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  1. I have no experience overclocking, and my new mobo happened to come with AI Booster. I tried to use it to overclock to one of the default settings, 110%, and everything worked fine. However, when I tried to turn it down to 108% it just seemed to freeze my PC. I waited for about 7 minutes and it was still frozen so I went and did a manual reboot. Anyone know what is wrong with this? Also, if anyone can give me any tips (specifically what temperature is good?) for using this AI booster, or if you know where I can find a manual that would be great. I could not find any manuals with my mobo.
  2. yeah, when i said money wasn't an option i meant when deciding between those 2 cards i mentioned...
  3. the only game i really play is World of Warcraft and that is the only game i plan on playing for a long time. i'm trying to decide whether to get the 9800xt or the 6600gt (upgrade from geforce fx5600 128mb). the 6600gt is newer so i assume it would be a bit faster, however the 9800xt is 256mb whereas the 6600gt is 128mb. i'm not sure, however, how much that extra 128mb will make a differnece in WoW specifically. also, money isn't really an option...
  4. i just started learning python and i have a question. i've gone through some of the Dive Into Python book and I also went out and bought the Python in a Nutshell. i tried to open a file for reading and in the nutshell book it says the syntax is (btw all of this is on windows): open(filename, mode='r', bufsize=-1) however, earlier in this chapter whenever it says something like that for the syntax i had to import os and use os.somefunctionhere(). When i tried to call: f = os.open("C:\\foobar.txt") it tells me that the function requires two arguments. when i call: f = open("C:\\foobar.txt") it works fine...how do i know if i need the os. or not? thanks in advance
  5. i used to have my 15" LCD and my tv hooked up to my pc and extended my desktop to the tv so i could watch stuff on the tv instead of the monitor. recently i picked up a new 19" LCD and i wanted to hook up both monitors and the tv if possible. my old setup was i hooked up my monitor via VGA and the tv via S-Video. Now i have my new montior via DVI and my tv via S-Video. I tried leaving my old monitor hooked up via VGA, but when i rebooted te computer only one of the monitors and the tv worked. how can i get all 3 hooked up?
  6. i was running 2 monitors (one as an extension of the other), but today i just got a new monitor (Hyundai Imagequest L90D+ ) and now I want to try to hook up 3 monitors (actually one of them is my tv and i figured i'd put my ex-monitor to good use). my main monitor is hooked up via dvi port, my tv via s-video port....how can i hook up my 2nd monitor up to my pc to be able to use all 3? i tried hooking it up to the vga port, but when i booted my computer only 2 of the 3 worked...
  7. i'm currently playing world of warcraft, but i'm getting sick and tired of the server issues (crashing/lagging constantly, login server issues, etc). how are the server issues in everquest 2? if i find that eq2 doesn't have nearly as many server issues i might switch games.....
  8. is that a UK only model? i can't seem to find it anywhere except UK sites. is there a US model number you know of?
  9. during winter break i was playing World of Warcraft at my house where I use a big ol' 18 inch CRT and the graphics and everything was very clear (due to the higher resolution, or so i think). However, back here at school I don't have as much desk space so I use my old 15 inch LCD which only goes up to 1024x768. The game does not look nearly as crisp/clear on my LCD. I'm looking to get a 19 inch LCD, but I don't want to spend a lot of money really. I'm looking to spend $400 or less. I know that sounds a little frugal since monitors of that size can go up to like $700+, but I know if I spend all that money now, in a year or two I'll want something bigger and I just don't want to spend so much money every other year. Any suggestions for a monitor like this that is good for games?
  10. i'm making a program in C that reads from a text file then goes through it seeing how many times a string appears in the file. i was going to use fseek to go through the file comparing the strings, but i was not able to figure out how to get fseek to stop once it reached the end of the file.... sooo i decided i would copy the whole file into one string (one character at a time using fgetc) and then find the length of that string and then i would know when to stop fseek. however, when i try to find the new-line character it just goes into an infinite loop: while(flag){ c = (char)fgetc(file_ptr); str = &c; if(strcmp("\0", str) != 0) j++; else flag = 0; } i also tried replacing "\0" with "\n" because i noticed that when i printed out c the last one gave me a new line. however, both cases just give me infinite loops after this section of code...any suggestions?
  11. from what i've read in the z680's thread, the 5500's are for people who want heavier bass, but are ok with sacrificing clarity. supposedly the 680's are more clear and the bass is still high quality. i know i'm going with the 680's, i just purchased them today on tigerdirect.com for $200 edit: oh, and i just remembered 2 of the really big reasons why i went with the 680's (as if you needed anymore since they are cheaper & supposedly have clearer sound)...the 680's have traditional speaker wire while the 5500's do not. basically if you get 5500's and the wire to the speaker gets messed up, you have to repair the whole speaker instead of just getting new wire. also, with standard speaker wire you can go out and upgrade the wire to make the sound even clearer... secondly, i dunno how important this is for everyone, but i think the 5500's have a plastic stand and the 680's stands are metal. if you are just going to place them on a desk that isn't such a big deal, but i plan on hanging them up on my wall. there's always a bunch of drunk people stumbling around my apartment so i'm afraid of them stumbling into my speaker and breaking the stand...
  12. hrmm...that's good to know. i do like bass a lot, but it is also important that i get a clear overall sound...the z680's do have nice bass tho right? (nice meaning, clear at low volume and when i crank it up as well)
  13. can anyone tell me what the difference is between the 5500 and the 680? also, what is the difference between the 680 and the 5300 (i know about the wattage difference, just not anything else)? i know compusa has the 5300 on sale for $100 but I can afford both the 5500 and the 680 so I just wanna make sure I get the right speakers... i'm using a sound blaster audigy 2 zs platinum pro sound card. i'm mainly looking for something good for music, movies, and xbox gaming
  14. bringing this back from the dead...this time thing is getting ridiculous...i checked and they are correct, but still can't synch..any ideas?
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