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  1. hello everyone, i'm in need of a 7800gtx oc 512mb video card. my old one finally went bad on me. please let me know if aanyone can help me. thank you.
  2. i'm looking for a cheap nvidia based pci-x video card. would like 512mb if possible but will settle for less.
  3. Hello Everyone And Merry X-mas. I'm Looking To Upgrade My X2 3800 To A X2 4800 So If Anyone Has One For Sale Or Trade Please Let Me Know Ok. I Would Possibly Settle For An X2 4600 If The Price Is Right.
  4. do you still have the x2 4800 available? if so how much are you asking for it?
  5. hello everyone i'm seriously looking for a x2 4800 to trade for. anyone interested please let me know and i'm sure we can make a deal. thank you very much.
  6. i found the x2 3800 i was looking for, thank you guys very much.
  7. hello i ahve an amd64 3200 venice that i would like to trade for an x2 3800 or higher socket 939 chip and i will add money to make up the difference. please let me know if interested.
  8. hello i have a amd64 3200 venice that i want to trade for an x2 3800 or higher and i will through is some money to make up the difference. please let me know if you are interested with the cpu and how much money besides the chip you are wanting. Thank you.
  9. i can only say that i have had no problems running ocz memory on my ultra-d. i have 2 gig of the ocz el ddr pc4000 gold gx xtc and i've been running just fine. i went to the bleedingedge site and got all the info i needed to get stable timings.
  10. i will try cleaning the lens and see if that works.
  11. Hello Everyone, I've Been Frequenting This Website For A While And Now I Finally Need Some Help. I Have The Weirdest Problem I Have Ever Come Up Against. I Recently Changed Over My Sons Pc To A Koolance Case And Everything Went Well Except For The Fact That I Can No Longer Access My Cdrom Drive. Let Me Restate That I Can See The Drive In My Computer And Even Double Click It And It Brings Up A Screen Where The Info From The Cd Should Be But Nothing. Also I Cant Boot From It, But It Recognizes It At Both Bootup And In The Bios. After 20yrs Doing Computers I Cant Figure This One Out. I Have Even Changed Drives To Make Sure The Drive Aint Bad, And Changed The Ide Cables And Still Nothing. I Get A Constant Flickering Powerlight When I Have A Cd In The Drive. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. P.s. This Is Not A Dfi Board, It Is A Msi K58a Board But I Figured You Guys Would Help Me Anyways. Thank You.
  12. how much memory ont hte 7800 gtx?
  13. how much memory does this card have?
  14. I'm Looking For An Amd Socket A Chip 2500 To 3000 For My Son's Pc. Please Let Me Know The Total Including Shipping And If You Accept Paypal. Thank You.
  15. i'm a 38yr old user of dfi and i must say in all fairness i'm glad that this website is here to help people, but with that said i am also a bit shocked at the amount of problems this board has. i have been building my own pc's since the 286's and cant remember a board that i,ve had so many problems with. for the most part i don't believe you should have to buy a dell or gateway to have your pc be at least half way reliable right out of the gate. i've read post after post of people with the best parts available still having problems with this board. maybe at the dfi website they should say something about memory issues with this board. it clearly says pc3200 memory works, but we all know that simply is not the TRUTH with this board. when people like me went to buy parts i just bought pc3200 memory not top of the line memory that is needed to run this board. i dont believe it is false advertising just wrong advertising. Rgone and angry game at the least deserve our respect for being here for us, they didn't make the board, they are here to help. thank you for letting me speak on this and good luck.
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