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  1. I've recently had the oppurtunity to upgrade my video card, so i'm selling my 'old' one. I've had it for less than a month so it's in perfect condition. It was never overclocked or mistreated in any way and I still have most of the original packaging and all of the accessories. It's an amazing video card that out performs many of the others on the market today. I'm looking for $400 but feel free to make me an offer. Incase you need it, my email address is [email protected] If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Depending on location, i may be able to work out a deal on shipping.
  2. sure have, a couple times... that doesn't help.
  3. hey mods, you got any ideas? could it be the motherboard or the hdd?
  4. my problem here is that it did work with just 1gb. not only that, but it stutters regardless of visual settings. i can run hl2 at 800x600 with all settings on low and it still does it. i've been through the bios thoroughly; i've read all the memory timings guides aswell. regardless of settings, or even what ram i'm using it still does it. may belief now is that it's a motherboard problem. the mb and the hdd are the only things i haven't eliminated. either i exchange the mb for something else tonight, or i try a different harddrive; although i honestly can't see it being the problem.
  5. sorry thespin, but neither of those helped either. i'm about ready to give up. i'm hoping i can exchange the motherboard without too much trouble. i'm going to try tonight. i think it's my last hope.
  6. thanks thespin, but neither worked for me. write combining didn't change a thing. like i've said, i've tweaked bios settings and even gone as far as to switch them with different ram; and neither of those helped.
  7. i wish i knew man, this has honestly driven me nuts. i'm ready to drop this thing off the balcony of a highrise. all i want is for it to work properly. perhaps one of the moderators has an idea?
  8. it doesn't seem to be every second for me, more like every couple of seconds... it also doesn't seem consistant. it appears to happen before an event. with bf2 and fear however it seemed more random.
  9. tried both, neither helped! what the hell... is it time to rma everything?
  10. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37163 could it be related?
  11. i have a friend on his way over. we're going to try and install a different set of ram, and perhaps a 3500+venice (if it comes to that). i'll keep y'all posted. thanks for the help so far.
  12. i've had no bsods yet, and i've only crashed out of hl2 a couple times. i'm going to try throwing in another set of ram tomorrow, and we'll see how that works. if it is the ram, what should i do? if i rma it, they'll only send me the same stuff back right?
  13. i've edited my original post to reflect some recent changes. it wasn't the psu as most people thought.
  14. hey man, i was wondering if you had any other ideas as to what it might be. it's been a while since a computer has gotten to me quite like this. i'll be bald by the end of the year, for sure.
  15. alright, here's an update... ocz powerstream 520 did not, i repeat, did not fix the stuttering. cotdamn i'm frusterated. i mean, i love the new psu, but i want to play my games... any other ideas?
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