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  1. Mon amis, Bon chance, I have a spare chipset fan from a DFI NF4 expert but I guess they are the same (la meme?) I will leave it at la Mouillage, St Vaast la Hougue, Normandie at the end of the month OR I could post it! a bientot.
  2. Dont they just love the PSU theme. Mines not reccomended either. It has worked for years! My no 2 rig just built with the Expert M/B worked for a while then same issue, one stick in the first slot it was fine put a second in and dodo. Nearly got a new PSU, got a new M/B instead, used same PSU as before problem and stuck both sticks in. Not good. Put the PC 4000 sticks in and set timings for them and BINGO. Put the suspect PC4800 in sig board (its the same..Ultra-d) they are happy in there, but did not like either tight timings or the default Bios settings. Look at db for timings for your new RAM. Otherwise maybe new M/Board, put mine in today and hey on line now!! Good luck.
  3. No Its a new CPU. I bought a second hand Ultra-D put this in and chucked the Expert! Had a couple of BSoD so took the ram out of my machine (on the sig) and stuck them in the new Mobo and its been fine all afternoon! Whats more the other one with the G.Skill PC4800 has been ok too!! M/S did my windows registry as well. So all is well so he can let me have my machine back!. I have an old case with a NF4 SLi-D, so will have a play at leisure. Thanks for your help.
  4. Tried puting the other stick back in and the machine would not boot to windows. Removed the stick that was solo and put the other in its place. Same result would not boot windows after 4 tries it did get the windows desktop then crashed. Swapped sticks and here I am on the very machine. Yet with two sticks memtest is fine. I am totally lost.
  5. Total disaster today. Could not get the dammed thing to boot at all. Eventually took out one stick and here I am. It would not boot with everything on auto, set the ram timings and increased the cpu from 200 x10 to 250 x10 and it booted. Windows however now reports my machine has changed so much I have 3 days to re register XP. Its the same machine! No hardware changes other than graphics! This is a sick beast. At least I am back on the internet. How's about the BFG 800 watt PSU? I can pick one up locally.
  6. Yes, I did borrow a Tagan it was DOA. I have another 600w psu I can try. Also I have a NSI 7800 gs which should reduce the power load. Also ocz gold edition Rev2 2 x 512 and a dfi NF4 SLi that I can interchange with. I ran 3dmark01se it did not crash. Ran Prime 95. a second time and it ran for 4 hours before crashing with a device driver error this time. I will change the graphics card and try again. Thanks again for your help.
  7. Hi, Yes the 24 pin power and the six pin above together with the small power above the PCI-Ex slot connected. Prime 95 ran for 5 mins then posted Kernal_data_inpage error 0x0000007A (0xE144D6A8, 0xC000000E, 0xBF8CCCDD,0x078E3860) *** Win 32K sys - address BF8CCCDD at BF800000, datestamp 411107F7A. Had a problem downloading the 3dmark. Will try again. Also have 1 gb stock PC3200 might try that in the top Orange slot.
  8. Hi thanks for your thoughts. No I did not set the firewall I may have set the ide drivers though. I will do your bios settings and run the two tests. Be back...thanks again.
  9. Hi, Built following for my son. N4 Expert, Opty 170, 2x 512 G.Skill PC4800, BFG 8800GS, 700w Jantech PSU 2x W Digital 250m sata drives, Sony DVD. Posts ok but then was getting BSoD when trying to instal X/P. Removed one H/D and got x/p installed. Browsing and light use ok. As soon as he plays a game pop BSoD. Each time the stop code differs. Ran Mamtest95+ overnight thats fine. Loaded new drivers for chipset, graphics, updated bios. Reinstalled CoD after minute and a half BSoD. Re ran and got error that 163 sound files were corrupted. Sound s like HD I thought, so bought 150 raptor reinstalled everything. No change. Any ideas would be appreciated. Some errors suggest Antivirus s/w even with Kapersky switched off the same happens. System on my sig is fine! Also running Kapersky. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  10. Many thanks for that. I confess I thought you added drivers after installing the operating system. I am up and running. With nothing to lose I switched the auto settings on my ram off and used the settings in their bumph, borrowed a M/S Pro CD from next door (Bought a week ago, mine is a couple of years old) entered my key pulled the 7800 out of my box and plugged it into this one and here we are. Whats more the 8800 is working in my box so guess I should amend the sig. Cheers!
  11. I seem to be getting through the Bios now and picking up the CD as a boot device and have formatted both drives they have formated 137GB with 107GB unformatted. I willl need X/P service pack to sort this. However got to 70% of file transfer and get the blue abort screen regarding hardware Stop: 0X000000D1. This has happened 4 times at this point. Feeling it could be the BFG 8800 GTS is there anywhere that gives the info on the Stop code?
  12. Thanks chaps, yes I have an Opty 146 I can try and the PSU is a Arctic 700W. I have moved the Dimms back into the Orange and managed to get it to boot twice now. Will try for a X/P instal. You will see sig change to the Opty 170 on this box from the 146, left bios the same both 10x multipliers running at 250 and that is as happy as Larry! So thought build same for son.....you know the rest. Off to fiddle. Thanks again.
  13. Hi Just built a new box using the NF4 SLi expert board, an opty 170, G Skill PC4800 in the yellow slots (got 3 red LED's in Orange) 2X western D 250's in sata 1&2. Not yet installed X/P pro. Switch on and I get one LED and the blue splash screen with Lanparty etc and hangs. Cleared the cmos tried again all LEDs off Bios choice comes up enter bios tab about set CD as first boot and insert x/p CD and re boot. Splash screen only. Reset Cmos boots up enter bios options etc. Every time I switch off next switch on seems to have a corrupted bios and I cant get past the splash screen. This is a second hand board from Ebay! Any thoughts?
  14. Yes thanks, I have downloaded the necessary from DFI. I guess at 8:00 am this morning not all cylinders were firing and it looked far more complex than it turned out to be! Cheers.
  15. Hi I have just picked up a second hand Expert board for a new rig I am building. Everything is there except the driver cd. Is there anywhere to get a copy or can I use the ultra d one from this pc or do I pull all the bits from DFI support (this looked a bit bitty!) Cheers.
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