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  1. Be aware of the CHS/LBA/AUTO issue that the firmware is having. If it came from another machine, chances are that it is in LBA mode, so set the firmware accordingly.
  2. OMG, so that's how it's done! lol. I have the exact same case, and was actually hating it during the install. Just so cramped! BTW, how did you snake power to the rear fan? Looks like all the power cables goes into the hidden area towards the front (optical drive area).
  3. No kidding! Well, I must say that I had the same problem, but never reported it because I thought it was too simple. It turned out it was my NEC 3550A DVD recorder. I RMA'd it (still havent recieved it). I used my older Plextor 708 dvd recorder and it installed WIndows without any issues. That solved it for me. I'm not sure what solved the original poster's issue though. Please come back and elaborate!
  4. naddie

    IDE at Auto = CHS???

    *bumpity bump* So is it confirmed? Is it a firmware bug? I think I stated myself clearly that: 1) Auto sets IDE to CHS. 2) Even set to CHS, you may still see all of your drive space, or just 137 MB. 3) When you set your IDE channel to "NONE", the OS will still see the HD (this goes with Windows XP, 98, DOS, and Linux). Can anyone else confirm these? Thanks.
  5. I do not have any other memory to test with (nothing that works with the DFI board anyways - all value stuff). I even tried the OCZ Gold Editin EB (the old 512x2 sticks) - I think they are DDR433 or 466s - they didn't work (I posted about that earlier in this thread, too). It only seems to work with the G.SKILLs I have, and even then, only in pairs (deson't boot up with stick).
  6. naddie

    IDE at Auto = CHS???

    I'm glad you are working okay now. However, most of us are not using any utilities. We are just using the standard IDE installation, which just uses the BIOS for all settings.
  7. Thanks for the safe voltage. I'll give it a shot. I plan on raising it slowly until I hit 1.6 or even 1.7 (if need be), and of course, I will also be monitoring temps. How much did the temperature rised with your voltage increase? Since according to A_G, the chipset can go as high as 60*C safely, I will keep that in mind while I am trying this voltage experiment. Does the LDT voltage also affect stability? If so, I may try to play with that setting after seeing if the chipset voltage helps. Thanks.
  8. Well, okay - after an extensive seach, I see Angry saying it is okay to go up to 60*C with chipset. SO, maybe it's not getting enough voltage? It is currently stock 1.52v. New question (did a quick search found nothing, have to go to work now): what is the safe over voltage for the chipset? sorry so many Qs. this is drving me ntus.
  9. Mine gets to around 50*C. It seems to make no huge difference whether I upgraded the TIM or not. i use Artic Silver Ceramic intead of he more popular AS5.
  10. Okay, weird - 05 works now, but 03 crashes. >_< Chipset temps are 48*C as far as I can tell (MBM5), but after a while, it crashes. I got the BIOS to turn on the fan at 100% all the time (noisey 8k RPM motor!), but it still gets that hot after a while. How hot can the chipset get while being in the safe zone? I am at the end of my ropes here. Its been 3 weeks or longer and not having a working PC. I wonder if I can RMA it for a non-Expert, non-UT (so the price is the same) SLI-DR. Not sure if I want to deal with the Expert anymore (yes, I am taking my word back, lol). I don't think there is anything wrong with the board technically - just the placement of the NF4 chipset during the design stage. What can I do in this situation, DFI techs?
  11. Nah, it means that I have plenty of EXHAUST air going out of the PC. This is why air is trying to suck in an open hole without any fan assistance. Not sure if adding the PCI slot is going to help because of this newly found fact. I will try to upgrade the front Antec blue LED fan with a Vantec Stealth fan. They seem to run at 1500 RPM, sucks air at 43 cfm, and is about 23db. And best of all, NO LEDS! Of course my local Frys just ran out of the Vantecs i was looking for.
  12. I was hoping to find a pic of the real Snoop leaning back with squinty eyes and a half smile as if he was high - but this was as close as I can get with Google Image.
  13. I had the same issue - turns out the NB is overheating. Easy fix for you to try (what I did): 1) Remove stock thermal pad and replace with AS5 or AS Ceramic for NB. 2) While you're at it, remove that silver ring (the bling bling ring, lol). Less is more here. 3) Set your BIOS to run the NB fan at full speed at a lower temp. (Stock is 55*C, but I lowered it to 48*C). See if that helps.
  14. naddie

