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    Ram Choice

    if you game alot than get the gold series
  2. does this mod still work on the newer boards? i thought DFI did something about it
  3. i just got a Vapochill Micro Xtreme Performance, i get 5* lower temps on load than with my XP90 and 80mm fan
  4. this kit is 2x512mb and is DDR 500, anyone know what chips it uses and if its good for OCing?
  5. about 3 times as much as i paid for the original (1250€)
  6. thats exactly what i modded my sidekick to, i built a seperate case and built in like 10 2Gb flash cards, and gave it to some guy who added an Mp3/dvd player chip in, so now i can play flash listen to music watch dvds and even download, lol
  7. my card has a 6pin PCIe connector(sorry german site), the one that has the same PCB and fan as mine on XFXs homepage has a 4pin molex, mine also has a GTX cooler and im not using coolbits or rivetuner, im using a noname thing i found on the internet lol (no fan speed control, always at 65% fan speed)
  8. my customized sidekick II kicks a PSPs butt anyday
  9. my XFX 7800GT can get to 530/1240 with only a 3-10*(idle-load) increase on temps=40* idle and 60* on load(3 hours fear) at5 535 core i start getting green stripes after a while and anything higher gets stripes right away
  10. 520W is plenty but if it doesnt have a peak of ATLEAST 40 amps on the 12V rail than you might run into some problems and do you have 2 7800GTs or like in your sig 2 6600GTs?
  11. i am looking at a OCZ 1gb kit Gold GX edition and wanted to know what chips they use and if anyone has tested them heres a link http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...200_gold_gx_xtc
  12. ok cool...the RAM is no prob, if a 6800GT can run it, than a X850XT could too right? cause the 850XTs are now 30€ cheaper than 6800GTs lol
  13. whats the cheapest graphics card on which fear can be played with high details 4xaa and 8xaf with a res of 1280x1024? thanks in advance
  14. my friend is going for the 3700+ sandy, and an Asus star ice cooler, he says he'll get the DC this time next year when its bug free and properly supported, i might do the same myself thanks for the help everyone
  15. the a data just says 512mb DDr 500, heres a link anyway http://www.alternate.de/html/shop/productD...l?artno=I9IDVG& (wont be much help as its in german and not too much info) i see you have the crucial ballistix, i can get that kit too, how is it?
  16. opteron is better than the normal A64s, but are they better in gaming and OCing too?
  17. mako, how does your opteron do against a 3700 sandy? the sandy is 50€ cheaper, but is the opteron a better OCer?
  18. but since games in '06 wouldnt a DC be a better choice if hes planning to use the rig for 2 years? and wouldnt a X2 [email protected] be plenty even for SC games?
  19. will games like UT 2007 still be playable on high/max quality with a single core even though they will support dualcores?
  20. a friend of mine is building a gaming rig, which he plans to use for the next 1-2 years, and he asked this : for games in 2006, will a DC CPU(3800+) and 1gb of DDR 400 RAM be better than a SC CPU(3700+SD) and 1Gb of DDR 600 RAM? and how much difference does a San Diego core with 1kb l2C against a venice with 512kb? rest of his rig: DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra- D 7800GT Enermax Noistaker 535W
  21. you got the 7800GT Extreme gamer (the one that i have) because im pretty sure XFX doesnt make a GTX with in black edition, but i dont know about the 4 pin stuff, mine has the normal 6 pin PCIe connector
  22. the g skill isnt available here, but do has anyone tried the DDR 500 from A Data?
  23. Since i got this board i have been planning to upgrade my RAM to 2x512mb (not another corsair VS, looking for more OC power) ive had my eye on some Crucial Ballistix DDR 400, and wanted to know if this RAM can overclock at all also in the same pricerange is a Kingston Hyper X DDR 400 kit, which one is better for OCing? thanks powsmowl
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