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  1. Hi, I am currently in the process of bending the pins back on a Sempron. As my friend has done the classic thing of removing the Heat Sink without running the pc to allow easy removal. (he also forgot to remove the plastic arm from the heat sink). With doing this he has damaged one of the pins and it has just this minute dropped of. I have been told before that if one pin drops its not a problem. But i cant remember if its sector specific! The pin that has dropped is third along up from the arrow. Please DIF'ers i open the floor to you!
  2. Ok here is the deal DIY fans, my father inlaw has turned his pc off and then turned it on again from what i can gather too fast after the turn off. Now it just wont boot. Bios is accesible but apart from that nothing. Any Ideas? oh the board is a old ASUS board for a Athlon Socket A. I dont have much more on the Tech Specs as i have not actually seen the PC. Any thoughts welcome!
  3. sorry boys , i meant if you buy the OEM version then change your motherboard you have to re-buy your licence.
  4. hi, yesterday me and a friend were discussing dual core and he asked me to bring up task manager and take a look at my core graphs within the performance tab. He then proceeded to tell me about the affinity option that allows you to assign a process one or two processor cores! My question is , do any of you set two cores to certain things and if so , what . Please your input. Cheers
  5. hi , i have been away for a while so i need information, i am thinking off getting vista oem 64 bit, but i have heard that this version has upgrade issues , in terms of if I change my mobo or hardware as DFI'ers do i need to re-buy vista? This needs clarification. :cool:
  6. hi gents, simple issue i think, first of all hpe you had a sweet christmas, i did finally being able to play games at ultra settings with my new 7900GTX, sweet. (apologies for my sig not being correct i will amend) Ok not sure if this is the board, the g card or the monitor. I have bascially transplanted everything from my old build (e.g the sig you can see now to another Ultra-d). Everything is going well apart from the x800GTO2 keeps resetting itself to a daft res everytime i restart the system. 1408 by 1024, i like to have it on 1280 by 1024. Now my prognosis is that the lcd monitor (acer AL1714) does not have a DVI in, i have to convert the VGA signal with an adapter. Is there any way i can stop this from resetting? Your thoughts ? my prognosis may be wrong.
  7. hi quick issue, i am taking out my AMD 3700 san diego and replacing it with a nice new X2, the heatsink with the x2 is much more advanced in terms of heat pipes. I have a new zalman for my x2 so i do not need this. My question is simple, will it be ok to use this advanced OEM heatsink with a single core 939. I think i probably know the answer my self , which is yes. But always best to check. Your thoughts? Happy Christmas
  8. lovely stuff boys, all good now, i just connected the empty molex head to the recieving head and then pushed them through , they went in nice and tight. unfortunately some of the metal clips broke off, but they seem to be in solidly now. Have booted straight to windows, so the power is flowing through the drives.
  9. ah yes. do they just match up with the corresponding colours on the other molex. is this difficult to do in terms of bending them back up?
  10. just a quickie gentlemen, i have been having trouble connected my 5volt power point up, i just mean molex to molex , when i push them together two of the power pins slip out of the plastic molex head, i am wondering if i pull out thye remainding power leads from this plastic case can i just plug them into the coreesponding molex without the head. TOO dangerous or do able.
  11. Cheers guys, i but the bullet and had a go with it after i posted, it fits well. Looking forward to getting it on my new X2.
  12. hey guys, i have bought a zalman Zalman CNPS9500 http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=HS-021-ZA but. . the darn thing looks massive i have not had a chance to install it yet, and i dont want to infringe on the warranty by messing with it. i am wondering if any one owns this cooler and has had problems. My DFI NF4 ULTRA D looks as though the side of the physical flower will be touching my orange DIMM slot. :eek:
  13. hi, to stop confusion i run OS on a stripe on 2 western Digital Cavier 80gig disk, and the maxtor is enabled for my files. Can anyone think of a way to possibly get this back up so i can get my files of it. Oh as well as a wierd boot sequence my monitor now drops out saying "out of range". And windows sometimes gives me the option to start in safe mode and also last known good windows config. This is odd dudes, it has to be since i wiped CMOS. I was planning a windows reinstall at xmas to mark my upgrade. if i do it now i will have to do it again at christmas wont i? to make sure my x2 feels at home. very confused.
  14. hey guys, i posted a few days ago regarding a Sata disk that i use for storage, the thing wont allow me to enter it, it shows in the plug and play and also within "my computer" but labelled as Local Disk (E) instead of its title that i gave it. Now this is odd, if i start up disallowing the disk within the BIOS disabelling SATA port 3 windows loads on my stripe on two other disks fine, as soon as a enable i get either recieve a slow boot or i get stuck on the windows desktop. This is very wierd. Operations carried out last week were turning of the autoplay feature within windows, so my DVD/CD's dont always load up auto style. And also i cleared CMOS about a week ago to install some new ram , (all qualified, 8 hours on memtest and also primed for 8). Well there is the info dudes, usually i have a small theory of my own , but at the moment i have know idea. This disk is a year old and has no previous faults. Apart from re-installing windows which i had planned over christmas as i am getting a x2, i can only think that CMOS may have been an issue, maybe not long enough, i did 20mins! Get your heads around that one boys! :confused:
  15. DX10 games will still work with DX9 cards though wont they? I am sure i read something about ALan Wake and others being DX9 and 10.
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