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  1. Maybe it fixed your issues, but I did this a while ago (10h clear cmos) exactly like explained and it had not solved anything.
  2. Try another CPU... Guys... you gonna love that one... I had to give back the X2 3800+ which was perfectly working to my friend. The shop gave me a brand new one instead of my defective one and guess what... I plug it in the DFI, no boot. I plug it in the Asus, no boot. Single channel, dual channel, Seasonic PSU, Tagan PSU, it won't boot. Oh and yes, my memory is still working just fine in my Intel rig (the one I'm posting from right now). What are the odds that out of 3 X2 3800+, the 2 defective ones are for me... but even more than that, what are the odds of getting 2 defective X2 3800+ in a row ! Now... what am I gonna tell the shop who kindly gave me a brand new one before AMD gave them the replacement for the defective one... I guess I will have to bring everything to them so that they can test and finally give me something that works... This is all really crazy... I bought everything on the 17th of December 2005. We are the 27th of January 2006, and I still can't get anything related to AMD to work. Next time, I'll think twice before going from Intel to AMD !
  3. Agreed with lowboy, you will get more attention. But, if your problems are the same as mine, go to the shop with your PC and ask them to try a new CPU !
  4. Whatever RAM I use, I get 2*Prime95 errors right away with the DFI, with everything at stock speed. I got none after 1h of 2*Prime95 on the Asus A8N32, with the X2 at 2400Mhz.
  5. I plugged all my system on the Asus A8N32, no Prime95 issues... looks like both my CPU and my mainboard are faulty after all...
  6. Same bad results with the old BIOS, although now I can boot with my G.Skill, but I still have the same instability (errors in 30s in 2*Prime95) as with the A-Data.
  7. kakashi, memory is in the orange slots, and configured at 2T. I even tried the X2 at 1800Mhz in dual channel, still errors in 2*Prime95 after 30s. Steve, AMD should give me a new one, I will go to the shop this evening. The clear CMOS worked fine and set all the settings back to default. I also tried it with the BIOS set to everything at default, same issues. I'll try the old bios tonight (the one that worked in dual channel at 2600Mhz) and see what happens. If it does not fix the problem, I'll try it with the Asus A8N32 instead of the DFI...
  8. It seems to be stable in single channel with the A-Data though...
  9. Looks like my problems are not over yet... With everything at stock speed, 2*Prime95 gives an error after 30s... I tried a clear cmos to be sure that I did not have a bad BIOS setting, but it does not change anything... This is with my A-Data. This rig is really funny... I could boot Windows fine with my G.Skill, now it won't boot XP, no matter what settings I use, it reboots after 10-30s !
  10. I tried *my* X2 3800+ in the "Asus rig" in dual channel, it does not boot ! As soon as I put the new X2 3800+, it works. So... I tried the new X2 in my "DFI rig", it works Tada... it's the CPU ! I don't understand why the 1st time I tested it, it did not worked (maybe then it was BIOS settings issues). I am posting from my "DFI rig" in dual channel, believe it or not ! PS: one thing odd though, on the "Asus rig", the PC does not even boot in single channel with my defective X2...
  11. Here is what I have: - new X2 3800+ (the one I tested on my rig before which did not change anything) - the Asus A8N32 - my 2Go of G.Skill - a standard PCI-E video card I booted that in dual channel, it works. Next step is... I switch my parts with these parts one by one, and I should be able to figure out where the problem lies !
  12. Why would it make a difference ? It did not work before I flashed it to the latest... You are right Steve... but before going back to the shop, I want to try some combinations between the 2 sets of memory, the 2 CPUs, and the 2 mobos I have atm.
  13. I've got the second X2 3800+ back. So... I now have 2 CPUs, 2 different sets of memory, and 2 different mobos to test some combinations in order to try to identify the problem... of course, I'll keep you guys posted !
  14. Then I want a new BIOS that I can use in dual channel ! Just kidding guys
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