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  1. I am trying to figure out what is the difference between these boards and the only thing I can see is the Expert has one more Raid contoller, one more PCI slot, and a different model Lan controller ... is that all? Generally which one oc better
  2. My Opteron 165 with the retail heatsink and fan is working at 2.8 Ghz and can go higher ... the temps are good too If you want even better temps just get a better 80 mm fan to go along with the retail opteron heatsink
  3. Is there anyway I can tell forsure if my hard drive is in fact working as a Sata2 drive with sata2 speed? Sandra tells me it is working in UDMA 6 mode and when I boot up I do not see any clear identification that it is working as a sata2 drive
  4. I doubted it because he is not TMOD, only TMOD [ you ] knows if they are identical since you made the cd
  5. Are you sure? Can some confirm that it is identical to the 11 - 14 bios from DFI?
  6. Is the Ultra - d 11 - 14 bios on the cd because I can not find it Is it safe to use the ' flash fron hard drive ' feature? If so, do you get a gui to select the 11 - 14 bin? If you have to write the path, what would it be if the 11 - 14 bin is on the desktop?
  7. I couldnt find the 11 - 14 bios on TMODs cd and I do not have a floppy ... Also, save the stock profile ... you mean save optimized in all four cmos reloaded banks
  8. In my quest to go higher I tried the 11 - 14 bios with the same settings that work well in the 704bta2 and the system will not work well I used winflash program, maybe that has something to do about it or maybe I missed a setting that was to strong After flashing to 11 - 14, I used optomized, then I loaded my saved bios settings from the cmos reload section ... these were from the 704bta2 bios but still appeares in this different bios under cmos reload. The settings looked the same between the bioses ... I couldnt see any major differences in terms of settings I did see alot of ' auto ' settings in the 11 - 14 bios though
  9. This is pretty much the max at stock volts or atleast the furthest I am going to take it without knowing what to try first to go from here. If I had better cooling I do not know what the limit for this cpu would be To go higher I would need to loosen the timings, correct ... but which ones first? 2 T instead of 1 T? What about going down one more divider? Is cpu vid control equal cpu vcore? If so, what should I set it to if I have to increase it? Whats the stock vcore on the 165, 1.35 ... I think the bios is set to auto I did super mi mod too and it was fine ...
  10. clean the cpu and heatsink well with rubbing alchohol and let it dry. then wipe it clean to get rid of any residue make sure the heatsink fan is spinning 100% at all times in the bios
  11. I use superPI mod and I do not play games so I do not care about that What settings would be the first to get better results
  12. This is my first Amd OC system. This is my first system I ever had the opputunity to OC at all With out an image editor installed this is a pain in the rear ... Anyways, I entered these settings at the start and there are no hicups at all. I have not touched any volts ... any I did super PI mod to but I did not get the screen grab for the reason above I would like some guidance to go higher. What do you suggest I set to go higher? The only thing I might do is get a better fan than the stock heatsink fan for even better temperatures ... any suggestions
  13. I did not use the plastic casing ... I already had everything installed but if I had to I would of removed the nesessary parts to get to it but I moved the audio ports through out and it hardly moved from the suplied security the rear I / O shield
  14. My dual core 165 at 2.7 Mhz heatsink is working great. 30 C and 41 C at load I just would like to know of a fan that will perform better than this even though this retail one is working great The heatsink itself is just as good as anything out there
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