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  1. Thanks for your answer. Is there a way to see the Bios Version without booting up the system?
  2. lowboy: There is only one way you can insert the CPU with using your brain so i think i did it right. ExRoadie: No Offical Support? My Shop told me this CPU should work on every S939 mainboard... maybe a Bios Update could help? Thanks all for your answers
  3. A S939 Opteron Processor is a good CPU i do not understand where you see the Problem. The Shop told me that this CPU have to work with normal S939 Boards.....
  4. @KimTjik: Thanks for your Help. I tried to boot up the system without a videocard. Result: 4 Red Diagnostic Leds. I also tried another Opteron 144 cpu and another piece of ram, result: 4 red Diagnostic Leds. Is my motherboard out of order? Or could it be that the bios is to old? Maybe it works out of the case? thanks all greetz LEB
  5. hey all, thanks for help. @c.kirkby3: I am not able to view that site
  6. Hi all, well i have an DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR and had the following processors: - AMD Opteron 144 - AMD Opteron 146 After my first brandnew OPteron 144 Processor did not work in that system i give it to my pc-shop and they analyse that the CPU has been destroyed. So i guess it was just a bad day and bought a brandnew Amd Opteron 146. As i build the new CPU in the system nothing happens and their are still 4 red diagnostic lights on so i give the CPU back to the PC-shop and they analyse AGAIN (!) that the brandnew CPU has been destroyed. So my question: WTF is with that DFI motherboard? The PSU is a brandnew Enermax Liberty so it couldnĀ“t be the fault i guess that my DFI board is destroying my Processors. So i post on some Communitysites and they say that there is a "3 Volt" bug which can destroy the Processor. So DFI, please say that YOUR motherboard is not the thing which killed my two processors and DFI please say that YOUR motherboard is not going to kill another one brandnew AMD Opteron Processor?
  7. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24
  8. Addon: I would say those mainboards need an Bios Update to cooperate with an Opteron and an Athlon 64 X2 4400+
  9. Hi, i have the same problem with a nF4-SLI-DR (look at my Signature). Brandnew Motherboard like yours so i am not able to think that they are out of order
  10. Hi all again, today i bought the new Enermax Liberty with 500W. Result: There comes no Signal and the 4 Red-Diagnoselights are still continuously lighting... Whats wrong with my system? btw: There comes no Sound out of my System speaker if i hold a key or do something else... Why?
  11. So you think it is normal that. Well im going to buy this Liberty PSU tomorrow and we will see....
  12. Thanks all for your answer. @pir8b00ty: Thanks for your answer. They are continuously on in red-mode. @KimTjik: Thanks for your answer too. Do you think that PSU have not enough power? btw: Do you think the soundproblems are linked with the PSU too?
  13. Hi, thanks for your answer. I checked all connecters again and they are all connected. In addition to that the Soundjumper is on the right place...
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