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  1. so I bought this board at newegg and it has been more than 30 days so I dotn think I can RMA to them - how do I RMA to DFI?
  2. So your computer boots into windows with the 1 led on? Cause it sounds just like the problem that I am having with the fans shutting down and the 1 led on but mine doesnt post or go anywhere.
  3. Ok so I've tried following the "official new build" thread. I've tried doing the "official cmos clearing" thread. No avail. I just bought the OCZ Powerstream 520 watt PSU, which didnt change anything. Here is what is going on: Used to do: When I first got the board it WOULD post, but I never got any video. So when I called the video card people for tech support he had me clear the cmos. When I did that the computer let out a long beep and since then I havent heard a post. When I turn on my mobo all 4 of the red led's light up and immediately the far right one begins to flicker. The fans all start to spin and it sounds like it is starting up ok. After about 3 seconds the led second from the right turns off, then about a second later the 2nd led shuts off leaving JUST the far left led on. When the 4 led's first light up the fans sound like they are going full blast then as the lights go out the fans sound like they are going at half speed or something. I've tried with the 1 stick of memory in all of the slots. I've tried with the pci-e card in both pci-e slots. This new build I have a new pci-e card, new cpu, and new mobo. I'm not sure what is the issue but I think I may need to just RMA the mobo. Any thoughts before I do that? Right now I'm thinking about reseating the CPU, swapping new RAM (which I dont have ) or RMA'ing the mobo - but what if the CPU is having issues and not the mobo? grrr... any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Huh, interesting in America we spell it noob.
  5. http://www.frozencpu.com/psu-163.html Anyone know about this PSU - it looks like it has enough power on the 12v rails, and i really like the modular connections and how I can get rid of the extra power cables. I have never heard of this brand -- do I dare try them? My biggest worry is its compatability with the Ultra-D and its reliability in the long run. If anyone has experience with this PSU please post. tks. P.S. I DID notice it is on the list of PSU's on the "official PSU list"... that is one good sign, maybe its just that I dont know of them yet...
  6. Yeah I bought this about 2 years ago when there wasnt the newer creative sound cards - they are coming down in price for the audigy series. From what I've read I'd wait and upgrade to the newer sound cards xfi or something like that. They are supposed to be a big jump from the Audigy 2 and use less CPU...
  7. My sound card is ok - the sound is good but for the money I wouldnt say it is always worth it. I have some shure E3c ear canals that I use most of the time when gaming - sound is quite nice! I bought mine on a killer deal for like $85 or so. I mainly wanted it for the mic and audio ports on the front deck. Dont know bout the scythe - I bought it for this upgrade and havent been able to get my machine to post. From what I've read it seems my power supply i have now is a POS and too weak to handle things. Hopefully after a new PSU is avail I'll know how well it works.
  8. PSU : Hyper Type-R 580W Wow reading up on this PSU it looks too sweet and seems to run quite well. Cool! have to post how it works for you
  9. Oh hey you've got my vid card and mobo - how has the OCZ worked for you? How would you rate the noise? -oh wait, is that your future rig or is that what you have now and havent updated your sig? tks
  10. Basically my mobo isnt working so I'm upgrading my PSU. I want a PSU that will take the PSU out of the troubleshooting equation - something that is proven to run and is definately sufficient and compatible enough to power my machine. Budget: Would like around $100 but will go as high as $140 Wants - (in order of importance) 1. Meets the requirements for my DFI Ultra-D with 7800GT and a few other periphs. 2. Stability of power output (Minimize the artifacts, reboots, crashes, etc...) 3. Longevity (something proven to work for a long time or have a great warranty) 4. Quiet (I'm not too picky on this, just dont want something really loud.) I have looked over the PSUs recommended in the thread here and I have read reviews at newegg and other places. Still kinda up in the air about which one I will end up getting. Few quick questions: 1)do I need to look for a PSU that is over 15A on the 12V rails? I heard that 18A+ is preferred (although will run on 15A+) for 7800 cards. 2)anyone have this fortron running an Ultra-D and 7800GT? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104934 What are your thoughts on if this would meet requirement #1 above? Thanks! Nehalem
  11. Could you specify which LED(s) you are referring to? Is it just one of the red LED's in the bottom left of the board and then you have all the yellow ones lit as well or what do you mean when you say "Standby LED lighting up"? Thanks.
  12. No if all 4 of the red led's are stuck on then it isnt working correctly. If I'm not mistaken - take a look at this: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...705&postcount=4 so what you're looking for is - 0 LEDs on = System has booted to the Operating System. -or- As long as you are in the BIOS including running memtest from the BIOS option, there will be one LED on.
  13. I would say if you've tried the card in 2 different systems, with 2 different monitors, with different adaptors, and tried both ports, you've made sure the power is sufficiently provided to the card - I would make one last attempt, if the card has good tech support call them and see if they have any other ideas. Then RMA it if they cant help you. You should easily be able to use an analog monitor with an adaptor on the DVI port. I've done it plenty...
  14. One more thing to consider - your budget. I wanted to spend around $600 for my upgrade on my computer. I bought an Ultra-D and it is going to end up costing me another $450 in upgrades to get it to work. (RAM and PSU upgrades I hadnt planned on doing but I think I'm going to have to in order to get my mobo to work) Basically like people have been saying - it is very picky about RAM and about the PSU and other components. If you have all quality parts or can afford everything high grade then you'll probably love this board. If you are looking for a value/performance board then you might want to look at another board. I just bought this board 2 weeks ago and am still upgrading to get it to work. my $.02
  15. SO you get a post? Does windows start up? (do you have speakers where you can hear windows startup sounds?) If no to both those questions - what led's are lit up on the bottom left of the mobo - beneath the lowest PCI slot? Those are your diagnostic LEDs.
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