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  1. Most pumps used in watercooling set-ups are aquarium pumps. Like Iwaki, hydor and eheim, I wouldn't go for a hydor, although they are cheap they break easily. It's important that all of the components in your set-up are either copper or aluminium, if you mix these the aluminium will corode easily. The Iwaki or dangerdan pump is nice if you need high flow, otherwise I would go for a eheim or laing. Alphacool has some nice pumps too which are build in a reservoir, those seem quite good, but are not that powerful.
  2. OK, thanks guys I got it working now.
  3. OK, so I got 2 Western digital WD2500YS harddrives, do I need to put the jumper in place to make sure it only uses SATA 1,5? and it says if I want to enable SSC I need to place another jumper too, should I do this?
  4. I would go for the laing or if you have a space in your pc try to get a 2nd hand iwaki md pump those perform very well but are quite expensive. Asetek has quite cheap watercooling set-ups, but blocks from Danger dan are better.
  5. I want to buy a couple of sata harddisks and run them in raid-0 but I read that many people have problems with their sata harddisks in this forum, I wonder which harddisks will run best in my system? And will newer harddisks run better than older ones although the nf2 motherboard doesn't support sata2 functions?
  6. You'll need a 4Mbit biossaviour/bioschip, it probably corrupted after restarting when windows crashed.
  7. This sounds like a corrupted bios, if you plug in a diskdrive, does it read? If it does you might be able to blindflash your bios.
  8. Ah I found it, thanks I'll try that later.
  9. Nope it doesn't come out of the speakers, not out of the onboard speaker and not out of the graphic card speaker. It's definetely the mobo though.
  10. Have you tried running it (outside the case) with only the cpu, ram and graphics card in it, and a ps2 keyboard connected?
  11. Did you try to reset the bios? If yes and it still doesn't work, try to reset it for a couple of hours with the batery and plugs out of the mobo. Also, did you read other topics? there are a lot of people who had the same problem.
  12. I don't have a NB fan, it is watercooled, and I have no idea why it would squick when I scroll.
  13. Whenever I scroll or when a moving object is over the screen I can hear squicky sounds coming from my MB, is this common. I had this slightly with my old kt400 mobo but that only came out of the speakers, here it comes out of the pc, would this be the NB? Since my pc doesn't have any loud fans, the sounds is starting to annoy me, is there something I can do about it?
  14. Yeah sorry I just did a search and found out, oh well it was obvious someone else would have done it first, oh well I am planning to do something more crazy, I have a transparant case and just hate all the wires so I am planning to solder a 24-pin female connector to the rear of the mobo using the 24->20 pin converter, to connect the atx2.0 power cable on the back of the mobo. That would keep that ugly fat cable out of sight. :shake:
  15. Does everyone think the clear cmos jumper is placed very annoying, well it is in my case, placed between the first pci slot and the southbridge. argh, my fingers are too big to pull it out and change it's position, so for all the people who agree with me, I've found a new method, I used the 3-pin connector of an old fan and soldered it to a 3-pin switch which is used to switch a fan on/off, one like on the bios savior by the way. You solder the red wire on the middle pin of the switch and the yellow and black on the outer pins, than you pull of the jumper and carefully put the fan connector over the three pins, and tada, you can clear the cmos with a switch. How user-friendly, I wonder why DFI didn't think of that earlier.
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