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  1. Uplink

    Ddr - Ddr2

    witch beta drivers i have the 8-26-06 rev a drivers from the dfi main site.
  2. Heya guys I have Two questions. 1) Is it possible to use DDR400 on a DDR2 board such as the NF590 AM2 setups or not. 2) I currently have the latest BIOS for the Lanparty NF590 SLi-M2R/G and with me Logitech G15 im not able to move around in the bios at all it almost like freezes up how would i fix that Thanks in advanced ~Uplink
  3. Uplink

    Thermaltake Armor

    same here wd-40
  4. As the title states i have both of them witch one should i use im trading a freind he dont mind the noice of the tornado i kinda do but will the Zalman cool just as good or better
  5. Uplink

    Thermaltake Armor

    show some pics !
  6. Uplink

    Thermaltake Armor

    Yo OutlawFX, Sweet Job on the Casters Did they just replace the stock feet? if so how hard where they to take off.
  7. Uplink

    Volt Mod 7900 gtx

    See Sig. Ive done this without Water or Volt mods same stock cooler and really i cant justify blow the warentee on a brand new card month old
  8. Uplink

    Xf-i Bay Drive

    Hey guys im looking to see if anyone has an Xf-i Bay and remote they arnt using i need one to put on my Xtreme Music so i can plug my PS2 and Xbox to my 7.1 if anyone has one they are not using plz msg me here.
  9. Uplink

    The please explain your HANDLE thread.

    Satalite Conection repairman and network security tester...uplink. Kinda stuck to me.
  10. Uplink

    Thermaltake Armor

    You have any pics of the caster wheels or the instalation OutlawFX .
  11. Uplink

    Thermaltake Armor

    yea thier was no real way to fit it in and i didnt really wanna push my luck trying to force it in so yea....To the guy that cut the holes behind the mobo try what tool did you use and also how long is your IDE cables i might try that myself. Anone else thinking about putting caster wheels o this monster almost gave me a hernia its so heavy.
  12. Uplink

    Overclocking a 7900GTX 512

    I just got mine and i havent even uped the PCI-e and you can prolly see in my sig what im running at now.
  13. Uplink

    Thermaltake Armor

    Heh well I had to do my first mod to fit my new 7900gtx I had to pull that purple and green PCI holders out it wouldent fit any other ways.