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  1. Don't mind anal if it WORKS! re-formatting is a Week in process, not something I WANT to do.
  2. If I don't have to do a bios update I'll be really pleased. it's then a matter of 1) Use Windows Device Manager and soft uninstall your current processor from there. Also uninstall any previously installed processor drivers.then pulling the 4000+, putting in the 4400 X2 and setting the multiplier? (or clear the bios) Don't mind anal if it WORKS! re-formatting takes a Week to get my pc the way it was. not something I WANT to do.
  3. ok I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to do a bios update when removing the 4000+ (single core), and putting the Dual core 4400+ in I believe I've got the 11/02/05 bios,at least that what CPU-Z reporting. what else do I need? more likely what bios? also I think I've done some searching and came across this Thx
  4. driver revision is the 91.31? what Game? to be PERFECTLY honest I set my drivers to global settings assuming it would apply to EVERYTHING. not so. check to make sure in the NV display drivers that the game your playing has a profile, otherwise MAKE one, I made one for the prey demo, Ultimate spiderman,. Quake....etc. it's not hard. when I ran Prey the first time I really wasn't impressed with perfomance, till I saw it had no profile in the drivers, as soon as I created one framerate was a STEADY 60. no profile=running on one card
  5. I saw this in IRC while I was chatting away. the 6.85's are X16 while the 6.70 are the normal drivers, I have a SLI-DR Expert currenly in SLI, Now I'm not having ANY issues, but from a point of view of perfomance what would be the difference?
  6. does make a difference if it's off an Nf3 MB?
  7. actually, no. the ethernet driver is from the 7.13 drivers.
  8. if I go into windows and DISable the nvidia lan, the PC re-boots. Not a big deal was curious if anyone else had this issue? I'm on a wireless connection. pci card.
  9. ok Done! Prime for 8 hours no errors. and Memetest for 2 passes and 50 passes on test 5.
  10. I didn't read EVERYTHING I own a Weider CrossBow. When I started out I was 216 Lbs, I current weigh 150. Let me say this if you gonna BODY BUILD the Machines won't quite work, they'll plateau at a given point, if your gonna Stregthen/Tone/lose weight, the Machines are Great, Bare in mind you WILL need some Cardio togo with it. I lift at HOME, I wouldn't want to go out. oh so you don't think I'm kidding:
  11. ok, One thing I've seen, in the bios, if you need a USB keyboard there is a setting, If I enable it and WARM boot it's fine,(Needed it for Memtest), Cold Boot, and it won't boot at all. I just Safe booted (AWESOME FEATURE), disabled it(USB Keyboard Support), warm booted with it disabled, then powered down, and powered up without a glitch. If you are setting this in the bios try unsetting it. Is this a known issue?
  12. the HTT/FSB has really thrown me for a loop, but I'm beginning to understand it now. What a pain in the butt.
  13. how am I overclocking if the Ram is DDR 500, and I'm currently running at ddr400 speeds?
  14. ok once more before I give this a shot. According to the scale you posted, if I enter an HTT/FSB of 250 I get this: If at 1:1 2375=Freq Multi= 9.5 FSB to be entered is =237.500 If at 5:4 2375=Freq Multi= 9.5 FSB to be entered is =296.875 Am I reading it right?
  15. ok if I'm not mistaken then 200X12=2400 Mhz= A64 4000+ currently LDT/FSB=4 CPU/FSB=12 This is Running. if the FSB is set to 250, then 250X9.5=2375 or 250X10=2500 which is too much. if the LDT/FSB and CPU/FSB are both set to AUTO, will it do it correctly?
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