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  1. Yeah, I've done both of these suggestions before, but for what its worth I went ahead and tried them both again (it cant hurt). What was the verdict with your girlfriend's computer? Was a complete rebuild necissary? If anything, atleast my HDD's escaped unharmed.
  2. Hey everyone. I used to post back here years ago, but after not being able to think of whatelse, figured I would come and check with the brain trust here with my problem. Background: Moved into a new apartment last week. I had packed up my computer as I have done several times, placed into a harness and in the same spot in my car as before. Got to Orlando and unloaded and proceeded to set my system up. Unfortunately when I went to press the power button, it turned on and then turned off after a few more seconds. I opened up the case and found that the heatsink was attached but not very well, possibly shaken around from the 6 hour drive. So I tried to power up again, and it wouldnt go, eventually it did but then immediately shut off. Thought I smelled burnt, but it wasnt a very profound smell. At this point I figured well maybe my PSU finally bit the dust. Ran down to best buy picked up a new PSU and plugged it in. Now it powers up, but will not post. So I started to attempt to eliminate issues. First I tested all my drives with a IDE/SATA to USB cable and all those tested fine, so a power surge probably didnt happen (or atleast I wouldnt think so). Next I removed the motherboard an all components, and placed on a cardboard box and checked for anywhere there could be a short. Nothing on my case or any other components was causing a short. Still when I powered up the system, I did not a post, and I should note that at any time, I never did get any speaker beeps. Basic System Specs: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Intel E6600 EVGA 8800GTS Corsair XMS2 So what does everyone think? Could it be my CPU, or maybe the motherboard? Is there anything more that I can do to test for dead components? I dont have a spare PCI Express video card lying around as thats in another city, and wont be able to get for a few months. No one has a motherboard that can handle the E6600 that I know of as well. Any suggestions as to what else I can do to test? I am very hesitant to buy any new parts as 1) I bought these components back in January 2) As with many people money is a bit tight right now. Thanks in advance!
  3. Looks like the Foutaineblue off of Front Beach Road. That little section of beach is one of the few spots east of Highway 79 that isnt built up with hotels or condos.
  4. The 20-pin PSU was an Ultra XConnect. I had heard good reviews about it, but it just couldnt power my new system. Dont know why either, it seemed like a high quality PSU.
  5. Yeah I dumb. Anyways I was told that it would work in single (not sli) with non-gigabyte mobos. I guess they were wrong. Anyways I am sending it back to newegg right now, and I am getting a card that I know will absolutley work with my mobo.
  6. Thats what it is exactly. Fixed that one right up and now my bios works, but windows crashes, which is ok.....ill just reinstall it. No big deal at all. Now time to test out the PCI-Express card. Edit: I cant seem to get my PCI Express card work. Ive tried disabling the onboard graphics controller, which still works after being disabled, which means the PCI Express card wont work. Hrmm.....I think i am just overlooking something in the bios, but not to sure.
  7. semi-good news finally. Played around with the RAM, which caused the speaker to finally start working. Now It is just one beep, and now it boots, but something about the boot media. I am off to try and fix kthat slight issue.
  8. It is a Dynex Power Supply. Its one of those weird brands that seems that Best Buyh only sells. It is the DX-PS500W, it was the only PSU that I could find that had the 24 pin connector. I could try the ram, in fact I will do that now, as soon as the other computer i just built for my brother is done installing some programs. On another note the keyboard would only light up immediatly after being plugged into the PS/2 port. As for anoter video card, i tried the onboard and the card i just put in is the only PCI- Express card I have. As for beeps, it is weird, I do not get any beeps at all. I have the speaker connected and that was one of the first things I was listening for.
  9. Ok, it has been a really long time since I have posted on this forum, but I am in the process of completly overhauling my computer. My new parts just came to today, so I went ahead and assembled the new components. However when I went to boot it up the first time nothing happened. Turned out the mobo needed a 24 pin ATX connector and I had used a 20 pin connector at first. Ok, so I drove to the nearest Best Buy that had a power supply that had the 24 ATX connector earlier tonight. So I go ahead and plugged in the cables and BAM, nothing appeared on the screen. Every thing was spinning and lit up, but it never booted. If thats not the problem then could the heatsink's mount under the moterboard, possibly cause a short? It is the TT Silent 775. Heres the specs of the system: P4 530J 3.0ghz Asus P5RD1-V 512MB GEIL DDR400 500 Watt PS Gigabyte dual 6600 PCI Express. Now I thought that there could be a problem with the graphics card. I know that the card will not boot if the power plug isnt plugged in. So I checked that connection and the two fans were spinning. Then I removed the 6600, and used the onboard video, but that did not get anywhere. Im really hoping that it isnt a defective mobo, but if it is I need to get it sent back to Newegg asap. Thanks.
  10. Ive had an experience like this before with my WD 80gb hdd. All i did was use the 3gb hdd i had lying around with Win2000 and nero on it, hooked it up as the master (old hdd as the slave). That way I could boot into windows, see my corrupt 80gb drive and i was able to burn everything to cd-r, even if it went really slow. Thats an easy way to do it usually, and if that works then you dont have to go out and buy new drives or format anything. More than likely your Maxtor has a 1 or 3 year warrenty, therefore you could RMA it. You might be with out access to that one comp for a while, but you would be saving money. If you cant still see the drive in the other windows computer then maybe the freezing trick will work? I havent used it but it might....im sure someone here knows something about it. Or: You can always borrow another drive that has an NT OS on it and just copy the files into folder there instead of burning. Then when you get a new HDD you can just hook it up to any computer then just copy over to the new drive.
  11. I live in a popular spring break destination.....Panama City Beach, FL
  12. I would like to go see it but none of the theaters in my area have it. I thought about getting the DVD from the UK, but then that would be just too much of a hassle.
  13. ATI Rage 128 Onboard Video ATI Rage 4mb Nvidia TNT2 32MB ATI Mobility Pro 32MB Nvidia GeForce 2 MX400 64,B GeForce 4 MX440 64MB Nvidia GeForce 5200 128MB Nvidia GeForce 5600 256MB
  14. Wow....Florida has it easy in terms of getting a permit/license To get my Permit at age 15 I only had to do: 1. Pass Class E written Exam (Signs and rules, all multiple choice) 2. Pay $25 for the license To get a License at age 16 in Florida: 1. Hold Permit for one year, with atleast 40 hours behind the wheel with a responsible driver 21 or older (Could be anyone even your parents) AND 2a. Pass Drivers Education Class, usually at school, so its free OR 2b. Take Class E Road Test at DMV (This is what i did.....way to easy) And it didnt cost anything to get my regular License. I guess thats one good thing about Florida.
  15. The thing is that if your signing a contract with the provider, that is why the cheapo phone is so cheap. If it breaks and you need a new phone....well your screwed and you will more than likely have to pay full price for a new phone. My phone $80 from my provider....if i ahd to get a new one....it would have cost me $299. Not to mention with the high price you get a better phone usually. The cheapo phones are cheap for a reason.
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