    3dmark03 crashing

    What is the temp of the NB? I am asking because I was having issues like this but with 3dmark05. I reapplied TIM to the NB (took off stock goop and used Artic Silver Ceramic), and took off that silver ring (just bling bling). I also changed the BIOS setting of turning the NB fan fully from the stock 55*C to 48*C. I think the combo works - my NB does not go over 48*C (before it was hitting 50*C), and 3DMark05 seems to work like a charm (going 7 hours now, and couting). I am further going to help by installing a PCI slot fan to suck the hot air out in the lower half of the PC. I hope this will help your issue as well
  15. naddie

    IDE at Auto = CHS???

    Sometimes the BIOS detects my 300GB HD as 137GB, too. I dunno why. But once in Windows, it sees the whole 300GB. As for Windows trying to be idiot-proof, that's not the case. Windows is a high-level OS. BIOS is very low-level. The BIOS is the boss of Windows (and any other OS that you decide to run). So that means that the firmware is SHOWING the user that it turned off an IDE channel, but it really didn't. ALSO - there is absolutely no way you can run a 300GB in CHS. If you do force it to CHS mode, you are suppose to only see 8 GB of HD space. Of course, obviously, this is not the case here with the Expert firmware. In fact, this is why I originally missed the fact that it was auto-set to CHS - it is because Windows XP sees the entire 300 GB HD. Those who say Windows XP is just trying to be idiot-proof, can you confirm this with another OS? Either yourself or someone else who is experienced with another OS other than Windows XP. I might try Windows 98, since I am not very experienced with Linux. I will bust out an old HD thats bigger than 8GB (maybe a 120GB) and 1st try to see if it will see a HD when I turn it off in the BIOS. Then I will try CHS mode and see if win98 only sees 8GB or the whole 300GB. If all other OSes have the same behavior as XP (sees the drive even when told to be OFF, and see the whole drive in CHS), then it is not an OS issue - it is confirmed to be firmware. And for those who wonder why sometimes it detects your HD as a 137GB even though it is actually bigger.... well, I can't expalin the behavior here on the Expert firmware, but that magic number (137 GB) is the limitation of the 28-bit addressing using LBA. Well, new motherboards (ALL nF series of chipsets) now support 48-bit addressing, which has a new limitation of 144 Petabytes. Read more info here: http://york.gose.org/pipermail/yorkcc/2003...ber/000075.html Again, the Expert's native ATAPI IDE interface should be able to address 48-bits LBA - so I don't know why sometimes it reports our HDs as 137GB as if it was only a 28-bit LBA. Something about the IDE/SATA detection is fishy on the Expert boards. Not sure if it's firmware, chipset, or other circuitry in between.
  16. Nope - had to bump it back to 1.6v to keep Prime stable. I think I solved the crashing of 3DMark05 - I not only removed the silver right around the NB HSF, but also re-TIMed it with Artic Silver Ceramic. I also made sure the NB Fan runs at 100% at 48*C instead of the stock setting of 55*C. I can hear the fan spin up and down sometimes, but it keeps the NB from going over 48*C. Currently 6 hrs into 3DMark05 without issues. It's still going, and hoopefully tomorrow morning I still see it running. Also, I just bought one of those PCI card slot fans that sucks air out and blows it out of a PCI slot. I hope that will add additional air flow in that lower area. Right now, I have negative pressure in the case (more air getting sucked out than air coming in). I can tell because when I removed the Super Lanboy's screw compartment, I put a piece of paper near the resulting hole - the paper wanted to go IN the hole. Is negative pressure better than possitive? I can equalize it better by putting a slightly faster (more cfm) fan in the front. This will also keep me happy becaus I won't have to see the stock blue LED fan that came with it.
  17. damn... so that means we cant at all use the hardware firewall that nvidia hyped up? lol what's next? Can't use PureVideo unless you pay extra for it? hahahahaha!
  18. naddie

    IDE at Auto = CHS???

