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  1. Quick question. Just installing Windows on a new build. Set up a RAID array on 2-74GB Raptors and all went well (newb at this). When I boot the computer it wants to boot fron CD no matter what boot priority I set in the advanced bios settings. Is it because I put my DVD/DVD&CD burner on IDE1 instead of 2. I have no hard drives on the IDE channels. It will boot to Windows if I leave the Windows CD in my DVD/CD burner.
  2. The Thermaltake that comes with the Tai-Chi, but I feel it has limited flow rate. It does Okay.
  3. Hi Guy’s. Have had the system in my sig for close to a year now and love the thing. Have had it clocked up to 2700 Mhz stable and think I’m doing pretty well for my first build. Decided to upgrade to an Opteron 185 and a better H20 block. Any advice you can give me on the upgrade would be appreciated. I have searched the forum and can’t find much about the processor, but I hope for some overclocking fun once I get it installed.
  4. Got a spare after replacing mine for a cooler runner. Email me an address and you can have it. I've got a wife also and know your situation.
  5. Thanks all! Thought about the same thing last light just before bed KimTjik! Makes alot of sense!
  6. After running my rig for six months or so I think it is time for an OS reinstall. Been playing around to much installing/uninstalling programs, drivers, etc. I've got a good and stable overclock going. My question is, do I need to jump back to stock settings to reinstall? A noob question, but then this is my first build:eek:
  7. Have had good results with my 3800 X2 and OCZ ram as per my sig. Running at 2550Mhz for four months without a lick of a problem. The DFI forums have been a godsent and made my first build very enjoyable and satisfying. Only problem I ever had was not following the recommended PSU list when I ordered my original parts. Had a no boot situation that was solved with an RMA and reorder. About to upgrade my PSU again to an OCZ 600 watt to get ready for future upgrades. Thanks guys!
  8. I’m a noob when it comes to over clocking, but find it very satisfying to be running my 3800 X 2 at 2550Mhz (28% over clock). Had it running at 2700, but didn’t want to keep it at that 24/7, just to be safe. The difference in everyday computing is quite noticeable and like everyone say’s it is great to pay less for more.
  9. This was my first build (my sig) and I'm having a great time. Bought my wife a Dell XPS last year and my rig puts it in the dirt. No more pre-built for me! My little 2000Mz processor @ 2600 makes it seem like it's standing still.... The XPS that is....
  10. May be power supply problem. Check out this thread - http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854 These boards can be picky when it comes to power supplies and the poop behind the rails.
  11. Is is smart to enable smart in the bios? Never hear it asked and a search of the forums comes up with a 0... :eek2:
  12. Glad to see the 50+ group is alive and growing (50 here). Had a similar experience lurking and reading. My first build only had one hitch.. Wouldn't have had that if I had read more!!
  13. I had the Liberty 620 to start with. Would only post once, then had to reset to get the second post no matter what. Switched to the Entermax 535 and haven't had a prob since. I think the Liberty's are week in the knee's
  14. Switch the R & L front out with the R & L return. Same happened with me.
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