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  1. I threw timings out the window for this OC, lol. I figured if the memory is already going this fast, I'm probably not missing anything from having it clocked lower with lower latencies. But that's just me. i did read up on it, and see that pretty much balances out at the end. So mind as well go for 1:1. Sent the RMA form in as well as my scanned invoices. I should hear something tomorrow morning. DFI is quick! I was pretty busy today so I didn't get around to finding the invoice, and they emailed me back just to remind me, lol. Not an automated response, either. DFI 4 LyPH3, y0!
  2. Nope - I spoke too soon. Just got back home now - and the darn thing is hard locked. Before, it would just crash and leave an error msg and I can continue using Windows. RMA time.
  3. Just to be safe, I'd use the audio cable and try using the sound control panel to see if you can get something. Although digital audio extration is suppose to be the better method, not sure how much better it reall is. Plus, it does put a toll on your CPU (but now that we have powerful CPUs, I wonder if that even matters anymore).
  4. I vote for this. The latest nVidia nF4 Chipset driver is still 6.66 at DFI's offical web page.
  5. Very nice! I never even lowered my timings yet, as they were known to be 3-4-4-8 at this speed. Right now, I am not even playing around with tweaks until I am rock solid. I am back on 2.62 GHz - and the darn thing is still going strong. I guess it's definately the heat. 0_o Now to figure out some kind of contraption to keep the lower part of the Lanparty case to be cooo0oooool.
  6. Ah, thanks. I probably have nothign to worry about then if I use a Thermalright SI-120 and a 120mm fan - should be able to cool the CPU and the PWMIC area. My chipset is mighty hot though. And probably the cause of my instability with 3DMark05. So in keeping on topic, what is the max core speed of the x2 at 1.4v for most of you? I don't remember mine anymore. I'm now at 2.62 @ 1.6v
  7. Okay - stupid question - What is PWM? Is that the same as the chipset?
  8. Wait a min - I'm confused. Are you saying 29-30*C for your chipset or your CPU? Because I was talking about my chipset (being at 45*C load, 40*C idle). The other temp you gave me was 40*C - which temp is that? Chipset or CPU? As for your RAM, G.SKILLs do not run at low latencies, even at 200 MHz. So you being able to run at 250 MHz at 2.5 CL3 is already pretty amazing. They were designed to go 3-4-3-7 at 250 MHz. They also do not like high voltages. So your findings are in line with what everyone is at. I currently have mine at 262 MHz @ 2.69v, 3-4-4-8. As for the Balistix, I heard they aren't very good now anyways. I heard that after about 6 months, they start to have errors in memtest. Now I don't own them, so you may want to check the Memory Recomendation thread - very good info there. It's how I came to the conclusion to go with the G.SKILLs. I wasn't satisfied with the 2.3-2.4GHz OC, so I bumped the voltage up to 1.6v for the CPU and now I'm at 2.62 GHz. Can't go any higher. I may have to bring it down to 1.45v and see what I can do there, since I hear people say that 1.6v is too high for a Manchester x2 core.
  9. @Danger- BTW, are you still on stock speeds and voltages? Is it still in the case or out of the case now? Try everything stock and out of the case. Also while you're in the lapping and re-TIMing mood, try to do that with your GFX card, too. Now, for the DFI techs - is there a newer rev of the Expert board? If so, what's the difference?
  10. Not at all! Misery loves company. Sorry it didn't work out for you though. As for running the PC without the sides on, I did that too BEFORE I took it out of the case - and it did nothing. I wonder if just the better TIM was all it needed. BTW, your chipset is COLD! Mine idles at 40*C, and when operating, around 45*C! And this is AFTER the upgraded TIM. I dunno what it was running before because I found out about the MBM5 datafile for our mobos AFTER I took it out of the case. It's much more informative (but the fan speeds are not accurate - says my CPU fan is running at 10,000 RPMs to 20,000 RPMs - YIKES!). My CPU fan is actually spinning at a calm 1,200 RPM (per the BIOS - and my ears).
  11. Alright, so you would be happy to hear that it is rock solid - just woke up, and found that it was priming and running 3dmark05 TOGETHER without a hiccup. I turned it off to let it cool while I went to bruish my teeth and all that morning ritual jazz.... then went back to just 3DMark05 before I am leaving for work. I still wonder how this whole setup is gonna run inside a Lanboy case... I do have a question of the DFI techs - how many versions of Expert are there? I'm wondering because if there is a newer rev, I may just RMA it just for that. Maybe the new rev runs cooler. Maybe they can send me a non-pre-gooped up chipset cooler, as the one I have I am not completely confident is as clean as it should.
