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  1. I put a little AS5 under the chipset cooler. Seemed to cool it off about 3-5 degrees or so. I will live with that. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. These are my current Smartguardian idle temps: CPU-38C PWMIC-40C Chipset-52C While running Super Pi: CPU-50-52C PWMIC-42C Chipset-54C I suppose it is about 70 degrees F in here. I am going to buy a couple more case fans and see if I can get some more air running through my case. Will these kinds of chipset temps be dangerous?
  3. I am working on my new setup. Currently, I am running at 267 with a 150 divider and my San Diego 3700+ is not quite stable at 1.44v x 110% on air (getting Super Pi errors after a while). I am worried about my chipset temps, tho. My CPU temps are not too bad. 38 at idle and 50-53 under load. However, my chipset temps hover between 53 and 56. I am not overvolting the chipset (running stock 1.5v) The problem is probably caused by the end of my XFX 7800 GT which runs dead through the middle of the chipset fan. Can I move the video card to the 2nd PCI slot? If not, is there another way to better compensate for the problems that this video card seems to be causing my chipset temps? Thanks in advance
  4. Just assembled a new system: DFI Lanparty NForce4 SLI-DR AMD 3700+ San Diego 2x512 Corsair XMS 3200 XFX GF7800 GT Antec 550 watt power supple w/ 24 pin adapter 2 160 Gig Hitachi SATA Deathstars in Raid The system starts and runs fine. No problems. However, when I power it down, it won't shut down completely. XP shuts down and video stops outputing but the power supply never shuts off. I have to hold the power button down to get the system to power down completely. It won't restart properly, either. Other than that, everything seems fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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