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  1. Thanks man, I don't overclock and I believe I ran memtest after i built the computer and no problems.. just didn't wanna loose any potential extra FPS ^_^
  2. Hey, I'm curious as to how I would go about checking to see if I am getting the most out of my RAM. Like is my Mobo reading it like its supposed to. I never really had to do anything to the BIOS because I have never had a problem with the original setting and I'm not to educated when it comes to BIOS (so I guess don't fix what isn't broke? lol).I do sometimes get random blue screens of death but hardly.It only ever happens when i alt tab out of BF2 or Oblivion way to much.The OCZ website says my RAM is able to reach latencies as low as CL2-2-2-5.My specs are in the signature. Thanks in advance. :confused:
  3. I have a front audio connector kinda just hanging there in my case. I never took the time to hook it up because i couldnt find the connector and never thought id use it anyway.I have looked through my manual and looked at the diagram on page 11 and it says somthing about Front Audio and CD-in Connectors on Karajan. I have looked at the mobo and the diagram and i still cant seem to find the front audio connector. Im starting to wonder if its even there. Any help would be appriciated. thanks in advance.
  4. I just built a new system yesterday (xmas present woot) and everything seemed to be running stable.Just when i tried to install battlfield 2 it got a error and said it must close.so anyway i got past that and got bf2 to run and then i tried to download the special forces expansion from them.everytime i would go to open it the downloader it would get a error.So anyway i can play bf2 for awhile and then it will randomly flash a blue screen and reboot.The blue screen flashes so fast i cant even begin to read it.I ran Memtest all last night and it didnt have any errors and no reboots.and this morning when i got up i tried to run the Special forces downloader again and it flashed the blue screen and rebooted once again.Im alittle worried and not sure what to do.it only seems to do weird stuff when it comes to battlefield 2.So could it be just battlfield 2 or somthing wrong in my BIOS?
  5. Well i just currently built my computer this morning and everythings goin ok except i need to get to the BIOS to config some stuff but i cant seem to figure out what key to press and hold to get to the bios.sorry that its a noob question and i looked in the mobo manuel and couldnt find it.my mobo should be in my sig.someone plz help and thanks in advance.
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