  12. Just wanted to let you guys know I did an ePinions on the Expert. http://www.epinions.com/content_217777671812 Might have to update it regarding the issues I am having and the good response I am getting from DFI tech. I've also given props to this forum here. Even if I can't get the Expert to work, I will still stick with DFI (probably get an non-expert version of the same board).
  13. I dunno if anyone said it, but travis, you look like a white snoop dog here. Dude... I really like that shirt. This is me: Nothing special.
  14. Used to use AS* on arcades when I won. When they started censoring that, I used NAD. Then I couldn't get on as Nad in efnet after a while because the author of the Nad Player - an old MP3 player - was on there - kept stealing my nick that i used all along! I used nad_masters, which is a mix of "Nad' and "Ken Masters" (Street Fighter). Big fan of the SF series back in those days (SNK vs Capcom 2 is my fav). It was getting pretty long, so a girl I know from efnet (how geeky is that?) just started calling me naddie. It stuck. I even use it in a car forum that I used to frequent. Have stopped going there for a while only cuz computers regained my interest (read- spent a lot of money on this current project, now want to get it working!) I'll probably return to the car forum once this is all said and done, lol. Don't worry, I'll frequent the OT forums here
  15. How are you so sure? Passed memtest for 9 hours.
  16. I would be - battling my own set of issues now (see sig for thread). I wasn't really sure how the hardware firewall works, actually. I never use any firewalls except for the SP2 built-in and a router. I really wanted to give this built-in nVidia firewall a try.
  17. Kinda disapointed that I can't keep my 2.62ghz at 1.6v If i rem correctly, i think the most I could do at 1.4v was 2.2 or 2.3 ghz.
  18. congrats! now that's a weird problem. So had to disable then re-enable it in the bios?
  19. I would suggest reading the recommended PSU thread - not all PSUs follow the ATX standards to the letter.
  20. I should upload mine just to see if anyone have issues with that one. I created mine from the 6.7 driver set (v5.22 from the individual nvraid driver). I also used the reference drivers from Silicon Image's site. Seems to work fine except it asks for the files (just like your screenshot). however, the files are on the floppy, so all you have to do is point it back to A:nvidia and you're fine. Anyway to upload a ZIP file of my floppy? no need to make an image - just a non-bootable standard format 1.44 MB floppy with driver files.
  21. it seems as though i am talking to myself here now. I know i must be boring everyone here now with my updates. I am leaving it running 3dmark05 and priming in the background overnight (yes, both to super stress it out). Before I retired, it was around an hour into the test and no signs of failure. Anyone have issues of the chipset overheating?
  22. haha... classic. Here's a funny one - I used to work at a place that makes machines that tests packaged chips. they use sun machines to interface with pretty much everything on the machine. One day, we were having issues with the workstation. I caught the 110/230 switch - changed it back to 110v. All of a sudden, I smelled burning. Turns out they WERE using 230v in the facility. I had to fess up to the bossman, lol. we both had a laugh. This was in California, so um... no place exotic that is on the 230 standard. the heavy machines (logic and memory testers) were using 3-phase 230v, and the workstation is also powered in the same circuit. As for the PC Chips board, I did eventually find it out, lol. I am going to have to make a habit of building and OCing a PC outside the case.
  23. Ah, that's good to know. I've been avoiding the front panel audio only because my first experience with them was that after I hook up the front audio, the rear doesnt work AT ALL. Maybe the case makers are smarter now, creating a way to short out what the jumpers did when the front jacks are not in use. I'd like to give that a try when I get that mobo back into my case (bigger problem to fry right now - chipset seems to be overheating). Of course, the front audio wires are too short to reach the karajen module, so I will have to figure a way out. PS: Has Creative smarten-up and have front-audio connectors for their X-Fi? I don't mean the box that goes into a free bay, but just the connectors for front audio jacks that already exists on a case.
  24. yea, floppy cable orientations can be tricky. Thankfully, if it doesn't work one way, it will work the other - wthout the fear of doing any damage. First off, the pin 1 doesn't always have to be closest to the power plug like with CD-ROM drives. As for the notch, it's the same deal - as you noticed with some floppy connectors on the cable, the notch is now shaven down. As for the cables being ., well, that's just a matter of opinion. I thank them for including rounded cables in the first place, but they seem to be harder to manuver in a case than other rounded cables. I tend to use them anyways just to keep that yellow DFI theme.
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