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  1. Alright, I have managed to get the memory mhz up, however something confuses me. The BIOS loading screen, does not show the DDR with the FSB addition, it only shows the multiplier. As in, its set to 200 1/1, so loading screen shows DDR400. However, the FSB is set to 280, which is DDR560. Memtest shows it at DDR560, so does CPU-z. Why does the BIOS loading screen only show the multiplier speed? Does it not count the FSB, only the main memory settings? Or is this still a sign something is wrong. As for the DDR560, memtest is showing it stable with stock 3-3-3-8 1T timings, at 2.87v. Running this current setting in windows, with CPU @ 10x multi, 1.45v. So OC seems to be going good thus far, but I'm curious about this whole memory thing.
  2. no I switch the settings in BIOS, not in memtest. Also it is not just memtest showing low frequency, even CPU-Z shows it, and I can tell by how slow the pc runs. Im going to try OC'ing with 200, hopefuly it will not do the same thing when it hits 250+ on the memory.
  3. Both modules, no errors, on 200 & 250mhz BIOS setting.. Both modules, 130mhz @ 250mhz BIOS setting. Both modules, 200mhz @ 200mhz BIOS setting. I got a email today from team tech, all he told me was to check my PSU. Not only did I try upping the rails which did nothing. BUT, I tried running the PSU with ONLY the motherboard plugged in. NO power to the Video card(only had 1 inserted), no HDD connected period. Same results, as I told him in reply. That was not of to much help to me. I doubt I need more than 520W SLI + adjustable rails until I add even more to the pile.
  4. I used my older A64 3000+ Venice. It may be pointless, but If the memory wont even run on stock, theres something wrong. I am not going to try and overclock my CPU etc again with this new memory, until I know the memory is working correctly.
  5. I have bought a brand new set of Team group Chronos DDR500 2x1GB Micron series memory. Something is seriously wrong with the DDR settings for both of my motherboards. For my LP SLI-DR Expert, In the orange slots, running the memory at its rated speed through bios config, of 250mhz(ddr500) memtest shows it at 130mhz, so does CPU-Z in windows. Memtest also comes with screens coliding together when i try to switch options, sometimes locking up in those places. I tried the yellow slots, I cannot even post if i set bios to 250mhz. No matter 2T or 1T, nothing. I tried my old pny optima ddr400 2x512 at 250mhz but those wont boot no matter what at 250. As for my older board, ultra-d, there is not even a setting showing for 250mhz in bios. Only 230mhz. Alright, well I tried that, memtest shows it at 200mhz. On both boards, they both have the newest BIOS 04/06/06, these tests were also without any overclocking settings what-so-ever. Why would ultra-d not even show more then 230mhz in bios settings? It shows the same limitation with my old memory. As far as this memory, it is tested to run with DFI boards(specificly listing the SLI-DR Expert). What could be the problem here? Perhaps a specific memory or other board setting I need to try? Perhaps something else?
  6. I didnt put a jumper on the back, I don't know wich to use, because I do not know what the abbreviations on it stand for, for each one. What is spread spectrum anyways, and what does it do? I thought it had something to do with heat control not speed. That does not make any since though, if its rated for 3G/s why would it not even go 100MB/s?
  7. Now I am really confused. I did what you said, driver is installed, its listed as a serial ATA controller, and checked for let bios handle, faded with SATA 2 3GB/s. I ran HD Tach again, it came up with the same 53MB/s on average. WTF????
  8. HD Tach shows my SATA 3GB/s drive running an average 53.0MB/s, my PATA drive tested at 52.7MB/s. So basically it is something, my SATA is running not even 1/2 a MB/s higher then my PATA drive. This is with the storage driver uninstalled.
  9. Every windows install is a fresh one with a new partition here, i dont play games. I tried memtest, i tried prime, i used WD diagnostics, nothing shows a single error. All i get is windows crashing because of this IDE driver i installed. Without it i have no SATA speed. i installed windows with no OC and only the SATA drive, put PATA drives back after install. Did it change the SATA controller problem? Nope. I apologize if i sound rude, but I have delt with this SATA prob since I got this mobo. I am a bit drunk ATM but yet I have been frustrated since day one with this SATA drive. I keep posting for help and I seem to get little response. This Post was on page 5 for almost 2 days. I don't like upsetting people, but some pc problems upset me more then cancer... I just want to solve this minor problem with windows and move on. Please excuse my vocal aditude.
  10. I never install the firewall. I did uninstall the drivers when I updated to newest BIOS as told, but Im still getting crashes, and no SATA controller in windows, so I dont know what is up. Seems I have been getting crashes randomly since I even attempted SW IDE driver install from the beginning. I don't want to reinstall windows again right now, but I really need to figure out wtf is going on, cause its really agravating me..
  11. I ran memtest on my settings for 11 hours, 14 tests 0 errors, 29 hours on prime before i stopped it. but ever since i begain playing with that damn IDE SW driver, windows will not stop crashing randomly even with it uninstalled. Without it, whats the point? SATA drive = IDE udma6, I couldnt be more frustrated..
  12. Have, don't remember speeds but it was much lower without driver.
  13. Uh, yeah that didnt help as I sorta thought it might not, being a windows problem. I updated BIOS as you said, checked BIOS settings, mostly same old same old. Reboot into windows having the IDE driver uninstalled. back to before, SATA drive listed as a IDE udma6.....
  14. If bios needed update why is it that windows is the only thing showing it non sata without the driver?
  15. It shows in BIOS for SATA, and with the IDE driver in windows it shows SATA 2 3.0G but without the IDE driver windows does not recognize it as a SATA. with the driver windows keeps randomly BSOD'n with machine_check_exception EDIT: wth? I read your last post, and then respost but it put mine above yours lol.
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