    So are we suppose to use CHS or LBA? As for Windows igonring the BIOS, I thought the BIOS was at a level lower than the OS. If the BIOS is suppose to ignore the HD, then any OS should not be able to see the HD because the BIOS says so. Is this kinda fishy?
  19. naddie

    maximum safe voltage?

    Well, before I had to be on 1.65 before it was stable. For some reason, I was able to drop it to 1.6v and it is still stable (before it was not). 1.55v still isn't stable. So I did some calculations and decided on 1.50v * 104.8% for a final math voltage of 1.572v. PRIMED at 2.62 GHz @ 1.572v for 12 hours straight - no issues. Currently running 3DMark05 to see if it can keep going for 12 hours. It's been about 8 hours, and remote-accessing my PC (I'm at work), I see that it's still going without lock ups. Maybe my issues are gone. I hope that it's still running when I get home. Can't want to stuff the whole she-bang back into the case and try again. After I find that it primes and 3DMark05 okay IN THE CASE, I will run memtest86 for 12 hours AGAIN just to make sure. After that, a fresh install of WinXP and all my games are going into my hard drive.
  20. I dont even know if mine is correct - I didn't come from another board. This is my first S939 build-up, so I have no reference for my CPU's temp. However, it is around 25*C idle and around 43*C under load.
  21. Welcome to my world: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=38305 BTW, mine cleared up after I took it out of my case. I then took off the NB HSF, replaced the crap goop with Artic Silver Ceramic, and even got rid of that silver ring around the HSF. I haven't tried it back in the case yet - so far, stock speeds, it runs fine again overnight (3DMark05). If you dont want to pull it out of the case, try aiming a n additional fan at the NB and run 3DMark05 overnight to see if that helps. If so, your NB is probably overheating.
  22. The CPU it seems. I am afraid to bump the voltage up on the NB because it's so hot already. Not sure if it's suppose to get around 50*C under load. I did the TIM upgrade as well as took off that silver ring to hope to keep the stock HSF (it's so quiet!). The video card is the only loud part in my setup (eVGA GT series fan and GPU freq is stuck on 100% even in 2D it seems). I also added a lil more voltage to the CPU. It was at 1.6v before but did beautifully. I tried 1.55v and it crashed, so I tried "the middle" - 1.5v x 104.8% = 1.572v. I am SOOO close to keeping the entire thing stable! I can taste it! Prime, then 3Dmark05 is my regimine for now, since it seems that these are the two that will fail first in my gammet of tests. Thanks everyone for reading all this crap, lol. My sanity hopefully will return, along with my COD2 and Q4 skills.
  23. BUPKUS! NOTHING! NADDA! Prime errored within 5 hours on the 2nd core. The other one is stll going (it's about 9 horus now). Looks like it really DOES need the voltage increase afterall.
  24. i wish you luck! I am having weird gremlins-like issues here. But seems to be temp-related. FYI maybe that may be the issue for you, too. WHo knows?
  25. Thanks. That voltage drop saw a 40*C under load according to MBM5 - it says 23*C idle. This is out of the case, and I'm dubious of the temperature, seeing how others report that their Expert is up to 10*C lower than what they recorded the temps are at with a probe. But the area the base of the HS is barely warm to the touch. The NB is the only real issue I have. Idles at 43*C. Around 46*C under load (an all outside of case). The temps may what cause the stability issuses once inside a Super Lanboy case.