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  1. Ok, this is just a quick message to share some good news on these forums...for a change. I am happy to announce that just last week I surpassed the one year mark with the system in my signature here... During that year, I maintained 100% uptime, I had no hardware problems at all, the system has been overclocked @ 2.76 ghz the entire time, and I never even had to do a single reinstall of XP Pro!!!!!!! I am very happy to report this and I must say that DFI makes a fantastic product. I remember when I first started researching the rig, and DFI-Street went a longgggggggggg way in helping me do so without any major problems at all! A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone here who helped me, and for the admins and mods who keep this site running! For all of you who are having problems getting it going, just stick with it and I promise you that the DFI motherboards will make you VERY happy for a long time! ok, you may now return to your regularly scheduled gripes, bitching, fears, moans, and complaints. :beer /knock on wood.
  2. the very least they should have done for the fans was put an "always on' feature into BIOS. but they didnt... As for the cpu temps, when some are off by as much as 20C, it's just ridiculous. All they've done with this "new beta bios" is insert a manual temperature offset, in case you are able to measure the true temps using math and/or 3rd-party temperature probes. (which was pointless since MBM5 and other programs already had the ability to plug in an offset...) Also, for the record, central brain's offsets are totally and completely useless. (they're bogus and random).
  3. yes, the new bios does nothing more than provide a manual offset... it does nothing to address the real problem. in other words, it's pointless.
  4. you think those temps are "low"?! those numbers cant be right... they're about 15-20C too high!
  5. that's great that you're happy, but guess what: Those programs reporting the same temps has nothing to do with the temps being accurate. every program reports mine the same as well; they just ALL happen to report 16C low! DOH! The problem has nothing to do with programs reporting different temperatures...
  6. she will be gaming alot, so the 2gb is necessary... she just wont be overclocking at all, so 200mhz is fine... thanks for your input guys.. i think we'll go with the Gskill NS kit... i managed to find some timings for them, so it should work out! thanks again!
  7. they're not labeled as "value" ram, but they're in the same pricerange. Over at xtremesystems, some people have reached 240mhz with them at 2.8v, but I'm having a difficult time finding settings for them... I cant really afford to spend a ton of time finding the timings myself because my friend needs the system up and running ASAP. I guess my question is this: Are there any 2GB kits under $160 that have proven stable in Expert boards? (not including the HZ's which randomly drop that low at newegg, but never seem to be that low when I go to buy RAM..lol)
  8. based just on timings, and my good experiences with their better sets, I'm leaning toward the GSkill right now. whataya think?
  9. Ok, real quick here.. ordering within the hour for a friend. She will NOT be overclocking, but we've decided on the Expert board because of the better layout and the fact that I'm here to set it up! That said, since she's not overclocking at all, I dont need the best RAM available. All I need is the best 2GB UNDER $160, that also works very well with the Expert! I am also having a difficult time finding BIOS settings for the cheaper RAM, so any help would be appreciated. So far, here are the choices: GSkill F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS (DDR400 PC3200) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231047 GeIL Value 2GB (2 x 1GB) GE2GB3200BDC http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820144322 OCZ Value Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR 400 (PC 3200) OCZ4002048V3DC-K http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146841 THANKYOU AHEAD OF TIME!
  10. Ok, does anyone have any experience or links to decent stock settings for this RAM? I can't find any threads on this RAM anywhere, and I'm about to build a system with them. I need an a64tweaker screenshot or a full list of the BIOS dram settings. (@ stock 200mhz is preferred) Thanks ahead of time!
  11. Ok, simple question. I've used the VC-RE to fit my Expert board, but I'm looking at buying another Expert and was wondering if the VC-RD will fit as well... does anyone have any experience with the -RD? I dont want to have to mod it for fit. If the -RD requires drilling or something to fit, then I'll just stick with the taller -RE and be done with it. thanks ahead of time.
  12. my 520 and Expert get along perfectly... never had a problem, and im about to build a second system with the same combo... sorry about your luck! hope it all works out in the end!
  13. no, it's a great board for everything beyond the temp readings! I'm even about to order another one and build a second Expert PC for a friend!
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