read hot. The 5.13 drivers from ATI should correct the issue and give you a good boost in performance.
  24. As I said you must forgive me, his first post says POST not p.o.s.t and to me it means post a reply when written as POST. I misunderstood what the question was and was trying to help.
  25. I see you mean boot time, must be a british thing to call it post. Or maybe me being from Texas makes this reply a post and when my PC starts I call it booting. Sorry just didn't have my brit translator working.
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