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  1. if it parts out i might be interested in the 170
  2. thats cause sacred is a german game, just like the gothic series theyre not made with that much gore in the first place
  3. No. I found it but it wasnt in any condition to ride (it was a piece of crap i picked up at the police station, just for this trip). I didnt and never will. I always vote Green/SPD
  4. depends where you go, i could keep showing you new and interesting things 24hours a day for 2 weeks here in my region (its not an offer =p) and to holland: I went there with a friend of mine (we had no money so we rode our bikes, took like 6 days) and while we were in Amsterdam i had an awesome conversation with some dutch guy: Dutch Guy: Good Morning, mind if i steal your bike? Me: uh... Dutch Guy: oh cmon im late! Me: ok.. Dutch Guy : Great, take your locks, ill use a different one. Ill Lock it outside of the Train station and you can just take it back when you need it. And he gave me his plyers. (no joke!) i mustve seen like over 300 bikes stolen in amsterdam
  5. Its going to be great after im done with it i guess ill have farcry 2 to look forward too (yes its in the making)
  6. if your budget is 150$ for each card get an eVGA 8800GTS 320 for 279$ at newegg..it should outperform most GeForce 7 SLI setups
  7. look at the pictures farther down, its black with green UV slots instead of orange/yellow...it looks nice
  8. i highly doubt they will be able to ban the games, its just . me off that theyre thinking about it
  9. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Press/press_header_co...460.jsp&SITE=US (not sure if thsi is where this is supposed to be) Looks great (love the green) hopefully its as good as the nf4 lanparts and maybe ill consider getting one interesting new audio module too..
  10. cs and graw are the only FPS games that are 16+ , all other known ones are 18... another thing thats . me off is the Intel/nvidia fanboyism in the InCrysis forums omg -.-
  11. if your not interesed in raid the Abit IP35-E can be had for 120$ at newegg..has all the P35 features, personnaly im saving up for an Asus Blitz Formula, or if DDR3 gets cheaper the Blitz Extreme
  12. Porn waist up : 16 Waist down : 18
  13. and by doesnt give a crap anymore i mean he sells to almost anyone who says their 18..
  14. lol.....i live around the corner of the WORLDS biggest absinth store (atleast i think it still is) run by some guy who doesnt give a crap anymore and theyre still worrying about FPS
  15. Manhunt 2 is a different story..its already prerelease banned in the UK but its going to come out here (strongly censored) as far as i know oO
  16. Im really mad right now, so id thought id post something on a topic thats really . me off right now. 1. If i want an FPS game i either have to order from england and pay way to much, or i could download xGBs of patches to get the SPLATTER effects i want!! 2. The crazy people in government want to BAAAAAAAAAN FPS games! omfg! and, no joke, give LIFETIME jail sentences to anyone caught playing banned games if the law is passed! i mean WTF!. IF this law gets through their even gonna make Crytek (Far Cry, Crysis, soon Far Cry 2) move out! (bastards!) sort of games that would be banned, or severely censored: Crysis HL² Doom CS Fallout (3) Hellgate: London STALKER and all other games that splatter Once again ladies and gentlemen im REALLY mad!!! God if this law is passed im going to have to move to france or something -.- And to wrap it all up, im going to quote a Bavarian high-ranked government official:
  17. its a man...? id have to be REALLY drunk not to realize that..
  18. i use windows firewall + AVG free Antivirus and have never gotten a virus once in a year using this setup
  19. powsmowl


    i love mmorpgs, and since i quit WoW (still looking for a damn private server to play on ) ive really been trying to find another free one while i wait for Guild Wars 2...ill try it out
  20. one more question...if the waterblocks are completely flat etc. should i still use thermal paste?
  21. opteron 165s can be had from newegg for (<300$)
  22. so im taking it that you shouldnt power the rig until the bubbles are gone? ill have to find the link.. so theres no difference in cooling performance between a t-line or res? im thinking a t-line is cheaper..
  23. it is if you game at 1280x1024 oO, otherwise its "better" than a 8800GTS 640..but of course if i had been on a strict budget id have gotten the 8800GTS 320 hands down..its still a great card i just wanted to give ATI another chance (im not regretting it one bit)
  24. what do you mean filled quicker? i take it with a traditional loop you can put the coolant directly into the res? how are you supposed to do it with a t-line? is there a guide somewhere?
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