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  1. lol.. yeah that couldve been interesting, cheers for that one!!! I was just curious about the date, cos it through me a little... but I suppose its 704 (7th April or 4th July maybe?) Anyway, as you pointed out, if it works.. so what!!! Time for some more tweakin and thanks for your help!!!
  2. Firstly I must state I am over the moon at having recently tried several bioses on tmods disk, finding that the 704 has allowed me to reach what Ive been trying desperately to achieve for the last week... a stable 311x9 overclock with my new Opty165, with 256mhz ram (5/6 divider). Ive not been able to get this at all!!!! I do have a few quesitons... 1) Im new to these custom bioses and wondered if they are just bioses that have had some of their settings pre-tweaked (ram timings etc...), in other words, could I achieve the same results mirroring the settings on a genuine bios?? 2) he info of the 704 bios appears to be (Everest): Award BIOS Message (ocztest) EVALUATION ROM -BIGTOE TWEAKED System BIOS Date 11/18/05 Now this date is even before the bios I had on my board when I got it new, and I was aware of some issues with earlier bioses that could damage some boards/cpu's - whilst I accept the use and risks of modded bioses, genuine updates can fix some issues - why does this bios seem so old?? Is there a modded 04/06/06 (latest dfi bios), or newer modded bios?? Ive also foung it quite hard finding more info on the bios, despite ploughing through the rather large post!!! Having said that, it still the first time in a week, since getting my new chip, that my rig is stable at 2.8ghz...!!!:drool: EDIT: Lol, Ive just found the 0406 modded bios, and Im sure I tried this without success, so I then tries the 704!!! Found out about this, but cant find download or more info on it... OCZ Tony's NF4 623-2bta
  3. Ok thanks.. Im sure Ill hit the right combination, its just a bit frustrating!!! One thing about the ram, and dividers.... as I increase the FSB, and use a divider, so potentially the ram could be slower than 1:1.. is there a need to up the voltage...??? I thought upping the volts to the ram would be used when you are trying to push for more speed from them...
  4. Dont get me wrong, Im chuffed to be able to get 2.7, but thats as far as I can seem to take it... I was hoping for 2.8, purely because my previous chip was a 146 @ 2.8ghz...!!! 165 CCBBE 0615EPMW Hitting 2.7 was quite easy really and can be done from stock on everything, apart from a slight rise in ddr volts... now Ive done what I think is right, by dropping off the memory divider to 100 and loosening timings to 3-4-4-8 and my pc will hit about 2.88 (320x9) on 1.35/1.375v... but when I try to improve the memory, to say 166, I usually get a BSOD - is this an indicaiton that the weak point is the mem...?? I would be a bit gutted about this, as I did a bit of research before I got my ram almost a year ago, and it seemed to have good reviews.... The brunt of it is, Ive tried upping the vcore to 1.425v and the ram to 2.8v but then cannot even post properly... I seem to now be on a mission to get a stable 2.8v even though the increase form 2.7 will not be noticeable, now I know I cant get it, I want it even morre!!!! Maybe my thinking is wrong, but as | can hit 2.7 on stock, I would have expected to be hitting 2.9 by pushing more volts and making a few adjustments.. or am I still searching for the right setting??? Any advice...???
  5. In preparaiton for my Opty165 install over the weekend, I decided to update the bios to the latest... and am now struggling to maintain the oc I had ben stable with since first build 8 months ago!!! Now, I never used the savede CMOS bank for this oc, as I had read not to use any old saved banks after the bios update, so I manually went through and put all of the settings back to what they were... but the pc just freezes during the first gaming sequence of 3dmark06... I have just run through the benchmark with defualt bios settings (stock), which is working fine, so it must be the oc on the new bios.... Maybe I should have followed the old rule of "if it aint broke, dont fix it", but as im doing a rebuild with a new cpu, I thought I would do the bios update first... Any advice....??? If I cant get it stable, could I just rollback the bios which I did actually back up first!!!!
  6. Ive been using the firewall for months without any probs.. I had probs with the early drivers from the CD and DFI website, corrupt downloads etc... but if you get them from Nvidia site they work great.. no probs for months now.. and Im a heavy user
  7. DITTO... such a bodge fix by DFI... if its something they cant fix, wish they would just admit it and put us all out of our misery!!! Otherwise we just end up waiting for bios releases all the time!!!! Ive a heftyish overclock on my system, for air, and the only thing that reassures me is my rather noisy YS-Tech 120 which pushes 125cfm over an XP120 heatsink!! Cant really risk a lower, quieter fan until I can accurately measure the temps. Talk of using a probe, also seems somewhat pointless, as even that will not provide a comparable temp... the bottom line is that we need to know how much the current temps are off by!!! Come on DFI.. sort it out!!!!!
  8. strange that it works for some and not for others.. in fact.. I seem to be the only perospn who does not have any problems with it!!!!
  9. Hmmm... I had similar prob, setup freezing.. and was due to having the memory in the wrong slots... No probs with my raptor and drivers, but it would just hang on the blue screen at the start of setup.... If your memory happens to be in the yellow slots.. then I suggest you try the orange.. as soon as I swapped to them, setup went ahead fine!!! There is a lot of info on which slots to use, but generally with dual channel, I believe the orange are the ones to use... this cured my problem straight away!!
  10. Works fine... Ive been running it with no probs for a couple of months now... dont use the one from dfi site, or mbo cd.. get the latest from nvidia.. I wouldnt use anything else... Build Version: 4.88 Description: ActiveArmor Path: D:WINDOWSsystem32driversnvtcp.sys Component Version: 5.20 Description: Networking driver Path: D:WINDOWSsystem32drivers Component Version: 4.82 Description: Network Access Manager Path: D:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationNetworkAccessManager Component Version: 4.88
  11. Ive been using nvidia firewall for a few months now... think its great... corrupt downloads only with early release, not latest..... wouldnt change back!!! Build Version: 4.88 Description: ActiveArmor Path: D:WINDOWSsystem32driversnvtcp.sys Component Version: 5.20 Description: Networking driver Path: D:WINDOWSsystem32drivers Component Version: 4.82 Description: Network Access Manager Path: D:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationNetworkAccessManager Component Version: 4.88
  12. But of a weird one, I can only think its a driver issue...??? Had an NEC 20WGX2 for a few weeks now, and finally got around to using the DVI cable today. COnnected it up, booted into windows.. and then BSOD. It seems to be the place when widows is detecting the graphics...?? As with the vga cable, the screen used to flicker slightly just after the desktop loads, similarly when you run catalyst control centre... however, with the DVI cable, it just BS's... I can only assume it is driver related...??? Anyone any ideas???
  13. What a bodge by DFI (Dumb F'g Idiots)... if we wanted to calibrate an offset, most software based probes are capable of such things!!! How can you use a probe, unless you can take a reading from the centre of the core, with the HS on, otherwise that too is going to be a reading that is way off the mark - without anyway of corelating it to the actual temp??? I cant believe I (we) have waitd over 3 months for this bodge!!!
  14. Hardware firewall works great for me... and I noticed a big increase in the time pages load, compared to the software based fw I had been using. Been using it for couple of months now without any issues whatsoever... Also, think my 8mb connection is probably fast enough!!!
  15. Funny.. cos Im not using raid, only have 1 sata drive, and I cant install windows unless I install the drivers druing F6 stage.. it doesnt find my drive otherwise... Im using the nvidia sata connectors. Should be under SCSI/Raid controller
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