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  1. I have a few things, just pay shipping. PCI card with 4 USB ports (+ 1 internal USB port) A Motorola SB5120 cable modem (comes with AC adapter and I think I can find a coax cable too) 2 of these webcams.
  2. I have most of the original boxes... I paid around $200 for the whole lot a few years ago, not sure how much this is worth exactly so I thought $120 was a good starting point... I'm open to negotiations. Picture
  3. 2GB pc2700 DDR memory 2GB (4X512MB sticks) Micron DDR 333 memory -$15 shipped OR for $20 shipped I can also throw in 2 sticks of Nanya 512mb pc2100, 1 stick of hynix 512mb pc2700 and 1 stick of Micron 256mb pc2100 ------ Belkin Wireless G Network Adapter Model #: F5D9050 v.4000 Works great and comes with the USB extender as well but Belkin never released drivers for Windows 7. I've heard of some people using drivers from RAlink for Win7 and it working, but I've never tried. Works fine on Vista, Xp and Ubuntu. http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-F5D9050.../dp/B000FHFPHG -$10 shipped --------------- Sega Genesis + Sega CD Comes with AC Adapters + Games + A/V cable + 2 controllers Genesis Games: Sonic & Knuckles Vectorman Vectorman 2 Hard Drivin' Taz-Mania Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball Sonic Sonic 2 Sonic 3 Mortal Kombat II Dinosaurs For Hire NBA Jam Virtua Racing World Series Baseball Bass Masters Classic + Game Genie Sega CD Games: Double Switch Ground Zero Sewer Shark -$120 shipped for everything __________________
  4. I can't find too much info on this, what other cpus would it be roughly comparable to?
  5. WD Green 3TB internal hard drive. Great condition. $150 shipped.
  6. That's actually a good question. I haven't come in contact with one of these that had bad caps yet, but then again there are still tons of gx270s out there with good caps... So to sort of answer your question, this specific machine's caps are fine right now.
  7. Gateway was sold in another forum. Posted a dell optiplex for sale.
  8. Screen is in great shape. The whole computer is in great shape minus a few small scratches here and there.
  9. Dell SX270 (small form factor) PC in good condition. Very small (9.9" x 9.4" x 3.4") P4 2.8GHz 1GB memory 30Gb hard drive DVD/CDRW drive Integrated intel graphics Comes with PC and power supply. XP Pro will be preinstalled and the COA is on the side of the machine. Pictures: http://img46.imageshack.us/i/sx2q.jpg/ http://img101.imageshack.us/i/sx1s.jpg/
  10. I don't want to part it out since the few parts that aren't proprietary aren't really worth it to pull out and ship. Also, the video card has a short i/o plate.
  11. Gateway e-series pc p4 hyperthreaded 2.8GHz 1GB ram 80GB hd 16x dvd+-rw 128gb fx5200 video card XP professional with oem license $130 shipped
  12. I have 2x512mb pc3200 geil "ultra dual channel" sticks I can sell for $20 shipped
  13. I can send pics of anything, just pm me your email address. --- Nokia 8801 fashion phone in great condition. Two batteries, charger, box, and manual. -$250 shipped --- Dell 2007WFP 20" widescreen monitor. Perfect condition Base tilts up, down, left, and right. Also moves up and down. -$260 shipped --- Alienware m5550 notebook 100GB 7200rpm HD 128mb radeon x1400 1GB (2x512) 667Mhz DDR2 memory 8x DVD-+RW drive 15.4" widescreen 802.11a/b/g internal wifi WHICH SUCKS MORE? VISTA OR XP?! YOU DECIDE! This ships with XP installed and comes with a COA for both. There is one dead (or stuck?) pixel. I never notice it unless the screen is black. Will send pics upon request. -$1100 Shipped
  14. I've tried to find every beep code possible, but none of them match. It's just one long beep that keeps repeating. Each beep is about 3 seconds long. Any ideas?
  15. HDA X-Mystique gold 7.1 DD LIVE sound card -$50 shipped ATI (sapphire) radeon X1950 pro -$180 shipped
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