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  1. I replaced the stock chipset cooler, AL Passive, with my old copper chipset cooler, from my DFI, and moved the Aluminum stock ASUS cooler to the second chipset on the ASUS board (all using AS5). The CPU idles at 38C on this first boot. I will see if that is consistent after my next few boots.
  2. Temps are improved (ocassionaly). Some boots it idles 40 and other boots idle at 46 Dont know what this is about, but not concerned because I am still well within a reasonable temperature range regardless.
  3. As said before its a cycle. If AMD plays AM3 right, they go on top. If AMD doesn't get AM3 going , then they wait for the next big release. Intel won this time because they played C2D well; AMD got the lead before because they played 939 well... AM3, C4Q(maybe?)......
  4. ASUS's program agrees w/ ITE and SpeedFan however ASUS doesnt mointor chipset I must have put too much AS5 on the chip (I tried spreading over the entire IHS). I have some left I might try reapplying more conservatively.
  5. According to SpeedFan and ITE Smart Guardian, my chipset is identified as running at 127 C. Is this a glitch or are VIA chipsets supposed to boil water. The chipset is running on the stock Aluminum passive cooling. My CPU also runs extremely hot during game play (78C) and idles around 43C.I just applied AS5 and I don't know if this is part of that "break in period". Wondering what, if anything, I need to do. ps. My pc seems 100% stable at the moment
  6. When I restarted my PC today it stopped with one red diagnostic led and a long beep. I have tried a standard CMOS clear and a full clear(30mins) and am trying an 8 hour clear tonight. It seems that CMOS clears have always solved my problems but Ill ask for help now because this error is new to me.
  7. I prefer the new street over the old one. It is better now that its not just about one brand. Now there will be expanded research across brands and new PC builders and other will have better less biased info. Good job on getting the site back up and reworked!
  8. is there any thing else that could be wrong? Ill try a new HD but I need to know what the alarm means. Before I plug in the new one.
  9. Im pretty sure Ive pinpointed the prob to the hard drive. I let it run a while longer and got a boot failure message
  10. no power geting to MB. No lights at all
  11. Today I woke up to the sound of an alarm coming from my computer. I tried to shake the mouse but everything was frozen. Then I tried to turn of the computer. That didn't work. Then I pressed the reset which worked. However it froze again at the LanParty image, then it moved on and froze after it had backed up the CMOS. So next I turned it off and then the power supply, I left it off for a few secs. When I tried to turn it on nothing. No LED no beep nothing. I checked the cable in the back. Tried to push it further into the connection on the PS. I wiggled it a little and heard a very faint electical sound like buzz. What now?
  12. Have you run memtest yet. Try different RAM/Slot combinations
  13. When applying AS5 to the IHS, how should a cover it? Just a drop in the middle and let the heatsink spread it, or should I cover the entire thing?
  14. Missed your last comment. Try flashing it to the nearest BIOS
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