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  1. Mine wont boot nor shut down if I the computer is on about 5-6 days, I usually leave my computer on and I reset it every other week. It works fine if I reset or shut it down in about 3-4 days. Any idea?
  2. Check this out, it will kill your cpu if Vcore too and Vdimm too high. http://cracauer-forum.cons.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=83#83 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...09&page=5&pp=25
  3. I only tried 1.5v but no luck anything else?.
  4. The SIMS2 game keeps freezing @260Mhz but running fine @250Mhz. Anything that I can try to make it [email protected]? Thanks
  5. I had mine running @2.6 with no problems with prime95 etc... when my daughter plays the Sims2 game it kept freezing up. I had to low it down 2.55 but it still kept freezing up every now and then not as much as @2.6. So I decided to low it down 2.50Mhz and it's running without freezing up since. Anybody has any idea?
  6. Here are my settings: CPU VID Control 1.5v, CPU VID special control=Auto,LDT voltage control=1.2V, Chipset Voltage=1.60V and Dram Voltage=2.8v. Not sure which one to start with to low the voltage.
  7. Hi all, My daughter the SIMS2 game kept freezing anything obove 250Mhz. So 250Mhz is ok with me but I would like to know what kind of the best, safest Vcore, Vdimm and all Voltages setting for FSB @250Mhz. My signature is the current setting. Thank you
  8. I gave up on MBM5 too difficult to make it run. I'll try speed fan thanks Technodanvan.
  9. Technodanvan, what kind of program you use to extract or open the MBMDataFinal? Thanks
  10. I want to try to get MBM5 to work first if I can get more help before going with Speed fan. Thanks Tommatt.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean "Extract the file within "
  12. During the Motherboard Monitor Software Wizard, there is no DFI NF4 Ultra-D option> What should I do? Thanks
  13. Need to monitor my PC real time temperature. Thanks
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