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  1. i'm not sure about your weird sitution but when the expert getting hot, the vdimm sure will drop down.
  2. does bh5 on DFI RDX200 perform as great as DFI LP NF4 non-expert mobo? or it just like what bh5 do with DFI Expert which most of the user cannot hit more than 250 @ 2-2-2-5 stable?
  3. thanks for replied. but could show any result screenie?
  4. Many DFI Expert + BH5 users cannot hit more than 250 stable. But what about RDX200 + BH5 combination? Anyone try it before? What's the highest stable clocks you could get?
  5. I found that when the temperature raise up, but not sure whether is CPU or PWMIC or CHIPSET, it does affect the vdimm, let say I set 3.5v but i just got 3.4v or even less than that. Who else faced this problem and do you know is which part?
  6. DFI Expert is designed especially for BH5, but why my bh5s are hard to hit above 250 if compare with my previous ultra-d which can did 265 @ 3.6v easily. I know for expert, the DS must no more than level 3, I tried many combination of DS and DDS, but still no luck. Expert "expert" or "sifu" , mind to share with us actually how did you tweak to make it prime stable?
  7. "Venus brought back the drive levels and tweaks needed to run TCCD well, expert was designed for BH5, Micron, high voltage and 4 dimms at 1t or 2T 4gig kits." said by Tony aka bigtone. but in fact, oc bh5 on expert is kinda difficult if compare to previous nf4 LP series. so that's why I wonder, especially for real time, does bh5 oc well in cfx3200?
  8. does old sch bh5 overclock well in cfx3200 if compare to nf4 ultra-d/sli-d/sli-dr? coz i owned expert now and it's very hard to overclock compare with my previous ultra-d.
  9. i faced the same problem on expert too except the board didnt shut down, just repeat doing the same thing.
  10. i didnt own expert board before. but the temperature of my expert AB1 is almost same as my previous ultra-d AD0 under same vcore and rig.
  11. I have Fortron Epsilon 600W and Expert. Somehow, when I do properly shutdown, and then power on (with the casing power button), the pc can on fine. But if I power off (with the casing power button) the pc during POST ( while the ORANGE LED still on), and I power on again (with the casing power button), the pc wont on. what happen actually?
  12. I always use 2nd pci-e slot as I didnt know the slot does affect the speed of gfx, and I got 2x. After someone told me to use the 1st pci-e slot, I got 8x only. why? izzit i should get 16x for the 1st pci-e slot? i set 2-1-1-16 in bios.
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