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  1. you could always look to pick up a cheap althlon xp-m, as that can bring your speed up a few hundred mhz at least, depending on the chip. Plus it runs at less voltage


    also fear and bf2 are showing signs of working better with 2gbs of ram

  2. what ram do you have?


    i guess the question i am looking to ask is what will be a good fsb i should be looking to hit with good ram on the nf2?


    would a lower multi with a higher fsb be better than say, a 12 multi with a lower fsb if the ghz is the same?


    maybe im wrong to think this.. but my thought is this.. im at 2.4 and my processor isnt even touching 30c with my wc. i have booted this chip @ 2.8 but it wasnt stable, i was just booting for kicks.


    im at 12x200 so if i can push my fsb to say 225 or even 230-235 then im going to be looking at like 2.6-2.8 which is where i want to be


    can anyone think of any good 2gb kits with decent timings?


    also a question that im not sure of the answer to;


    what speed of ram should i be shooting for? like pc3200 which overclocks well.. or like pc4000+ and running ast rated speeds?


    im learning, albeit slowly




  3. what are the max voltages on the dfi board?


    i always wanted the lp but couldnt afford it. do you think it makes sense to switch now?


    im trying to prolong the life of my hardware, and then save for an upgrade.


    i dont want to ask too many questions, but i have a few more :(


    how are the tccd chips for the a64s? are the bh-5 chips better? will i be able to find any 2gb kits with good enough timings? seems all the ones i see are like 3-4-4-8 or so


    also what pc speeds on the ram should i be shooting for? are these tccd chips all pc3200?



  4. hi guys

    new to the fourm


    couple quick questions, ill try and refrain from being newb.


    my computer is currently running at 12 x 200 but it dislikes the 12.5 multi and higher.

    ive never played with the multi to up the fsb, but im curious to see how high this proc will overclock.


    can anyone suggest ram in 2 gb dual channel which will be good to use? i was thinking some variety of pc3700 or pc4000, knowing the ram will allow higher speeds than 200. perhaps also some ram which will keep its value when i upgrade to 939.


    will i see a higher overclock on a dfi lan party board compared to my asus?


    from reading these fourms im seeing utt ram bh-5 and bh-6 and so on, which is best for the nf2?


    if you guys could just point to me to a thread that would be class, ive searched to no avail.




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