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  1. i tried to overclock my x1900 gt after i added some more core volt i gave it 1.4 volt , and i was able to get the card up to 735/900 and that gave me 11115 p in 3dmark05 ok, i got 5514 in 3dmark06
  2. i klocked mine x1900gt to 682/1475 and i got 10190 in 3dmark05, and i think its no problem to set the klock even higher
  3. do someone know where i can download raid drivers for windows vista?
  4. is Silverstone Zeus 750W better than OCZ GameXStream 700W ?
  5. i got 5047 , gpu 715,5 ,823 mem and cpu @t 2750 mhz, everything at air, waiting for my watercooling its komming next week
  6. thanks , i had this long time load problem since i bought this board, but now after i installed the the new southbridge driver , it work fine.
  7. strange prob, i had one aspire camelon 550 watt, was running the cpu in 2772 mhz 38 degree in full load, but people told me that the aspire was dangerus , so i switched to one hiper type r 580 watt, but now i can only run i 2650 mhz pga heet prob, now att full load at 2650 mhz im at 49 degree, also when i loock in bios at cpu volt it stands 1.52 volt but i have satt it at 1.55 volt, whay is it like this? i have re sett the cpu whith new as 5 but it stil goes to hott.
  8. dont worry we can get more out of these 4400+, im going for 3 ghz soon, have litle trouble with my ram, but i think i can fix it soon. the .ing picture is too bigg 161kb and it can only be 100kb, oki, i fix it tomorrow im stable at 2772mhz now on air, 42 degree on full load and 32 idle
  9. ati tool is not working so good with the x1800 , but overklocker from ati work wery good
  10. thermaltake 680W is ., change the psu and the computer will work, i had the same problems with my thermaltake 680W.
  11. i got 4443 ati overdrive at max sm2.0 1741 sm3.0 1776 cpu 1891 @t 2666mhz
  12. ati tool vers 0.25 beta 10 dont work with RX1800XT 512 , i get artifacts at the standard clock
  13. what do you think, is it safe to rĂșn a 4400+ toledo on 1.55 v + 104% at 2750 mhz the computer is stable as a rock whit stock air, idle temp 33 and full load 45. im ifraid that im goingn to fry the cpu, or should i add some volt and try to go for 2850 mhz
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