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  1. I'm just running the cat 6.4's off ATI's website.
  2. OK, I think I have figgured out what I did wrong. I never loaded the drivers for the SATA controller Windows was seeing it as a Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller. My burst speeds in HD Tach are now in the 115 to 120 range.
  3. I have skimmed over most of that thread your talking about, I guess my question for the SATA Type, I have 3 choices. 1) IDE Controller 2) Raid Controller 3) Other Mass Storage If I set it to 3, I get the 3112 bios screen and, it detect's my drives, then if I have the 3112 drivers installed it will load into windows. Is this the setting I need to be using to take advantage of the SATA, or is IDE Controller the one I want?
  4. Hi all, So I started messing around with my system this weekend ran some benchmarks on the HDD's. I ran HD Tach and HD Tune the results was less then expected. My burst speed on my Samsung SP1614C SATA drives ranged from 98mbs to 105mbs. I do not have these setup in RAID, I just want to have 2 seprate drives. I then ran it on my older system A64 3200+ on a board that uses the VIA K8T800 Pro/VT8237 chipset using PATA WD120BB ATA-100 drives. The older PATA drives were preforming with in +/- 5% of the SATA? I then took one of the SATA drives and put it in the older system and ran the bencmarks on it, and it jumped up to 130 mbs? I have to ask my self do I have some setting in my bios way out of whack, or is the SATA controller's on this board just that bad? My current setting in the bios is as follows. On Board SATA Controller: SATA 1/2 On Board SATA Type: IDE Controller I have also tried the 3114 in non-raid mode and it was awful very very slow. I don't over clock my system the only tweak per say I have done is setting my memory timings instead of auto by spd. Here are my memory settings. mhz: 200 cpc: Enable cas: 3 trcd: 4 tras: 8 trp: 4 trc: 7 trrd: 2 twr: 2 twtr: 2 tref: 3120 rest is default/auto P.S. I almost forgot S.M.A.R.T. reports the drives as LBA/ATA 133 drives?
  5. Hi all, I'm currently just using the stock AMD HSF unit that came with my x2 4200. It's doing an OK job since the ambient room temperature hovers around 27 celsius. My temps hover around 30 at idle and spike to 38 under load. I have an Antec Sonata II case and everything else is in my sig. Would it help to get a better HFS unit with my room temp so high? I won’t be over clocking the system either. What recommendations can anyone give on a decent HFS to replace the stock one with? My temps on the PMIC and Chipset both run in the low 50’s is this to hot, reason I ask is they are in the red most of the time, unless the system has been idle for a while. My x1800xt runs in the low 60's.
  6. Well, I fixed my problem.... I found a good deal on a wireless KB + laser Mouse, no more power on by key touch.
  7. System is now turning on when I press a key on the PS/2 keyboard. OK, I have the JP7 set to 2-3 (5VSB). I have had it set to the 1-2 default as well. I also have the Power On by Keyboard setting in my BIOS set to Button Only. Things I have done in the last few days. Installed a new DVD-Writer Samsung SH-S162L Installed the new AMD Driver ver 1.3.1 http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...71_9706,00.html Moved all the parts to a new case. I don't remember if this was happening before all of the changes I made, I don't think it was though. How I ended up finding this the system started powering on from the LAN again, so I went in looked at my drivers to see if the settings has some how changed, they had not but my nic is installed as "Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller #2". and I have 2 "Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller - Packet Scheduler Miniport" drivers and can't get rid of the first one.
  8. Did you by chance load the Cat 6.4's? There's a bunch of people having problems with them, screen distorted while loading windows, but fine in windows and other places.
  9. I was poking around more, and found that the driver on my CD was 7.21.3, the most recent was on the DFI website is 7.29 for my board. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/Marvell_LAN_729.zip I downloaded it and updated my drivers and a new feature poped up "Wake from Shutdown" it's defaulted to Off. Using those drivers and leaving the default on of Magic Packet and Pattern the system is shutting down with out any problems.
  10. Check the in the properties of the network card drivers. I had to turn it off there on my system.
  11. Ok, I unpluged the network cable and it seemed to fix my issue. I then went in to the drive properties for the NIC and under the Advanced Tab, I went to "Wake Up Capabilities" and it was defaulted to "Magic Packet and Pattern Match". I set this to None. System was off for about 15 min and no ghostly power on yet. What I think is really strange about this is, the only change I made was sawping from a Single Core to Dual Core. That made this strange problem show up.
  12. All, I just upgraded from a A64 3200+ chip and now, I seem to have the problem of the PC turning on after you have used the soft-off option. If you press and hold the power button for 5 sec it will stay off, but windows shut down will not. I will add that when I had the 3200+ in the system it I never saw this problem, system has run fine for 6 months. I have searched the forums and tried seting the JP7 to 2-3 (On) still not working. I have reloaded the bios settings to optimized. I have reseted the power cables to the MB. I have wiped my HDD and done a clean install of XP with SP2 and all dual core patches. I will try clearing the CMOS with the jumper next, if anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate it. I would even consider flashing the BIOS again if it would help.
  13. Hello, I'm an old intel guy recently switched to AMD. I'm wondering if anyone could provide me with the proper steps to get windows installed on the RDX200. I currently have the system running and it all seems to be ok, but I have a odd flicker on the screen when ever the CCC get's loaded either the tray icon or when I open it, so it lead me to belive I may have missed something at insall. I did now make the mistake to assume that .NET Framework 2 would over write the 1.1 ver and didn't install 1.1 until CCC wouldn't open. Here is how I set up the system. XP SP2 Network card CAT 5.13 with igp Sound Drivers Windows Updates I have since uninstall .NET2 and also unistalled the CAT 5.13, booted to safe mode and ran DriverCleaner on all of the ATI files. Game play is smooth, 3dmark scores is 7880 which is a little lower then I had expected. There are people posting with almost the same build as me as high as 9000, I had expected between 8k and 8200. 3dmark05 has also locked my system up 2 out of the 3 times I ran. I also have the bug/feature where Sandra Soft and Everest seem to reboot the PC.
  14. I am having the same problem. System just boots to the BIOS Splash screen. I have DFI UT LP NF4 Ultra-D eVGA 7800 GTX Antec 480 PSU (with 24 pin connector) Generic DDR 400 RAM (tried 4 diffrent sticks all in the top orange slot) I have even tried an old PCI video card think in something may be wrong with the video card no luck.
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