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  1. Thanks it work fine both disable from device manager after turn off and didn't turn itself but I don't use on ubs on line from moden and I use on Ethernet on line. I just turn off from power supply or pull plug.
  2. I did checked wake on lan in bois still disable . sorry
  3. when I turn offf windows xp then I go to bed or go to kitchen then back to computer and I saw tower were turn on itself then I can't find out in bois setting or windows xp setting then I had format c: and windows xp installed then tested turn off then I watch itself turn on then I flashed bois from old version 417 bois to new version R5D_043C.exe 5/23/2006 BETA BIOS for CFX3200-DR then I turn off and still turn on itself. :eek: http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=81602 how I do fix? Mr_Blocks......
  4. I found out one stick bad I have to send to rma
  5. its sad superpi 32m failed after I changed to back to timming and then test PI 32 m got failed I'm shocked oh no no I got errors after changed timming or something volt damn !! I have to work agian 3 weeks right now :drool:
  6. Hi that's close http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/8751/superpix2passed5dr.jpg still crash in games I tried to change I will change to 3.0 and 3684 then etc find out stable i hope but did you test on sp2004 passed and prime95 passed ???
  7. Hi again I talked my friend we tested his dif NF4 with 165 opterons with my new ram seem fine superip 32m at 2 4 4 10 then back to my place work for 4 days and I can't belive about my 3700+ hard to push volting different opterons and play bf2 still crash crash had to drop overclocking still same but 2x512 Dual ch pc4800 OCZ6001024EEPE improve than my old vx high score at 3D mark 01 at 34026 03 at 19521 05 at 11751 06 at 5259 at 290 fsb mutipiler x9 HT mulipler 3.0 1.6v cpu 2.8v memory superPI 32m passed 3 times and prime95 failed all the time I need to help fix stable in prime95 and game when I turn off then went to grab my coffee and back to comptuer and I saw computer itself went to turn on [email protected]#$%^&*() I had no idea what's going on this itsefl turn on comptuer durring I turn off 3 times still turn on itsefl I need to help fix thing I had wating for 1 months i can't game becasue stilll crash I had fed up anytime answer here
  8. SP2004 failed in 1 hour 30 minutes or sometimes in 2 or 7 or 10 minutes failed agian and again and agan keep give me error all the time I tried to change timming. anyone know get stable but nobody help me either I'm upset na.jpg[/img][/url]
  9. How I do change to stable up to 2.8 ?? I would like to see put change my timming or fsb something [/img]
  10. Hi Angry_Games okay 2 stick on orange stable now with 60 gig fine thanks god for me save my life 10 gig and 60 gig stable fine now I'm learn about sp2004 and a64info v0.5 cool with 10 gig only for test everything good oc before change to 60 gig done :nod: but not easy for me I'll post and I'm tired need some sleep cya
  11. I got fixed about stable ram with windows xp installed done no errors and no crash great smooth one stick ram on dfi with 10 gig changed to timming Dram voltage 2.70v NB core 1.47v 200 fsb 1:1 2.0 TCL 04 TRCD 10 TRAS 04 TRP Dram Bank Enabled Errata 123 Enhancement auto ODD Divisor Correct Disable MAX ASYNC Latency 7.0 ns Read Premble 7.0 ns okay I'll put 2 ram for test good stable how is it and chagne timming what happen to see before I put 6O gig desktop windows stable
  12. OKAY hard to fix new ram timming need stable on dfi when installing windows pass or windows desktop no crash with 5 minutes to 10 minutes less what ever use one stick on orange close cpu and I tested 60 Gig with new ram and seen crash in 5 minutes or less when I use desktop then back to old ram fine stable what I explain to you
  13. NOOOOOoooooo I'm english canada i tried one stick new on orange cpu and change timming right now with 10 gig and test windows xp installing test still blue screen different current let me know
  14. HI everyone I'm hearing impaird (deaf) I'm not good sentence english but I'm poor right spelling sentence if you can't understand or I can't understand what to say Thanks anyway I can't belive about my ram different on motherboard P4 P4P800 Deluxe and DFI CFX 3200-DR I tested failed and passed ram with 10 gig different motherboard P4 and DFI <------------- I'm not sure P4 motherboard 500 or 535 watts power supply I was working for 3 days to found out when I bought new ram, new dfi motherboard and new x1900 xtx PCI-E and 1.5 to 2 years ago power supply 600 watts called topower. I'm not sure P4 motherboard P4P800 Delxue 500 or 535 watts power supply <------------------ 2 stick same colour 2x512 Dual ch pc4800 OCZ6001024EEPE-K total 1 GB memtest passed default and overclocking up to 603 DDR on windows xp and memtest passed 633 DDR but won't windows desktop just loop reboot LOOOL no don't worry installed windows passed widnwos desktop windows update and stable for 30 minutes or 1 hours passed DFI motherbard 600 watts with 10 gig with 2 new ram <-------------------- memtest passed no errors windows intalling setup copyed --> passed preparing installation faild blue screen ---> Drive_IRQL_NOT_Less_OR_EQUAL. I remove one stick rebooot and still errors same above 3 times and I chagned old 512 mb 400 DDR PC3200 ram rebooot windows installed done widnows desktop now but i got error geez format agian windows insastalled and windows update stalbe no errers ((((((((((I'm use 60 gig with old ram installed widows and update and stable everyything fine running right now ))))))) I found out I changed flash bois with 417.bin with old ram passed changed new ram memtest passed and format and installing windows xp still errors same above 10 gig (((test))) oh i see damn I would like to help about installing widnows xp for 10 gig test pass with Bois new ram setting troubleshooting
  15. sorry sorrry I mistake not 6.4 cat installing old hardriver 10 gig I use software driver from connect 3D from box my fault mistake
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