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  1. um.. a single card for x1900xt requires 28a yes, but for 7800gt it only requires hardly 18a
  2. WHAT? what are you talking about 28a is low?! thats like normal and can run the newest graphics card x1900xt out there.... one hd its a hitachi 80gb sata 2
  3. however, when i said i tested it with prime i also tested it with a beta of atitool, which stresses my video card, so i did keep that in mind. thanks though.
  4. my system hung at what i set it at above, so now i just used straight clean voltage again, its at 1.425 in bios but is displaying in cpu-z at 1.376v but i already rmad it... if it IS the psu, which i think is highly unlikely... what would it need? more cooling do you think its getting to hot and just shutting down?
  5. look above to what i wrote, it wont shut down because i dont think the chipset is being stressed enough.
  6. i can pass 3dmark06 05 03 all of them but i tried this and it didnt shut down, however.. i am thinking its shutting down because of some reason from the chipset, because without overclocking were not stressing the chipset that much, so its load isnt as high, but with everything OCd it puts more stress on the chipset. i will try stock settings again for the next week again though. but what i found most interesting is that my voltage settings when i changed them from 1.425+104% to 1.250+113% its now at 1.34v instead of 1.408v ........... im kind of thinking it might be my voltage setting on my opty, ive once had it at 1.4+104%, but because it crashes i then tried it at 1.425+104% but still crashes. so then i try it just at 1.425 immediately 10 minutes into windows my speakers start making a ringing noise like i pressed invalid keys on a keyboard when it makes that sound. (tried rebooting 5 times same thing happens) so now im going to try 1.250+113% could a possibility is that i could be overvolting it? EDIT: i have crucial ballistix ram
  7. i have been trying to figure this problem out for the past 3 months. no luck i swap ram, not the problem. i RMA my psu, not the problem. i am overclocked to 2.6ghz but it is stable and temps are 31 idle 42c load my chipset however reaches from 46c to 50c when gaming. could this be causing me to shutdown? someone said to me that a cause might be fans being plugged into my chipset? i wouldnt think this because i shutdown every 2 hours into gaming, SOMETIMES yesterday, i was gaming for 7+hours didnt shutdown, today i shutdown 2 hours in.. wtf? :confused: :eek: lol so some help would be appreciated, i did run memtest86+ and passed 4 times, and i ran prime95 + atitool for 8+ hours and no errors video card temps are reaching 65-68c (STOCK CLOCKED)
  8. dont you have to mod it to fit? and do you have your video card in the first slot or second pcie slot?
  9. i dont think its the video card too much... but just to be sure, im making some sort of a duct for it.
  10. back of the motherboard eh? hrmm no i havent tried that lol but thats extremely interesting.. thanks for the idea
  11. dont worry, i have done all of the imaginatible, temps are good, my gpu doesnt go above 65c and cpu doesnt go above 41c chipset is at 45c here is my case, as you can see, extremely good cooling.
  12. i think 8 hours of prime95 + ATItool is stable, atitool was running for maximum heat from the gpu to the cpu as well; so its just not the cpu running, and real world performance in gaming is considered. so like i said its not the cpu lol
  13. well i cant figure what else is causing it then? i mean its not ram because it did the same thing when i installed other ram, its not the psu because i rmad one already, its not the cpu so it must be the chipset no? what else would cause me random shutdowns.. i get no BSOD or anything just while im in the middle of a game it just shuts down..
  14. actually.... FYI the VC-RF has 4 less fins than the VC-RE lol, i have no life. but anyways i was thinking of getting either the Titan or the VC-RE or RF do you think the titan would fit? its 14mm, but i dont know about surface area.
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