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  1. Thanks for the help, guys. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick up that Opteron 185, it seems like it is a huge improvement from my 4000+. -k0d0s
  2. So, what is the best processor that this motherboard will support? Will it take ANYTHING that is socket 939? I found a socket 939 AMD FX-60 on eBay... I just want to make sure this motherboard will support it before I buy it. http://cgi.ebay.com/AMD-Athlon-64-FX-60-FX...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. I was looking to upgrade my socket 939 4000+ to an FX-62 Dual Core CPU, should this processor work on an nforce4 Ultra-D motherboard? Thanks, -k0d0s
  4. What exactly do you mean? Should I put everything back to default? I'm still kind of a n00b with memory :/
  5. Alright, FEAR works now, but whenever I try and load BF2 it crashes halfway into the load...wtf :/
  6. Hey guys, I just got some shiny new OCZ EL PC4000 DDR memory (2x1GB) for my UT nf4 Ultra-D setup. I have a 4000+ SD, and I had 1GB of Corsair XMS PC3200 before the upgrade. I seem to be having trouble getting my OCZ memory to work properly. As I write this, I am using it, with an FSB of 245MHz x 11. I am using a 166 DRAM ratio (5:6), so my memory is only running at 192MHz. I really want to use a 1:1 ratio, so I can get my FSB and memory around 245 each. However, my computer will not boot when I choose this ratio! Does anyone have any tips for me, because I would hate to waste this awesome memory (that cost me $250!) Thanks, -k0d0s EDIT: I forgot to mention that, upon upgrading my memory, my F.E.A.R tells me that I have "invalid game assets" every time I try and join a multiplayer game. It will load the map, then gives me this error :/
  7. In my GENIE Bios, there was an option to turn delay boot on/off. I don't know if that would fix your problem, though.
  8. I've seen people report their CPU temperatures, and I've been wondering where you get a program that shows this information! Merry Christmas, -k0d0s
  9. Yeah, it seems to show up. It definitely won't boot, though :
  10. Yeah, it's SP2. I've been looking around, and it seems other people have had the same problem. I'm not finding a solution, though : Also, I got my hard-drive OEM so it didn't come with a driver CD or anything. I'm pretty sure I need to install the RAID drivers (I've read this can solve the problem) but I'm at a loss as to how.
  11. I setup my computer correctly, and then I booted from my Windows XP CD. It began the install up until the point where it restarts the computer. After the Windows setup restarted the computer, it came up with this message: "Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware. Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information." Can anyone help me with this? I don't understand what the problem is :
  12. Thanks, I might skip out on using the IEEE though. There are separate connectors for each individual pin, seems like a whole lot of effort for something I don't really use.
  13. Thanks! I think I have them correctly configured. However, I still have no clue where to put the USB 2.0/Firewire I/O connectors!
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